Nevermore - Insignificant Lyrics

Ours is not to question the reasons why
Crippled indecision repeats the path I once denied
Insignificant, am I?
The color of sundown, of crimson sky
The beauty that breaks down
And gives the day unto the night

And then one day you'll realize
Just a speck in the spectrum
Insignificant, am I?
And then one day you'll realize
The beauty that breaks down
Never knows the reason why

Scan my horizon as blue turns to black
The sky is gone again
And all beneath are born to die
Insignificant, am I?


The brother of sundown
Has bleached away my past
To look into the sky
If only for one last time


The brother of sundown has bleached away my past.
To look into the sky if only for one last time


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Nevermore Insignificant Comments
  1. MultiPoseur

    It's 2020. You know what to do.

  2. Adamant NRaven

    I'm so mad ..i'm not hearin his voice anymore
    for whom the fck is he singing now , where is he ....
    still using the words '' he is '' instead of '' he was '' .. shitt

  3. Eric Tolli

    Always listening. A mainstay in my rotation.

  4. Anon Shadow

    All Hail The Great Dane! RIP!

  5. Miroslav Vidakovic

    Hvala Ti Warrel.Stvarno.

  6. Olja Davidov

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  7. GoFuck Yourself

    insignificant am i? I am in a dead world i live in. All i can say is this. If heaven and hell exists and neither one doesnt have music i will make it my goal for god and the devil to rethink that one. Ill be one fucking pissed off soul without this...hope i get to met you one day warrel.

  8. Crawford Dynasty

    If our very cells in our body could think this song is what they would ponder. Maybe if we feel the same as the song it's the cells in our body calling out to us and we in turn call this same thing out into a universe. It's when you start to realize your brain is a living entity and you are a soul, a spirit that hears it think, hears it ponder the world that you can learn to love yourself.

  9. LINE Six

    R I P Warrel Dane

  10. LINE Six

    I love this band and the original members..they r true musicians

  11. Funeral Charm

    2019? Anyone listening?

    Mythocratic Republic

    Hell yeah, i lost the count already.


    This is my church
    This is where I heal my hurts (c)


    Same here...
    see u on the other side...

    Lucifers Paradise

    I only just today found out the mans dead. Figured id give him more eartime than I ordinarily would have a night as this.

  12. Alice SL

    😢😢😢 RIP

  13. Robert Christian

    Tears i really Miss Warrel...

  14. Leonildo Drigo Junior

    Melhor banda de rock!💀

  15. Ilyes Daâa

    give me songs like these from other bands , I really like that philosophical nihilistic vibe

  16. Rock Metal

    Six retardads don't like this song. Warrel, thank you so much for your music and inspiration. You're among the best. R.I.P. You're forever in our hearts.

  17. HughToob

    I'd upvote, but I'm not gunna be the one to take it off 666.

  18. Αρης Μακρης


  19. Nazgul Linux

    The Great Dane always told it how it is in his lyrics. All of us are completely insignificant specs in a vast cosmic arena, to paraphrase Carl Sagan in support of Dane's truths.
    This medieval Bard's work will never be forgotten.

  20. MrBooze

    RIP poet.

  21. Nefedis 77

    This kind of events remembers you live is cruel. RIP man, you deserved more from this live.

  22. JrocKnorth

    This was my shroom go to album

  23. Robert Christian

    Just a speck in the spectrum Insignificant,am I ?....will miss u my Brother!!!!!!

  24. Robert Weiner


  25. IISSyria

    RIP Warrel. What a loss of once a great voice and character. You'll always be remembered brother.

  26. Eric Ellis


  27. Greg Porter

    Can't believe he's gone!! RIP Warrel Dane!!

  28. Bekir Akman

    R.I.P. Warrel...

  29. Black Church 666

    R.I.P Warrel Dane... Never forgotten.
    Thank you so much for your music brother.

  30. Aaron O'Rourke

    19 people hate the fact that they're insignificant

    GoFuck Yourself

    its up to 19 now

  31. Srecko Draskovic

    Epic and timeless one!

  32. Ged Sparrow

    ...To look into the sky, if only for one last time...

  33. The Cleric Eleazaar

    The Insignificance Paradigm: nothing is significant, because everything IS significant; a mere ripple upon a pond is nothing, but effects the entire volume of water in some way it could not have been without the droplet that caused it. So is the very fabric of life. A simple hello, for instance, to someone you meet is insignificant, but by saying it, you have effected the very fabric of your life, their life, and the lives and interactions of everyone in the downline of interactions afterward to infinity. Like two atoms colliding at random in the void, the entire universe and its possibilities are irrevokably altered. Think about that one. Great song.


