Nevermore - The Blue Marble And The New Soul Lyrics

Welcome to planet Earth

Tread your steps carefully
For the ground can twist and turn

Tread your steps carefully
For the ground may twist and turn
Choose your friends wisely
For just when you think you know someone
They could abandon you with scorn
Oh little one

Your mother will hold you in her arms
Your father will teach you his dignity and charm

Welcome to planet hate, to this emotion that I berate
Yet some people force me to feed my violent seed
What have we become, the damage remains and cannot be undone
Oh little one
Your brother may stab you in the back and laugh
Your sister will love you unconditionally as all love should be

What have we become, the damage remains and cannot be undone

Stare into the sky with newborn perfect eyes oh little one enjoy your time
There will be heartache there will be rain and joy I can't explain
My precious little one explore your time

Your mother will hold you in her arms and smile
Your father will teach you his dignity and charm

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Nevermore The Blue Marble And The New Soul Comments
  1. Martyr Messiah

    It's time to flatten the earth. The Blueberry Pancake and the New Soul.

  2. Bob Rice

    Everyone should give this one a like

  3. Francis Duffy

    Brilliant BAND

  4. Fábio Miloch

    Welcome to planet hate, to this emotion that I berate.

  5. Domiziana Carloni

    RIP Warrel...

  6. Steven Hitts

    when im dying ..i just want my love and family with me..and this song on..........

  7. Constantin BERCEAN

    I listen to this album again and again,  with the same emotions at the beginning ! Everything is good in this magical testament NEVERMORE

  8. AB DO [[Little Devil]]

    This is my life

  9. Marcus

    1:07 reminds me a lot of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

  10. AsTheSeasonsGray

    Those last 3 chords give me funny feelings in my gentlmen's area...

    Lasher Squirrel Slayer

    +AsTheSeasonsGray damn adams apple!

  11. Diego Cordeiro

    Perfect, this band is perfect

  12. blueeyes213

    Eat shit asswipe!

  13. Artem Rasmussen


  14. Andrej Vujin Luccassin

    @spectervisions1 If this song did not touch you then your haven't felt the sorrow of this world, that we call our home

  15. spectervisions1

    this albuma and songs sucks dick, boring as is upposed to move people, this band is notorious for putting motherfuckers to sleep wit their wackass music, Sanctuary was better

    Marius Falkenroth

    hahaha you don't know anything about music

  16. Lillizone

    amazing album !

  17. Niamorg1007

    3:28 this transition is so cold, dark , and sad... the progression goes from major to minor, and the lyrics, that were about hope, turn to "There will be heartache, there will be rain"... Damn Dane and Loomis are masters...

  18. blueeyes213

    All of us fans of Nevermore are for now on Nevermorons!

  19. David L

    @shredftw Ha, me too

  20. shredftw

    got goosebumps at the heavy [art :)

  21. GeekLegion

    3:06 to 3:44 is epic, one of the best moments of this album. I love nevermore, but i dislike this album. But that moment is flawless. The whoel song has an ominous feeling, it begins to pick up, only to let you free fall further into darkness.

  22. Edu Balfegor

    A fucking masterpiece, songs like this can just be born from a genius in state of grace...Immense!!!!!!!!!!

  23. xXTheoriXx

    2:38 ... Simply perfect,epic...

  24. yehohanan66

    amazing song! it's simply one of my fav's from now on!

    Chris Mangum

    yehohanan66 +

  25. yehohanan66

    amazing song! it's simply one of my fav's form now on!

  26. RawZhu

    simply fantastic

  27. thesentinel135

    this song gets horrible around 4:40

  28. Bakimono



    got excited when i found out a new album is out. this is the 4th song thus far, and i am disappointed

  29. Niamorg1007

    There will be heartache, there will be rain, and joy I can't explain.

  30. Jordan Guthrie

    for some reason the vocals on this track remind me of Geoff Tate.

  31. Squall6512

    In the begining did anyone get a Pink Floyd vibe? This song is awesome!

  32. Filip Filipov

    Orgasm here

  33. DimitrisRadis

    @laiasca this was my thought too,when i first heatd that song...It's simply epic...

  34. iamdeafzed6

    I've never heard anything this bad from a Nevermore album before. The lyrics to this song are horrible, uncreative, and flat out suck. The melody has no consistency to it whatsoever. Almost nothing in this song has any pleasant flow to it at all.

    Apparently these guys have become washed out, middle-aged men who are long past their prime.

    Joshua Palmer

    pull me off with your mothers ass

  35. Funny Username

    one of my favorite songs

  36. silvyadav

    love 'em

  37. Calrazor69

    Fukn brilliant thats the nevermore iv always loved that songs got soul!!!!!!!!!

  38. busted4life601

    Just got chills at the heavy part, Nevermore is simply amazing!!!

  39. bce5150

    is this song about PCP? lol

  40. Μανος Μ

    one of the favorites this one

  41. Dave Lesko

    @TheSlashaki Youre right, that part actually gives me chills. Simply amazing.

  42. mathieulebum


  43. Spyrous

    the part from 3:06 to 3:44 is simply EPIC !!! it lifts you high above the ground and at then (after the major part ) you fall down to the ground !!! mercyless Nevermore !!!!

  44. Dittomist

    this song is excellent! If there are at least a couple other songs on this level, then I'll be quite happy with the new album! I can't wait to hold the CD in my hands :)Nevermore rocks!

  45. Vinterheart

    WOW this song is sooooo good !!!! and the rest of the album is ! i'll buy this album for sure and i'll go to see them on their next tour and i'll be right in front of Loomis :P

  46. Spyrous

    I knew I wouldn't be dissapointed from nevermore !!!!!!!!!!

  47. saxpin21

    very nice song.. thanks for uploading it!