Nevermore - Chances Three Lyrics

[Bonus track]

Theres just three chances
In your life
To shine in the sun
Take them
Live through them
They show you how to love
Youth is fleeting
And sweet full of wonder
Then falling away
Turn and your grown, earning wisdom
Then you'll grey like a leaf in the autumn
Life just somehow passed by
Chances three
Life's sweet memories
All in the blink of an eye
Who's to say where we're going
I wont struggle to try
Chances three
Life's sweet memories
To take to the other side
Just three chances
Youth is fleeting and sweet
Full of wonder
Then falling away
Turn and you're grown earning wisdom
Then you grey till the wind calls your name
Chances three
Life's melody
Cryptic symphony
And we dance on the strings
Chances three

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Nevermore Chances Three Comments
  1. Poodz Sherbert

    Song ends in an optimistic tone where as the earlier version ends in pessimism. Both are great btw just an observation is all.

  2. Izalith

    One of the most beautiful ballads I've ever heard

  3. Jaime Rubalcaba

    Rest in Eternal Peace WD.

  4. Lucas Souza

    RIP Warrel Dane

  5. Roberto Calcini

    Riposa in Pace Warrel

  6. CelestialHate

    RIP WARREL :-(

  7. Jake Naftz

    Rest in peace Warrel Dane..

  8. w7class

    You could perfectly call it the "metal imagine"..

  9. Rui Monteiro

    Came here because not on Spotify

  10. Hans Christiansen

    Great Nevermore.

  11. Jean-Paul Gomes Alves

    Great song!

  12. w7class

    Πολυ παραπανω απο εξαιρετικο!

  13. thiagofranco169

    If anyone knows of a TAB of this song please send me an answer... Thanks!

  14. Radu Popescu

    forever stuck in my head

  15. Toby K.

    This is absolutely beautiful. Wow. The lyrics speak as well. Warrel literally paints a picture in my head as he speaks. And the melody brings back the best memories of my life. It is this beautiful chemistry I will miss from Nevermore.

  16. Cornloaf

    I think I like the vocals in the demo version better. Warrel is seriously my favorite vocalists and lyricists right behind King Diamond!

  17. lily pocampe

    et voilà ! ce matin j'écoute cette chanson et pleure !
    sans rire cette balade est jolie !

  18. Poultry

    One of the best ballads Ive heard yet anywhere

  19. Tordah90

    man this song is so beautiful ive never heard of it before and its like a different facet of them

  20. whatthemeh

    Know this aint really condoned but check out my vocal cover and tell me what you think.


  21. MoppyOakenshield

    @UllizSchaun agreed

  22. MoppyOakenshield

    @partynaked11 I disagree, I'd say he's the best in the world. The harmonies here are amazing! Also they aren't broken up... just Jeff and Van left :P

  23. whatthemeh

    I love Nevermore...

    But this... how could I possibly expect them to make something this beautiful and only add it as a bonus track?!

  24. partynaked11

    nevermores ballads are always great, i love jeff acoustic tallent!!! warrels vocals are always different, maybe not th best in th world but th man has a good range, they had good musical chemestry that made nevermore NEVERMORE! shame th band broke up.

  25. partynaked11

    nevermores ballads are always great, i love jeff acoustic tallent!!! warrels vocals are always different, maybe not th best in th world but THE MAN HAS A DAMN GOOD RANGE!!! u cant deny it, i dont care who u are. i dont think any one has his kind of range,

  26. Ulli Schaun

    This version is better than the 1992 demo, i think.