Nevermore - She Comes In Colors Lyrics

Destiny followed the sun and infinity bent
Into twilight's last slave, into the gray again

Until tomorrow, follow the sun
Until tomorrow, in your eyes

She comes to me in waves of shock until I'm drained
I accept her orders, I accept her pain
Until tomorrow, follow the sun
Until tomorrow, she comes in colors

She likes to play acid mind games
Within our faults and without blame

Until tomorrow, follow the sun
Until tomorrow, she comes in colors

She comes in colors and waves until I'm drained
She comes again

Until tomorrow, follow the sun
Until tomorrow, follow the sun
She comes, she comes in colors
She comes, she comes, she comes in colors

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Nevermore She Comes In Colors Comments
  1. Axel Bacardi

    thank You mr Dane .....R.I.P.

  2. Hvergelmir Nit


  3. mitokondirimustafa


  4. Alessio Wahba

    I miss you Warrel <3

  5. Labros Liapis

    Bless me Warrel wherever you are.

  6. kari kuusinen

    My brother why YOU !!! so soon ... we shall see sooon <3 cant wait!!!!

  7. Emanuele Antonini

    R.I.P. Warrel Dane

  8. Azumi Hang

    ¡¡¡¡¡Que buena voz con un rango tan amplio! Y una gran interpretación <3 descansas en paz Warrel Dane
    ;(. !!!!!!!!

  9. Smoked Ham

    R.I.P. Warrel

  10. Sebastián Francesc Ormazábal

    Until tomorrow Mr. Dane. You will be missed deeply, your voice was inimitable&unparalleled. Such a devastating loss. Your art stay forever. Rest In Peace :'c

  11. Майкл Корвинус

    я конечно не фанат этой группы но у неё ахринеть какое длинное вступление

  12. Darcy Rainey

    Everything is only one color because everything is made of smell. I figured that out near my favorite food court man I really wouldn't dismiss it right away.

  13. jmrbug 96

    Fuck that Froot Loops ad that played before this, I wanna get my jam on!

  14. don't hate me bcuz I'm way beautiful then you

    Powerful amezing

  15. Νεοκλής Παπαδόπουλος

    Until tomorrow......

  16. phantomofoaktown

    Jeff and warrel please get over your differences and work things out and get nevermore back together again! please!


    ... too late for that RIP

  17. Josh Amidon

    took me years to find these guys out. I am now 29. when this godless endeavour came out I would of been a junior in highschool. why the fuck did it take me so long to find these guys?

  18. Bohouš

    I want to return this band!!!

  19. myoxalaros


  20. AMIN Mirmoradi

    4:31 this is the true metal for me

  21. Nordine Araba

    one of best underrated bands

    Dan Flak

    Underrated? No fucking way this band was the absolute shit while they were together my man.

    Momchil Andonov

    @Dan Flak He means that it's too unfamous compared to how great it was!

  22. psychomantis7


  23. PinkoMoore [Casual]


    Renato Gonzaga

    I ask myself the same when first hear Believe in Nothing

    Nicolás 94 LP

    Holy fuck, I found about them a couple of months ago. They rocked my world literally, I even heard Believe in Nothing from ATR back in 2011 but didn't pay attention to the original creators.

    Prince Marco

    Because you're a poser who only listens to death and morbid angel

    Bigcat Building Services

    I just found them and I'm 44! It's everything I've ever wanted in metal..

  24. yepeto penelope


  25. mikezeitgeist2

    This is my 6th favorite song of all time. I've got a list on my channel.

    Lasher Squirrel Slayer

    +mikezeitgeist2 Thats high praise! 6th all time? Word??

  26. Marcin Żmuda

    she comes huehuehueuhuehusdasd

  27. Irac6 Araujo

    Jeff lomiss

  28. Juan Ponce

    alguien traduzca esta canción por favor 😥

    Brian Honeycutt

    el titulo es 'ella ven en colores' pero tu puedes usar esta pagina para traducirlo tu mismo si quieres:

  29. Ehsan Julapour


  30. Damn DarkRide

    This is epic song of Nevermore... more songs of Nevermore is a epic :D

  31. Jonathan Melton

    I love the acoustic beginning! so beautiful. and the rest speaks for itself. actually one of their more generaly epic songs ever! great overall

  32. skeijongen255

    Simply Beautiful !!😩

  33. OscarWithC

    Album cover is scary as hell !!! Amazing band!!!

  34. V XII

    she likes to play acid mind games
    within our faults and without blame..

  35. daffri1

    Reunion NOW


    +Andrej Kelčík        Arch Enemy is sooo horrible. I would have bought a 3rd Loomis solo album, but I wont buy anything from Arch Enemy.

    Lasher Squirrel Slayer

    Opeth rocks though...

    Mary Belli

    no more.



  36. Sergey Abdulov

    Finally fresh riffs

  37. iLikeCookiesQ

    in hatempire everyone wears hats...

  38. iLikeCookiesQ

    dat riffing O_o.... so sweet

  39. Gabo García

    Better than Loomis no one...

    Taylor Miracle

    Gabo García Chris Storey. Possible contender, but iffy.

  40. Sean Brown

    jeff did 3/4ths of the writing. Nevermore will never be what it was. but, jeffs first solo album came from the break up so im perfectly fine with the break up.

  41. daffri1

    I am trying to awesome this song is.....

  42. MrRocknrolldad

    omg they are so fucking awesome. 7 deaf douche bags. Go put on your Bieber cd and leave the good music for the adults. Fuckers.

  43. drouzokid

    6 motherfuckers

  44. skruzloose

    can you dig it?......yes...!

