Nesian Mystik - Mr Mista Lyrics

All I hear is what you say, hear is what you say
Ill be on my way,

Mr Mister can’t you see
Sometimes the world just takes a hold of me
Forces my dreams to lead the way
Cause all I see is what you say
But keep your words until they walk my way

Why things gotta be the way they are
Even though you know the outcome
You close your eyes (You close your eyes)
Believe them lies (Believe them lies)
A generation’s hope
Well it starts with you and I

[Che Fu:]
They big brother’s got my whole street on lock
He’s no relation so I pull out the stops
Gotta get my loop on
Like a revolution
Its so confusing but I still have to try

Sometimes you make me wonder why

Why the news gone be about
More war
More death
More poverty

Sometimes you make me wonder why

Why the truth just can’t be found
Or why the love don’t seem to be around


Whys it easier to hide behind?
Lets go back to what is really on our minds
We need to run, united as one
And then the love around might just be found

Excuse me mr Babylon
You seem to have forgotten one
Seemingly Insignificant fact
while you’re pondering

While you argue who said what, another life goes missing
The truth is that we know why
Witness it in our own lives
Michael said it best it’s the man in the mirror inside
Who holds the power to create change and break chains!
Yesterdays gone let’s start today

Sometimes I don’t know where to start
Ohh, it seems I cant do enough we need
More time, more signs

Lets do something worthwhile

Im on my way, Ive got something to say
What we need is more love more trust
That the difference starts with us.

Mr Mr cant you see
Sometimes the world just takes a hold of me (a hold of me)
Forces my dreams to lead the way
Cause all I hear is what you say
But keep your words until they walk my way



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Nesian Mystik Mr Mista Comments
  1. NZVtec

    Love it

  2. Charlotte senpai

    Anyone going to see nesian mystik 2020 one love concert!!! They getting back together for the concert in Aussie ! I’m so excited 😍😍

  3. Hunter Tamou

    My brother is on the song he's the one with the green jersey his name is cj

  4. musicmad antidevil

    Neeesian dipstick:) according to the zm radio hosts back in the

  5. Mark Silva

    Never watced it properly as an adult.

  6. Reno Skipper

    I wish they could do songs like this

  7. Romie Chapman

    what marae is this


    12 September 2019♥️💛💚

    Romie Chapman

    still love this song and allways will


    Amen brutha aotearoas finest

  9. Liki Ma Bullbeki

    Still pumping at 2019! Need a re unite asap!04 welly pls

  10. Joseph Paerau

    Love you whoever is listening to this OTARA Maori boy FEED THE WHANAU

  11. GANSTA Tutai

    My song for ever in till I die

  12. Joel Gardiner

    love nesian mystik, seen these fullas live on the gold coast, australia. was absoloutely unreal

  13. j emz lahd

    Bang this music out in brizzie cuz

  14. c0n3s Flavell


  15. Jæson

    2019 still going strong

  16. Lisa Jibooty no no

    Anyone listening in 2019?
    This is still my jam!

  17. Marley Martin

    Listening in 2019??

  18. Mickey balloons

    2019 kei roto i te's so emotional

  19. South Hussle

    Can w8 to see these guys back together at One Love 2020


  20. Chavase Griffiths

    💙💙💙 sometimes the world just takes a hold of me

  21. Shay Gillano

    2019 still at the top of my list xoxx


    2k19 🔥

  23. Sativah Howden Turnbull

    Nesian Mystic 2019!! my family were brought up like this so now i am!! #15yrsold

  24. Hone Thomson

    Welcome Bay forever forever Welcome Bay home will always be home

  25. Nane Brown

    More of Knowledge..know thyself..Gabor mate in the Realm Of Hungry Ghosts

  26. LaGrace

    Good ol days!!!

  27. Young Magic

    "You close your eyeezzzzz. You believe in lieezzz" my absolute fave part

  28. Georgina E

    anybody still listening to this song 2019? <3


    2019 ❤️

  30. J Bo

    2019 yall

  31. T. Maluwana

    Bro Te awa is NZs HOOK KING💯

  32. T. Maluwana

    Bro Te awa is NZs HOOK KING💯

  33. S E N P A I

    Still jamming in 2k19 #MeeeanMaori

  34. Better Days


  35. Esther Waqa

    2019 🙌

  36. Jonathan Ropati

    ''all I see is what you say'' ??

  37. Mel Daniels

    An old school fav 😍🔥

  38. Archie Utai


  39. BadAttitude_ EnZed

    2019still banging esp in this summer time

  40. anaahera

    2019 👌💕

  41. Dana Mokalei

    New year throw back at the beach!!

    Vitale Tufuga

    Seki uso

  42. Alyisha Challis

    These guys were so underrated,childhood right here, makes me proud to be Kiwi

  43. Deanne Eggins

    where are you guys now?

  44. Paea Dubbc West

    yeah ma bros, forever loving this song 🔥💙 #2k19

  45. RedSoul Sis

    2k19 summer vibe

  46. Jojo Joseph

    2019 🤙😉

  47. Sharday Parahi Marie Pereniko

    Dion - positively Toxic song dedicated to you arohanui oxoxo

  48. Isaiah Kama


  49. Dante Brett

    2019 anyone :p

  50. Tempest 1317


  51. Raoul Priest Media

    Who’s listening in 2019??

  52. Raka Ngarama

    New year song anyone still listening 2019

  53. Matt Pazz

    Fuuuuu... what a era!!! I remember

  54. Jason Gundry

    every my bad thats a maori for you lol

  55. Jason Gundry

    ever week i listen to mr mista helps me to lose myself in the music

  56. Jason Gundry

    NZ dose it again... soul music will live forever...

  57. Popcorn Player

    Uncle Che fu from FOXTON

  58. criminal lif3

    2020 Bruce

  59. Dwight Davoren

    Man i was only 8 when they dropped this. This song allways lifts my spirit . And its 2018

  60. ngalu25846

    Still love Nesian mystics 2018 still jamming there sounds.

  61. Covousier Taufa


  62. Covousier Taufa

    I am 14

  63. Covousier Taufa

    I love this song ✌👍👌📀😜💪👂👃👀

  64. henrytuala

    Memories mid 2000s still seki these guys music. Listening 2018. Lesss goo Nesian Mystik

  65. Dee Afoa

    2018 baybeh!

  66. watene ngerengere

    2018 an still a good jam

  67. Tumokai Watene

    2018 and still feel this song

  68. Sonny Bill

    Still Blasting in 2018 🔥💞

  69. Mr Rhombus

    Anyone know what marae they're on? I've been wondering for years.

  70. PANASHA 88

    Man why’d you guys break up for!! Yous need to make music again theres no one else like you fullahs

  71. Yung Guac

    Anyone Listening In 2018?

  72. Analia Sivak

    Who’s listening in 2018!!
    Good jam. 👌🏼

  73. somrandomguylies

    2018 brother

  74. Michael Hinsley

    You know what’s funny is that there my cousins 😂😂😂

  75. K DragFillia


  76. Teori Johnson

    I didn't even know this was Kimbra wtf

  77. Dmnion Rulez

    These boys were the truth, especially Awa

  78. AoFTw Ko

    Solid jams. who’s listening in 2018?

  79. Shiana MaDoko

    2018 Feels ‘

  80. Rhymis Ormsby

    Who's listen 2018

  81. Xaviah Hudson

    Whos watching in 2018

  82. Maaka Taipari

    Im still listening to it 2018