New Boyz - Miss Me Kiss Me Lick Me Lyrics

Dolla sign H h stands for hooligan
Miss me miss me now she wanna kiss me
Never eva broke so you ain't gotta fix me
Skinny jeans keep a nigga biscuit from a slipping
Biscuit headed bone nigga now he just a pip squeek
Mr hita o nigga now he just a toddla
To all hip hoppa's I am ya fatha
You got a problem I am ya docta
You run to papa if you see a monsta
And I am a mess, call me dash d cadet here to serve and protect
O and do not forget I'll murder your flesh beat it over again then murder your best friends
Ha put it in the air keep your face down as you pull your underwear
And if your friends want to join they can meet me under there
Cause I might go down if it's clean up under there
Aye girl you nasty
Girl you nasty
Kiss me kiss me now she wanna lick me
Seductive got me walkin round with a stiffy, hickies
Let em no that she with me
She pinned me on the wall had me singin like whitney
Yea she through that ass back while her friends up under us lickin my sack
Aye babe you nasty
And when we in the room yea I got you all trashy
And when you gurp me I always start laughing a little
You do it so good you make tha shit tickle
Oooh I really love it
Relly rells baby fuckin while I'm clubbin
Beat it so good like a nigga Billy clubbed it
Loaded in this bitch yea I feel like david ruffin
Yea I love deep temptation
You no I got swipe you impatiently waiting
Aye girl you nasty
Girl you nasty
Lick me
She licked me
And now she wanna kiss me
Bitch back back I don't no where your lips be
It seems to be at night
Sorry to say lil mama I'm call it a night
You can call whoever we can get it poppin tonight
Skinny jeans on but I'm still ready to fight
Warrior earning my survival stripes
I feed off pain killers strong about the night
Poppin thizz now I'm headed to the club tonight
To see what chick is my next victim
She spotted me now she wanna fuck me on sight
I tell her bring your friends she can suck me all night
You nasty girl
Man I know you did it
You swallowed no spittin garitness
Now it's time to leave bye no hugs or kisses
Thanks for the sex it was great I admit it
Aye girl you nasty
Girl you nasty

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New Boyz Miss Me Kiss Me Lick Me Comments
  1. Jay Soto

    Brings back alot of good memories lol I'm old

  2. Okibo Boyce

    Classic heat

  3. Chicagoempire 91

    2020 here

  4. Maurice Copeland

    I’m telling my grandchildren this was the migos

  5. VNY D

    7th grade lmao smh

  6. Khari Khy-ree

    🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤the jamzzzz

  7. slimxchancez


  8. Stormli

    why did i listen to this when i was 10🤔

    IG 6carlet


  9. Go ahead and be offended

    Girl you naaaaaaasty

  10. Lakeithia

    This beat is still 🔥. I was that hipster girl in middle school with the different colored skinny jeans, chucks, and I wore Mohawks with an iPod nano lol... good times

  11. InfamousQ X

    High school 2009-10 💪🏾💯

  12. Iteni You

    This song lyrics are still in my head

  13. Chanarah

    Definitely crashed my moms work laptop downloading shit off limewire smh 😂

  14. Chanarah

    Lmao this song is so toxic but we was bumpin this in 8th grade 😂

  15. Cameron Morrison

    Who else here in 2019?

  16. oracle of delphi -

    90s kids know what it is

  17. Dev On

    2019 ??? This brings me the fuck BACKKKKKK

  18. Dom Mckoy

    I’m still listening to this song 😂😂

  19. che' Boone

    2019 💜


    10 years later and i still remember blasting this to school

  21. Mango「マンゴー」

    *dj uwu*

  22. sympathy and payola B

    Damn this song is 10 years old

  23. Shanice M

    yo why i remember the words to this song in 2019 lmao

  24. Bonita Simone

    House party essential back in the day

  25. Sammy Xavier

    yo shoutsout my Brodie's dawg Ayyyy Bitch it's Yung Wu Babii!!!😎😂😘

  26. cleveland brat

    Remember this was the shitt back in middle an high school

  27. cleveland brat

    2019 lol ?

  28. Matthew Haddadin

    2019 anyone nostalgia hitting hard on this one ☝️

  29. lucia gonzalez

    Someone from 2019?

  30. Brian Jackson

    Man throwback, still playing this in #2019

  31. Kevin Jones

    Dam this was a cold ass song . Smfh

  32. Kal Vin

    So many jerk battles lol even sang this song on stage with my old band hahaha
    She spotted me and now she wanna fuck me on sight I tell her bring her friend she can suck me all night LMAOOOOOOO

  33. Yama Basir

    This beat wanna make you roll that joint 😌👌🏼!

  34. krazziejrboi

    Here in 2018

  35. Anthony Velasquez

    Even this song is better than those mumbling songs! Lmao

  36. fuck off

    I remember everybody use to jerk to this song and I couldn't due to my knee and bone problems from shuffling lmao

  37. junior rosas

    Haha rangers type shit!!

