New Boyz - Invented Sex Lyrics

[talking: Legacy]
Hey girl hey ay
Hey girl hey ay
It's the New Boyz baby

[rapping: Legacy]
Legacy uh look
Girl whatcha sittin on the chair for it's 3 o'clock I know whatcha came here for
Give me ya purse I'm a put it ova here for ya
Yes that's a soft pillow I prepare for ya
I don't really drink but I got the alcohol or we can lay and watch a movie love and basketball
It's hard to think this can turn into some fun, don't worry I don't bite I prefer to use my tongue
I said she gotta fatty she said I'm so gifted
Then she call me daddy I said no inses she started getting off balance like she don't walk
So I told her use this knee no walk her sexlife in a blog
Let me post a comment said her head was so perfect thought they photoshopped
It made her scream so loud it was ultrasonic
Her ex rode her like a bike yea motorcrossed it just seen a top model with a swell rac I think u in the same class like you hellback
I betchu cum when my tongue touch cha g-spot She told me hit it from the back like a cheap shot.
I made it leak now she need pipe terribly I ate the kitty now the feedline scared of me
What's ya favorite part mines gettin major tongue.
Fuck sex you'll think I invented makin love

[rapping: Ben J]
Ha lil mama I like ya persauna I see you all the time when I pass by ya mamas crib
You know what I wana take you out and at the end of the night we can crash at my house
How you love dat shawty thas a question I do ya body right and do it betta then ya ex's
U wana feel my message I meant a massage I work up on ya all night like I built a collage
And thas not all she said nobody eva made her cum I said I make you climax if u let me use my tongue
She said thas how it work you wana be my first and make it feel good before u put it in and make it hurt
I said yea of course and then we went to work kissin all ova her neck why she rippen on my shirt rubbin on my head hand scrathinq on my back I think the neighbors heard us cause you can hear a couple smacks and some yes's and ooowee's tell me if it's deep playin with her back spine now she grinding on her teeth you feel you feel me I think it's kinda deep not sex but I invented this girl to go to sleep

[talking: Ben J]
Ben J
Yeah Yeah... (haha)
Girl we invent more then sex we invent makin love (haha)
This is the cursity flush [x3]
Now look baby... you can have it
Ay(ay) Ay(ay) Ay(ay) Ay(ay)
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New Boyz Invented Sex Comments
  1. Savannah Lucy

    I love this song

  2. Laurie

    dont woory i dont bite i perfer to use my tounge <3

  3. Shyrome Walton


  4. hotjavon

    @shybabydhat Listen to make it rain, plus at there concert they have nake women get on stage

  5. Shyrome Walton


  6. hotjavon

    @shybabydhat You think there nasty lol, this is mild compared to travis porter.

  7. Shyrome Walton

    NASTY DOE!!!!!!

  8. Michael Aaron

    how do i get this mixtape

  9. Brianna Butts

    I ♥ Legacy

  10. chula

    dirty mind is nastier :)

  11. whitney brown

    ohhhh he is sooooooooo FUKING FINEE NNN I WANT HIM

  12. userace1117