Nevermore - Final Product Lyrics

The media loves the latest tragic suicide
They exploit it, then package it and profit from the people who die
Look at the world, look at the hell, look at the hate that we've made
Look at the final product, a world in slow decay
I'm told that all your seeds are black
I've learned the question in unanswered and opaque

We're witnessing a famine of the innocent
Did they die for religion or the government?
Because if your god won't do, their god will starve you
Look at the world, look at the hell, look at the hate that we've made
Look at the final product, a world in slow decay
I'm told that all your seeds are black
I've learned the question is unanswered and opaque

There are those that believe the world is ending again
That impending Armageddon is inevitable and waiting

The last survivor barely breathing
Should I run or will I fall? How have I survived at all?

I've told that all your seas are black
I've learned the question is unanswered and opaque

We live in a time of revolution
We swim the silent seas of sanity gone

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Nevermore Final Product Comments
  1. todd aldworth

    Hey stupids, Have you bought the cd? The production and recording is top notch. Maybe think for a small pea brain amount of time... they made the video this way for a reason, regardless if it says high quality version. No, its was made this way for a reason. Look at all their other videos, they are clear and done different. I wish Nevermore had more fans with intelligence.

  2. Lucas Souza


  3. Vince Brown

    R.I.P Dane

    Nevermore was an amazing band!!!!

  4. Archanioł Metatron

    R.I.P. Warrel Dane......Great song!

  5. Robert Weiner


  6. MadHatter1337

    RIP Warrel Dane

  7. harry totti

    R.I.P. Warrel §

  8. Fans forever TECHROME channel

    Thx for your art..R.I.P WARREL

  9. Kyle Thomas

    RIP Warrell

  10. hannibal Chester

    Infinte sadness! RIP Warrel

  11. robmlisanti


  12. Eric Moon

    RIP Warrel Dane

  13. Vahagn Tarakhchyan

    R.I.P. Dane.

    Robert Weiner

    Vahagn Tarakhchyan DON'T QUARREL WITH WARREL

  14. Jorge Bugueno

    R.I.P. will be missed god damn it

  15. GandalfCzarny

    I still can't believe that this guy died :(

  16. Kenan’ın Kitap Dünyası

    Why some crazies talking about quality of the video instead of taking the message it gives...

  17. Rpg Soul

    Lol 480p on Century Media Records XDD Wow.

  18. DimeStuff


  19. Warren Buitendag

    jeff loomis just melted my face off baby!

    Realistic Mystic

    +Warren Buitendag He tends to do that.

    Warren Buitendag

    @Todd Eastland \m/ \m/

  20. Jeff Barber

    possibly the worst "high" quality video ever guys :/


    I ,laughed harder than I should have at this.


    well if you compare it with the other shitty quality videos of's sth like evolution...


    this was uploaded on 2010


    this was uploaded on 2010

  21. jadon diamond

    wtf cmr this suck i cant stand thinking im deff in one ear i would rather watch the vid thats not "hd" at least ill be able to hear the music

  22. Lasher Squirrel Slayer

    Hey douche bag, since when is HQ 420p?

  23. mikezeitgeist2

    If I had to pick just one band to listen to forever more, It would be Nevermore.


    @*****        I've heard Opeth. It's not for me.  I can't stand death metal vocals, and half their songs aren't even heavy.

    Louis Csanko


  24. headhunter82a

    la high quality te la has dejado en el culo

  25. Ruslan Mikolyuk

    Real music, without a doubt!

  26. Hans Robanke

    Lidt hysterisk

  27. Dr. Hylian

    My right ear really loves this song.


    @Dr. Hylian what about the left? is it being a communist?? .o.

    Marielle ForgotMyLastName

    +Dr. Hylian Do you have it on the wrong way? My left ear can't get enough lol


    +Marielle ForgotMyLastName same here!


    left ear is for music, right is for speech.

  28. urpinched

    This video is HD the other standard version before right now showed over 900,000 views seriously! Look for the newly reformed Sanctuary soon. Later its been said that Nevermore wont be. Their will be more of them down the road. Very successful of a band and backing not to be.

  29. Nino Falletta

    I think they stole the Metallica Unforgiven dude

  30. Colin MacKinnon

    How's it goin' fellow metalheads? Hey, can any of you answer this question?
    How is it that this AWESOME music video, which has been on here for 4 years only gotten 113,255 views? Seriously, WTF?!

    Colin MacKinnon

    You just have EXCELLENT taste in metal.

    Ti mea

    ouh yeah and I think you too :)

    Colin MacKinnon

    @Timea T I recommend Iced Earth, Holy Grail, Helloween, Cathedral, Children of Bodom, Sanctuary (pre-Nevermore), Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and anything involving Ronnie James Dio just to name a few.