  38. Wendizzle Yuask

    High school music 😂😂😂 wow time flies....

  39. Angilberto9720

    0:45 slowly falls to a pindrop.

  40. Bonita Simone

    Phoenix house parties would be so lit when this came on

  41. Niko2times

    in elementary singing this! 😂

  42. donkey kong

    2018 and this is still my shit

  43. arthur robinson

    2018 anyone

  44. Bre McGhee

    Meez daysss!!!

  45. Ah shit, here we go again.

    I feel stupid old I was in 10th grade when this shit dropped. If you had a MySpace and a aol account you old.

  46. venusinscorpihoe

    LMFAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i used to jerk to this song 24/7..Who remembres that little filipino boy dncin to this song lol

  47. Lady Logic

    2018 bitchessss💙

  48. jadabreona

    Why was I in 6th grade bumping this lmaoooo. Man I'm 21 old as hell now, smh.

  49. Force

    damnnn 6th grade

  50. 1xBeautiful Woman


  51. Star Thomas

    lol dope

  52. Jay Silva

    Wow I use to listen to this and jerk😭😭

  53. Uncle Rico

    Pullin ya bitch while you jerkin haha.... its nothin!!....

  54. Amancio Walker

    Bruh I thought this was a Lil Wayne song😭😭😭

  55. Teada Long

    You run you see a monsta

  56. isaiah lewis

    Damn im old everybody sayin this was they song in elementary and middle schools.. shit i was in the 12th grade hahaha

    jose nunez

    isaiah lewis same here! lol

    Jimmy Bonez

    10th for me😂

  57. nekos-are you coming to the party?

    Seriously this you call music?

  58. Jonathan coleman

    This was my shit back in the day

  59. Vinny Flores

    Highschool classic
    When the parties where forwarded via text
    And when beer pong blew up

  60. Corey Clark

    All these people in middle school hearing this lol I was a junior in HS jerk era 😂

  61. Skol TV


  62. Get_litt

    Them sessions at lunch tho 😂

  63. loco.lolita ig

    Warrior earning my survival stripes

  64. loco.lolita ig

    Lmao i havent heard this in almost 6 years and i still know everyword lmao wtff

  65. Reymond Mota

    Who hear this misic in 2017 ✌

  66. Trippy Bitch

    Junior high

  67. Ryan Liddle


  68. Beejay Brackin

    We Used To Baang This LA Shit

  69. Dorothy Beattie

    Goo con

  70. Dorothy Beattie


    Dorothy Beattie


  71. Clarissa Gonzales

    What happen to them 😩

  72. Sonny kid

    High School shits

  73. Trance

    Trina ft. Blue Dragon & Tip Drill - Miss Me Kiss Me

  74. TheGreg991

    Jerking was so smooth bro back in the day

  75. Montrell Thompson

    damn remember them days

  76. Josheenu Johnson


  77. Nubia McFadden

    use to listen to this literally 20 times a day😂 still my shit in 2017!

  78. Niko2times

    When the jerk was lit

  79. issac flores

    back when I was still in elementary school was when I listened to this, now I'm in high school, and I feel so old.

  80. Lei

    Call me Dash D Cadet here to serve and protect! Omg I miss jerkin lol

  81. Nirvash

    Bruh this was the shit in grade 7, I'm in my second year of college now lol...

  82. Adive Bryant

    Dangg . Dem Middle School Days !! I Never Put Too Much Thought To Da Lyrics Till Now Lmao😂😂 iWas Just Dancing To Da Song . Now Is "Juju In Dat Beat" lol

  83. MightyMiriam

    BITCH IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SONG FOR A YEAR ! I totally forgot the name of it. ughh FINALLY😂😂

  84. mochica96

    This song makes me realize that I was a lowkey freak in middle school 😳

  85. iendoTV

    caleon fox bringing this back yall

  86. Andrea Esquivias

    8th grade me would be bumping hard asf 😅

  87. Chris felix

    I remember jerking to this song at knotts very farm '

  88. Solar

    God damn I feel old af
    I was in 7th grade when I hear this😂

  89. ugly mane

    holligan rememinds me of stunnaman realones kno!

  90. Nykia Johnson

    This still my shit 💀 my nasty ass know every word to this jawn

    loco.lolita ig

    Nykia Johnson right it started playing and i knew every word i was damn he right i am nasty

  91. Queeine lovely

    still my joint.. lol

  92. Rodney Watts

    7 years later and I still know the lyrics lmfaooo

  93. Deerricka White.459

    i was. 9 when this song came out all my older brothers. and sisters used to play this all the time now i will be 17 in two months time fly

  94. bernice ward

    I love this song so much the beat is well good xxx