  45. Kvestak


  46. Henry WorRY

    RIP Nevermore... :'(

  47. MrCrossover2000

    RIP= Resurrection In Process

    seriously though, your right

  48. MSYKO

    she CUM'S in colors :D


    Dipshit xD

  49. 1FendrBendr

    Badass song!!!

  50. MrCrossover2000

    RIP: resurrection in process

  51. iLikeCookiesQ

    i know.. I love jeffs solo works but its such a shame that he's left nevermore...
    why did he leave actually?

  52. MijonFlominon

    Loomis on of the best guitarrists in the world.
    Unique style.

  53. paulwall1981

    The five pepole who didn't like this shame on you you have no idea what music should sound like.

  54. lgdlord56

    better than loomis???
    hahaha i see what you did there...

  55. Filip Porzecki

    My God, that chorus is one of the most beautiful, emotional things my ears have heard

  56. Proud Heretic

    On the whole, I felt this whole album was pretty disappointing compared to This Godless Endeavor or Enemies of Reality.

    This song, though, is one of the best things they've ever done.

    E. G.

    Enemies of Reality had a poor mix when it came out, luckily they resolved it. This Godless Endeavour is unsurpassed tho

  57. Luke Walker

    @caralhotephoda HE LEFT! holy shit...

  58. Raivo Raix

    Loomis working on his SECOND SOLO ALBUM right now...

  59. Gabriel

    this is my friend fav song weather they like it or not

  60. Daniel Laureano

    dude, i love this song
    R.I.P. Nevermore was for when Jeff Loomis left the band

  61. alevd14

    @caralhotephoda this is the first time i hear this song, and i'm loving it!! how can you dislike this? is a masterpiece of metal :P

  62. murderaddiction

    And the "colors" would be the pixels on your tv screen in this context.

  63. murderaddiction

    This song is about...NBC Nightly News?

    "The Sun" might refer to the NBC logo; "She waits until I'm drained" might be implying how the evening news covers the more depressing stories when you're too tired to give a fuck. I dunno. At least its an interesting theory, right?


    it's related to a writing by Dr Timothy Leary, considered the father of the hippie movement and LSD activist. THere is another song with the same title with the same theme.

  64. Daniel Laureano

    lol good luck replacing Jeff Loomis, then

  65. José Bandeira

    metal wil Nevermore be the same...

  66. Drazzirg

    This has to be one of my favorite exotic/dark sounding songs and solos ever. Jeff Loomis really did a great job on this.

    The Tubamuckel

    Never saw him doing a bad job

  67. Caleb Franks

    @DuttonButton63 it was two towers and the tops were shaped different. that was a badass album though!

  68. Alexandros Galanis


  69. I Wish I Was a Spaceman


    It's the Washington Monument as far as I can tell.

  70. Tyler Smith

    Does anybody feel like that spire in the background looks familiar? Jeff Solo Album cover maybe?

  71. Omer Sela

    @Metalicalypse There are alot of badass guitar players and drummers out there, some are even better than Loomis and Van Williams, but no one will ever fit Nevermore better than these guys.

  72. Anderson Vaz

    great song!!!!!!"!! \,,/

  73. Jimmy Rustle

    @Metalicalypse there might be "other guys" but Nevermore was perfect.
    I doubt anyone can replace Jeffs writting and Vans deth metal-esque, yet still groovy drum beats

  74. kreator217

    Nevermore is not a metal band,but a god.And i still believe in it.

  75. Funny Username

    >implying federal agents are the good guys

  76. Sweek Beek

    don't know why some many people bash this album, it killed my concept of progressive metal, only Opeth can do it better...

  77. Daniel Laureano

    RIP Nevermore...

  78. freminick123

    After Dream Theater, this band is my favorite, AND I WILL SEE THEM THE 26 APRIL th!!! Nervermore will be with Symphony X, it will be the reunion of the gods ; )

  79. Andrew Irvin

    @IgneousWarrior lols I am that Jeff loomis, they call me Deff Doomis

  80. LongDong Silver

    i have just a orgasm

  81. Ninforadio Hebimetasan

    justin bieber and joey jordison xD

  82. lance rambush

    @chillichomper he is a great lyricist i like it beacuse you have to decipher them that way its not boreing

  83. lance rambush

    wow the riff at 2:02 is fukin AMAZING!

  84. Tarantinomaniac

    That is one absolutely fire-spitting riff by Loomis at 4:58.

  85. Zachary Dial

    Jeff Loomis = My favorite guitar player!

  86. medude6652

    @xXMETALRULZ666Xx agile guitars are great for the price. i would recomend saving up a bit more and getting one of their best ones

  87. popami

    @xXMETALRULZ666Xx agile guitars, go to rondomusic (dot) com , i think the other marks are shit compareted to the price\quality of agile guitars

  88. popami

    finally 0 dislikes!!!! nevermore kick ass!!!

  89. Ryan Ohlson

    @diaraam well wat kinda pickups does it have?

  90. Ryan Ohlson

    anyone know a good 7 string that will run me under 500 bucks? or should i just save for a schecter hellraiser? tips please

  91. hsmetalhead

    @MrPanzer75 totaly dude...totaly...

  92. SirJamestheIII

    @ 2:01 i headbang involuntarily. it is like sneezing

  93. prasad rao

    @hatempire your engish seems fine, :)

  94. Andreas M.

    man this song's so fucking epic!
    one of my favorites from obsidian conspiracy...
    guitarist too and trying to learn all the the songs from this album as well!:)

  95. Josh Gradiz

    is it just me or does it seem like as the album gets deeper it becomes heavier an heavier holyy fuckkk!

  96. Quite Good Graphics

    when i first heard that i had a feeling that my back was being shredded haha :D

  97. Charlzstoner

    sa c'Est dla criss de bonne musique !!!!!!