    Ti mea

    Thanks, I listened some bands in the past like Iron Maiden, Deep purple, Black Sabbath etc...and Sanctuary of course. And I cant wait for the new album, cause I think the song : World is Wired will be a kick ass :)


    Because they're not exclusive in being awesome.
    There are lots of awesome bands out there, and lots of their music on YouTube.
    I'm guessing the would-be fans just haven't come across this particular video yet.   =)

  31. Attention

    Wasn't a good singer? I'm not the biggest Nirvana fan but he was one of the best damn singer / songwriters of his time, considering that he was the creative influence in his own song material unlike many popular artists of today who have teams of people to write their music for them! And i'm not comparing Grunge to Pop, just citing an example.

  32. Leroy Cleveland

    should I run or should I fall how have I survived at all?

  33. Josh Renn

    Grohl is, sure but Cobain had little talent as far as music went. He wrote relatable lyrics, but wasn't a good singer or guitarist, I respect that he at least owned that. Not to mention that nobody really gives a fuck about the 3rd guy in Nirvana... I mean I think he's homeless at this point.

  34. UncleWill

    dunno, man, Grohl is pretty damn talented

  35. Josh Renn

    I really like Tim's vocals but if you don't like Warel's vocals then your opinion is shitty and wrong. The man can fucking SING, and that's a pain in the ass to do, as someone who works on vocals nearly constantly singing IS harder to do than screaming. They're both good techniques but he does the harder of the two and he does it beautifully.

  36. Josh Renn

    It wasn't a group of great musicians. They prided themselves on not being great musicians. Not to mention the band helped the grunge movement plunge metal back into the underground when it was beginning to be taken seriously. I can't respect that.

  37. lgdlord56

    you people talk about shit like nirvana under a nevermore song?srsly what's wrong with you??

  38. UncleWill

    While like a lot of people I like Smells Like Teen Spirit, idk I personally just get bored with the mumbled vocals of Kurt. Though I have nothing but respect for what the band did for the many genres of rock and metal and will say that it was group of great musicians. Just the singing bores the hell outta me and I'm not a Nirvana fan.

  39. Matija Marceković

    And whats wrong with Nirvana?

  40. WouldYou Kindly

    I'm sorry, but if you consider Tim Lambesis's vocals good in a technical way, then you have no place talking about vocalists. My grandfather always thought metal vocals were nothing more than screaming and growling, and I always disagreed; AILD's vocals, though, really are just him yelling. I can sound just like Tim, and so could all of my old bandmates, and only one of us was a vocalist. Tim was actually a running joke when we practiced, the punchline was 'war war war hwuuh'.

  41. John Mor


  42. Big Duke's Outdoors

    Warrels' got one of the best voices in Metal for sure!!! If one can listen with an open mind they would have to admit the man is one of the most important rock vocalist of all time!! It's too bad and so sad Nevermore couldn't work out their differences as they were simply incredible musicians! And one of the most important "real" bands of this generation!!! And yes Seattle puts out some incredible musicians for sure!! It has passed NY and LA in my opinion!!!! Remember Hendrix???

  43. Calle Gie

    The best music comes out Scandinavia.

  44. oakenguitar3

    well you basically named my other 2 favorite progressive metal bands haha but i still like warrels singing better.

  45. Nordfald

    a good alternative to me, would be russel allen of Symphony X or Kevin James LaBrie of Dream Theater.

  46. Nordfald

    so having an opinion different from yours is stupid? very well, since i'm more into melodeath, metalcore and progressive deathmetal (Soilwork, as i lay dying, meshuggah. examples of the genres) i'd prefer Björn "speed"s strid, Tim lambesis and Jens Kidman. i'm not saying they'd fit the band better than warrel, just saying i prefer thier singing on a general basis. few vocalist got the aggression of tim lambesis, the emotion and octave differantiale og Björn or the horse, but clear growl of jens.

  47. oakenguitar3

    I don't have a lack of tolerance, its just your comment sounded kinda harsh to me because I like Warrels singing better than most metal singers today. If you could replace warrel with another singer, who would you pick?

  48. Nordfald

    flagging it as spam? i wrote that comment once, thus it's not spam. take your sickening fanboyism somewhere else.

    i adore loomis, i'm not fond of warrel. end of.

  49. Nordfald

    so because i can't sing like a "classically trained" singer, i'm retarded? you son, need to get your shit straight, what you just proclaimed made no sense. all i did was air my opinion, which i'm perfectly in my right to do.
    any singer is a REAL singer, even if you're falsechord screaming like a maniac, if somebody likes it, it's REAL singing. as a fellow musician, i find your lack of tolerance alarming.

  50. Arnav Baruah

    This is pure metal.

