New Boyz - So Dope Lyrics

You are so do.. you are-you are so dope [3X]
You are so do.. you are-you are so...

("You are so dope") Hey
("You are so dope") I know
("You are so dope") Ayy, haha, I know
("You are so dope") New Boyz
You are so do.. you are-you are so dope [4X]

[Verse One: Legacy]
I must be, D-O-P-E by the way the girls react
When they see, me they screaming so loud that they voices crack
Just like that; she never met a jerk like I
Told me that she love it when I sport my tie
with a t-shirt on like that is so dope
Told her "Why you actin thirsty? Get back in yo' boat
Oh bitch, you weary, I'm readin
On this dope beat that ain't breathin
Murdered it, buried under yo' knees
If I clip that track like I cut a girl weave
Got my SB skinny jeans vest and a top hat
Fit so new (Chris) couldn't even (Rock) that
Always askin how I get my wealth
Cause I'm dope and a dealer - I sell myself

You are so do.. you are-you are so dope [8X]

[Verse Two: Ben J]
You already know what it is cause I already know
If you cute raise your hand... yup!
Ben, the thing about your steez is it's great!
Can't really argue like speech and debate
Grab a honey on the side get a drink and we shake
People say that they fresh so I keep a stale face
Like no - you know I got bars like soap
And you wonder why I celebrate the trees, cause I'm dope
Got my skinny jeans on fresh shirt matchin hat
Now you know how I get mo' head then a fitted cap
I'm heavy hittin get up in it in a minute I'ma get it
Flip it work it bring it back, now you know I'm really crack
I'ma stop it then I start to come back
Ben J, where you from? New Boyz, it's a wrap
Look bro, I don't chase no girls
And you wonder why they chase me? Cause My Name Is Earl
I date 4, 5 chicks and you know they all choke
And they told me "Lil' daddy, you so dope!"

You are so do.. you are-you are so dope [8X]

This beat
This beat
This beat is on fire
We don't need no water we just let this function jerk
Jerk (jerk) jerk, we just let this function jerk
Jerk (jerk) jerk, we just let this function jerk
I'm dope

You are so do.. you are-you are so dope [4X]

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New Boyz So Dope Comments
  1. dallas gibson

    This shit still hits in 2019, been awhile this brought me back

  2. nonstopsavior8

    Ooo look the OLD BOYz !! ☠️😅

  3. Frankie Alvarado

    Wtf man , its been sooo long , my generation was dope !!!

  4. brandon nichols

    I miss doing the pin drop to this song 😩

    BG Exxtra

    brandon nichols same bro

  5. YG Pricetag

    2019 anyone

  6. Melodramatic

    Back in the dayyy

  7. A M


  8. Cristiano Collado

    So dope

  9. Supreme Team

    2018 anyone?😱

  10. Abdulaziz Marz

    Still wondering what happened to them 🔥🤔

    BG Exxtra

    Abdulaziz Marz they broke up cuss Legacy a poop, his name Dom Dolo now. They owe the label 3 albums but Legacy wont do then

  11. alexz batista

    el que no vailo esta xuxaaaa es porque no tavas en nadaaaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Retro World

    You dudes really need to get back together

  13. Jlove

    Lmao what happened to them

  14. John With A Maro

    When jerking was popular. You a jerk you a jerk . Man I use too do dance too all they music.. this was when I was 17 now I’m 21 lol damn

  15. Illuminati genius

    Lit 🔥🔥 nb

  16. Alen Sadis

    New Boyz true from malaysia.. tomok as Vocalis.. and its not real..

  17. Josh Peters

    the dopest new boyz video ever!

  18. TymikOfficial

    Flow went hard with the beat tho

  19. OceancityX

    How tf they get 8 mil views

  20. Boom Boxerz

    please get back together new noyz

    Dominique Hearne

    Boom Boxerz the best time to come on u and I

  21. tyler rathjen

    When Dafuq did new boys fall off... I still slap their shit till this day💯🔥

  22. Jesse Rivas

    DAMN so many memories I remember all them dance offs to this especially the Jerk was popular. If u knew how to do it you were the cool kid. Lmao

  23. ohhKilla



    Literally sound just like do the jerk

  25. Celestino Santistevan

    why new boyz why did you have to drop the mic

  26. Rose1HD s

    Who still listening

  27. Cordell Francis

    Who is Cordell Francis???

  28. Cordell Francis

    We Love Cordell

  29. Driss

    where the 2017 gang at ??

  30. Ynw jon

    class act?

  31. Jesus Christ

    Sigh, I just lost faith in humanity

  32. Gamester

    Booty blake

  33. dougiedotcom

    I wish they still a make music like this seriously, they're trying to do solo careers but they ain't popping solo. I'm be dead honest they ain't made one hit since they stop being a group like really yall should just go back to being the new boyz fr if u want to make it big again

    Drizzy Drake Jr.

    dougiedotcom Deadass dude

  34. Shawn Brooks

    Nigga I was n the 9th grade Wen this droped

    Spiffs Malone

    Shawn Brooks seems like you didn't make it.

  35. Jamal Boatswain

    Was watching class act just now. Sure it comes from this

    Mrs. Timmons

    It does

  36. Ur daily memes

    this is my theme song

  37. veronica Primero

    mm i like this song 😍😍

  38. jacob the kill

    You are so dope

  39. מולוקן הבשה

    You can stop making music now.


    this shot hella old bruh came out 2009 the

  40. zezu zaza

    u were so dumb u were so dumb

  41. donald dobble D Trump

    wtf is this?

