New Boyz - New Girl Lyrics

Man you could be my new girl.
Said you could be my new girl.
New boyz (D&D).

To keep it 100 im ready for the next chick my soon to be ex chick about to hit the exit.
And right after she leave I leave the key under the mat.
When you feeling kind of lonely you be free to come and chat.
Know you heard them effin rumours like I beat then leave but straight drop thats just gossip tmz.
Guess the principal is, I don't give no refferals.
Check into my district you can be the new girl.

I had (So Many Girls that fade away)
In my past (I dont think its safe to say)
But at last (But I think that changed today;
You made me think in a major way you could be)
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma You can be my new girl. [x3]
Out with the old and in with the new girl.

[Ben J]
I guess I seen a beauty of my life cause she was a beast.
The typical freak she made it with me.
How did she end up being caught up all in my world.
Cause now I just imagine baby you can be my new girl.
No jokes, no games im feeling you a whole lot.
I ran into you and no turns it was a road block.
Thinking to myself I had one of em in the past that didnt last.
A chick with no class it was so bad.
Damn now we in 2009 and im trynna make you my summer girl you gotta dope mind.
Lets go to Texas, Arkansa, Arizona.
We can go to Michigan live life in California my new girl.

I had (So Many Girls that fade away)
In my past (I dont think its safe to say)
But at last (But I think that changed today;
You made me think in a major way you could be)
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma You can be my new girl. [x3]
Out with the old and in with the new girl.

Everytime I look into your eyes I wanna feel fireworks on my insides.
You be here for me when I don't know what to do.
I need a new girl.
I need a girl who could give me some good loving.
Cause I'm known as McLovin
I need a girl thats fresh and fly.
We can stay together through the end of time.

I had (So Many Girls that fade away)
In my past (I dont think its safe to say)
But at last (But I think that changed today;
You made me think in a major way you could be)
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma You can be my new girl. [x3]
Out with the old and in with the new girl.

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    Here in 2020

  3. Pablo

    who listening to this in 20202?

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    Everyone still listening to this was probably born in the 90’s lol

  5. Nicholas Ranger

    I Was 11 When This Came Out Now I’m 21 😩

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    Still bumpin this 2020

  7. Jamal Loving


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    A lot of people don't realize how much of a trendsetter these guys were

  9. Playboi Barti

    Soon to be 2020 I wish new boys had a longer run 😩

  10. exthvn

    lets work

  11. exthvn

    hit the dm

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  13. Emily Mcgillen

    What happened to the new boys????

  14. Chris Sulzer

    the new boyz went solo. well legacy did.

  15. White Boy Willy

    Anybody have any info on that D&D group in this song?

  16. Dylan Joseph Krumlauf

    2019 anyone? 🔥

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    10 years been listening to dis since I was 5😭

  18. Xpreshen TV

    2019 & still dope

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    Anyone listening in 2019 ?

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    2019 anyone?. High school memories in 2010-2011

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    Who's here in 2019??! MUHMUHMUHMUHHHH



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  24. Chris Joaquin

    Thanks for uploading this 👍

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    This was my ringtone and the cover was my wallpaper

  26. Lukas Gringo

    At 2019??

  27. Jamie Love

    that's what you get married young

  28. Jamie Love

    i was in middle school when this song came out i had a crush in this girl at that time and i got married to this girl after high school but we are not married anymore

  29. Zay Visuals

    2019 check in🥳

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  31. ZKP

    These were the middle school days

  32. Paulo Da Costa

    its 2019 but still bumping hard on this track......when hiphop was hiphop....

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    I still be fw this

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    Love this, my favorite out of the New Boyz's albums

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    Fire shit. Need to sample this throwback. Got me in my 8th grade duffle

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    6thgd memories😣

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    April 3rd 2019 👐

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    New boyz and soulja boy birthed cloud rap first. Kiss me through the phone.

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  42. Commander XMJ

    Banging in 2019 eyy!

  43. Guadakupe Garcia

    2010 and 2011 were them bomb days listening to this on my way to school in LA

    wolfie lex

    This song come out 2009 but you right. 💀🦋❤️

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    I’m here in 2k19

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    Forgot I had this vid saved. It’s 2019🤧

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    This really brings backs memories from my teenage years. I’m 26 now! Almost ten years ago.. wow

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    Anyone listening 2019

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    Bro I was so young when this came out, what like Kindergarden or 1st grade ion know but now Im in high school and this really be getting me sad every time I listen to this song I remember the good old days where I didn't have to care about things and how life was so laid back and ez. There wasn't so many things people would gloat about, well in my town, man I wish I could go back to these days and start again.

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    Damn this shit brings back hella memories tha nostalgia so real rn 😥

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    Best rebound girl song in high school. 2009-2010 freshman year, now I’m 23, married, daughter on the way, my own house, and a career. Time fuckin flies man


    Disregard Kevin Durant congrats bro keep grinding

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