  51. Sakis Headbanger

    I miss them!!

  52. oakenguitar3

    Warrel is a REAL singer, not just a shitty vocalist. I can tell this singer is classically trained and sings perfectly. Unless you can sing better than Warrel, your comment is basicaly retarded.

  53. Sakis Headbanger

    Great song,great band!

  54. bateria1000

    nice! w w

  55. Nordfald

    to me. the singer ruins everything about the band.

  56. Nordfald

    .... just no....

  57. Spjungen

    Their hair is so fucking gorgeous...and Warrel looks SO fucking cool in this video it's unbelievable...and his voice is utterly PERFECT...I daresay, in terms of composition, performance, and everything being there that needs to be there for just as long as necesary, this might just be the best metal song ever written...the last riff is fucking PERFECT...EVERY riff is fucking perfect...the drums are perfect...his voice is perfect...the keyboard sound is perfect...AAAAAHHH

  58. slb slayer

    because of the weather, is perfect for grunge and metal

  59. Luis Felipe Calderón Olivares


  60. Hertsman50

    Sound and video quality both shit....LOL!!!

  61. corrado bertolini

    should this be HD?

  62. Metalhead121396

    High quality sound, not video, dumbass.

  63. Ironsix6six

    just started listening to these guys they kick ass

  64. ricx37

    because is a sea of turtles

  65. SHredbLAsT

    Check out this awesome video from this awesome metal band! /watch?v=RPx29qLUPIQ

  66. michael mclaughlin

    Every metal vid needs to have an old man in it.

  67. Chris Conley

    Nirvana wasn't that bad... lol

  68. Rob Maxwell

    Still looks like a goblin though...

  69. UncleWill

    except Nirvana

  70. Baker1322

    whats up with the old guy i feel like im watching the unforgiven

  71. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    the singer is the man so is jeff hell so is everyone

  72. Nekuz 23

    whatever we say to someone its just a waste of time...if you say bad things about Warrel..practically he does not care he is what he is,he is worldwide famous...the ones saying bad things for him..noone know's him...the buttom line is he is famous we are not deal with it

  73. Chris Conley

    @CallingCrowe Funny, I always thought he looked like a goat... lol

  74. Chris Conley

    @Megadeth72 lol I think he looks more like a goat...

  75. Patrick

    video reminds me allot of the unforgiven by metallica

  76. Chris Conley

    How come all the best music comes outta Seattle?


    Son las 7:21 am , estoy trabajando frente a la PC, y me pintan ganas dde romper el monitor a cabezazos, que poder que tiene esto la reconcha de la puta madre, Sanctuart y Nevermore, imprescindible conocerlos

  78. matsuofficial

    @dankdrokush the question is - why did the grunge shit come into music industry and made Sanctuary break up?

  79. KigreTheViking

    @LordSixty Cool. Thanks for replying. I've could have hooked it up myself but im lazy like that. :)

  80. LordSixty

    @KigreTheViking No, the singer of Nevermore is Warrel Dane. The singer/bandleader of Pain is Peter Tagtgren.

  81. dg082306

    27 people think warrel dane sucks. wait... make that 28

  82. Carlos Meza


  83. KigreTheViking

    Looks like the guy from the band Pain. Is it him? :)

  84. AFvcG

    @CallingCrowe I think he looks bad ass!

  85. CobArchEnemy406

    @bluefAng hey hey hey. lets not forget steve smyth here. lol

  86. Benzedrine Shapiro

    that solo....LIKE A BOSS

  87. Anghel Mihai

    Epic NEVERMORE SOLO!!!!!

  88. MadHatter1337

    Sploosh! 1min guitar solo!

  89. 1985his

    High Quality ?!


  90. Chris Conley

    lol he does look like a goat... it must have been hard for them to gain a reputation during the height of the Grunge scene. But they made it!

  91. Chris Conley

    lol he does look like a goat... it must have been hard for them to gain a reputation during the height of the Grunge scene. But they made it!

  92. Broadway JR

    @Stevii2 They aren't really gone. They're just called Sanctuary again

  93. Behemothokun

    @Stevii2 maybe he planned to leave the band for awhile, and just wanted to wait for a worthy successor... and now that Attila is in Nevermore...

  94. Russell Fang

    @0adireita was referring to the video quality

  95. Beatriz Luís

    @EntityJustin YOU look like a goat -.-

  96. TheReapersSon

    HD? LOL, maybe if you're living in (LAST)CENTURY MEDIA

  97. Ayrton Anjos

    drummer looks like Kirk Hammett :p

  98. halenfreak923

    This is like earbud quality.

  99. Russell Fang

    @0adireita dont be a troll its pretty good

  100. Stewart Warner

    he looks like a decrepid David Kerradine,lol