  42. sharon elberth

    i love their music, one of my favorites :)

  43. Neal Shields

    This used to be my former bae ringtone. Time sure does fly yo.

  44. david jeanmarie

    this music video sucks JUST PLEASE JUST STOP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😈😈😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😬😬😬😬😬😬


    bitch this shit hella old

    Khalil Money

    shut up


    This is from 2009.

  45. Achille Vecchione


  46. J Sanders

    nice track

  47. Yee yee

    he look like barbie

  48. Jonathon Gonzales

    This is so dope it reminds me of the cat daddy

  49. ANGRY PUG MUGGER ******

    still better than that matty b faggot piece of shit

  50. Eric Gregson

    this video has the worst excuses of blur outs

    J Sanders

    your a dumb ass


    +J Sander If YOU'RE going to call someone dumb you should make sure YOU'RE using the right words. Moron.

    Dopey Da S.R.

    This is stale as fuck. I feel like I'm losing brain cells listening to this shit smfh

  51. Marco Roman

    New boys like your music

  52. Tanijah Higgs

    Love this and there new song FMS

    Andrew White

    Tanijah Higgs your a jerk and bunz are my top fav songs wby

  53. Theo Harrison

    thanks for remacking yer a jerk

  54. Steven Ethan

    This Bass Is Making me HORNY :-D
    I ♡ Thier music Style!

    Kay Daught

    You're dumb

    Steven Ethan

    @kaedon100 MisterBossMan8 Same To You :-D

  55. Pink Panda

    This is pretty much the same as your a jerk just different lyrics like dope and jerk are switched they are the same hey do me favor call me jerk one more time hey do me favor call me dope one more time

  56. Daylin Luciano

    Haters don't like the the song then don't say nothing about it

  57. slasherx80

    This CD will always have a special place in my heart, even though I hate this type of music now.

  58. grithefatboy12

    So many blurs



  59. Boba!

    The same shit as your a jerk

  60. Oscar Medina

    They should of moved on from the Jerk music. #Drummerears

    SumthingFreshSA CPT

    They did

  61. rapper

    "I know"
    "Do me a favor, call me"
    yeah you're over...


    "...Jerk one more time"
    Kappa :D
    It's the same song...just a little bit faster! -.-

    Lakhila Tellis

    +AntorioSman Adventures bfwty76v ft vi new song

  62. Taurean Cousin

    My 20 cousin can rap good but this is okay

  63. sijuwola egberongbe

    They flopped on this song so baddly o-o

  64. Rosa Duarte

    I their music keep making more don't stop!!!

  65. Rosa Duarte

    why are you guys being so mean if you don't like their music then don't listen to it!!!!!!!!!!!!  DUH!!!

  66. Rachelle White

    New boys I love you

  67. Rachelle White

    New boys love

  68. Isaac Trevino

    K look y r 2 black people sining with a wite dude so retarded if I was singing with a wite dude I would jump him and knock him out nut I'm Mexican and ill still knock him out that's a promise to u

    Isaac Trevino


    axk axk

    Ok, look why is one white man rapping with two black men. If I was rapping with two black men, I would punch them in their fuckin face, I'm white and I'll still knock 'em both out, I promise to you.
    Does this make you realize how racist you sound?

    Paul Simonson

    Lmao alright Internet tough guy

  69. Morgan Tucker

    I had this on my old ipod

  70. Xavier Chizmar

    One hit wonders. Fucking trash

    Aaron Murrell

    they were actually more than one hit wonders, they had a couple of songs that got alot of air play and on 106 and mtv

  71. Danny Restitullo

    This use to be my shit when our first came out!!!! Lmfao xD....They was only hot for a minute then they disappeared o_O!!!! ~**^««this is his girlfriend here(:»»^**~ <3 :D

  72. jordan evans

    god more soulja boy crap thats all this world needs more garbage rap

    jordan evans

    Lol I bet your a little bitch who lives in mommy and daddy's basement stfu kid, clearly in high school with no real taste for music

  73. cody white

    sick song

  74. Ruby Gomez

    daum those are baes

  75. Zelda Incorporated


    I love this song.

    - Kim Jong Un

  76. Awe-inspiring Jasmine

    Wow the beat is insane!!! Love the song

  77. Jazzmine Nafisha

    This beat is nice

  78. Bob Lee

    that sensoring is so dope

  79. Tia Litchmore-Copeland

    the censor is soooo   stupid 

    Danny dirie


    Tia Litchmore-Copeland

    I meant on the shirt

  80. Jarone Vance

    So? What happen to y'all. Y'all been gone for about 3yrs or so.

  81. christian Padilla

    They break up??

    Perk Samitch

    christian Padilla yea

  82. Joe Doe

    Hella shit is blurred. Out cus. They not sponsored. By it Dat suks

  83. Haris

    too many fucking blurs!!!!!!!!!

  84. Adrianna Rankin

    Legacy Dominic Thomas so dope Benjamin is a jerk ♥★

  85. WAVV3

    You can stop making music now.

    cam hinkle

    they did

    Queen Sylvana

    No they just came out with another

    Trix 益

    they did lmao

  86. Keontay Gatling

    I'm so dopeeee

  87. BlackGoddess

    the words a lil to much

  88. BlackGoddess

    I love this bit

  89. Brooke Carson

    All the blurred stuff ruins the whole video

    Brandon Wilson

    That's what happens when you don't clear people to be in your video. Gotta blur them out or open yourself up to a lawsuit later.

  90. YoungDMDOfficial

    Did they break up?

  91. Dean Ryan