    Beautifully said. Personally when I listen to this song my dark thoughts recoil back into the black. It makes me think that Atoms are 99.99% empty space. Everything any one has ever know, everything that has ever been, everything that ever will be is made up of nothing. It's hard to be upset over nothing. At least for 5 mins any way.


    but all that is insignificant

    Crawford Dynasty

    There are tiny so it would seem insignificant creatures that live in our ecosystem and water out in nature. With out these insignificances our ecosystem would collapse. With out them our very own sewage would kill us. We would not be able to treat Mr. Smiling Poopie for release into the lakes, streams or where ever.

  34. 2112dim

    And then one day you'll realize
    The beauty that breaks down
    never learns the reason why...


    2112dim What exactly does this part mean?

    M Shields

    Midhav Ravindran personally pushing 50, I think it could apply to longer a PYT...


    I think it emphasizes that everyone (no matter how good/"beautiful" things may seem for them) may suffer a mental breakdown. Those whose lives are "perfect" (e.g. "the beauty") may never learn the reason for their sudden anxiety or mental breakdown, since they were under no such pressure as those whose lives are much worse (than the life of "the beauty").

    Eric F

    @MetalForTheMasses Don't think it has anything to do with mental breakdowns personally. I think it simply refers to aging: all beauty fades, everyone dies, and we don't know the reason for it all, because there is no meaning.

  35. Fabian Esteban Beltran

    Missing lyrics: "The brother of sundown has bleached away my past
    To look into the sky if only for one last time"

  36. Jon

    Try not eating for a few days see if nature agrees that you are insignificant.


    How exactly does requiring nourishment make you any more significant?


    What I meant is just that the pain of hunger is not insignificant. Significance is a matter of perspective. We all have people who think we are significant and those who don't. Thats all the sage wisdom i have :p Hope that answered the question.

  37. Aline Aline

    that beatiful sunshine....

  38. Rocky Coroner

    I'm in an existential crisis


    +Rocky Coroner Either that or denial. Kinda sucks.


    Rocky Coroner Isn't everybody?

  39. DrAngelMachine

    I really like the wonder of this song and the message it gives us, because even though you may feel insignificant, you can still always find a reason to look on the bright side of things. For me, it actually makes me feel better than I am, and should be. :D

  40. PhD in Thugonomics

    This song is so underrated. It's my favorite Nevermore song.

    And not that any of you care, I want this song to be played at my funeral along with "Beyond the Realms of Death" and "The Bard's Song".

    quilmesdave jeje

    May your wish come true!

    Steve Fooks

    Hey man, I care. Sincerely, I care what you have to say. You matter, and you are cared about, and your views and opinions are valued

    Miroslav Vidakovic

    Easy Tiger.. Not quite time yet

  41. TheCrusaderBin

    Or it could be a statistical error. Most likely :) Although quantum mechanics claim observer itself is affecting the things he observes I guess. Affirmation on the other hand, is closer to esoteric practices indeed :)

    Joshua Johnson

    Stop copy/pasting crap from random wikipedia pages.

  42. Athree

    That does not sound like science, but rather an esoteric misinterpretation of quantum mechanics or Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

  43. Skavenger M.

    Lets keep it the way....

  44. Jennifer Benner

    theoretical outcomes and experimental outcomes are two very different things

  45. Chris Nutter

    yes it is my freind

  46. kisukehatake210

    You're a human concept.

  47. NeoXF

    Everything is a human concept, lol.

  48. Cody Readinger

    perfect! No dislikes.

  49. bce5150

    Insignificant am I :/

  50. swiftyrocks08

    Science has also proven that our minds has more ability than we ever thought. In a large number of experiments it was gathered that our minds have the ability to alter reality. Or as science puts it, the ability to alter outcomes. The people focused their mind on altering things that were meant to be a 50/50 chance odd. What they found was that people were able to alter the outcomes of the events ever so slightly. Researchers said that anything other than 50/50 should not have occurred.

  51. swiftyrocks08

    All life in the universe is something and nothing at the same time. Here and also not here. Its a strange concept to grasp. For every action there is always an inaction. This is how the balance of the universe works. This is the parallel universe theory. This theory is supported by some amazing scientific findings such as an atom being at two places at once. The universe is really amazing. when you discover one thing that leads to many other things and it goes on forever.


    swiftyrocks08 You have a very shaky grasp on physics.

  52. ni seek

    so who gives a fuck if you are or not

  53. Ryan Cousineau

    You're as significant as you choose to be.

  54. Gkats5513

    @chiaromontestephen Significance and insignificance are in our are significant for some people, insignificant for some others. The point is to be significant for those you love ....just sayin' ;)

  55. Nick Nikitopoulos

    killing the guitar slowly with these fucking melodies!