Nesian Mystik - Hectic Lyrics

[Te Awanui:]
Well at times this world be getting hectic
My people I just wanna disconnect it
Find something to nourish the pain
Coz conditions don't consistantly change

[Verse 1]
Engulfed within the shadows of a parallel dimension
Tears threaten to expose exterior deception
Render my sorrow pure of merciless conception
Vengence surges through veins contaminating senses
Flee the vicinity morphing positional status
Disengage atmosphere reflect upon the havoc
Disembody the spirit, rejunvinating the mind
Portals reopen and teleport me to another time
Coz this world be spinning around dark clouds above my head
I got heat on my shoulders more frustrating then a needle and thread
I can forsee a negative outcome if this pressure ain't controlled
Confused, abused, profanity
I ain't got time for compromise, aggressive now its happening
Hard times experiencing absent minded negative conscious
Right denied, with physical contact, verbal beating
Mental intelligence check
The special problem analysis


[Verse 2]
Twin guardians suspend visual
Convert negatives with syllables
The soundwaves deviate the subliminal regulate
reality with audio residual
Now I'm gon let it slide, now absorb
(step aside)
Raw expression mediates senses
Verbalise state of mind thought comprehension
I'm lost in vision should I, should I not is the decision
It's a battle of the mind with informed precision
Alternative choice to be selected with the process
heart rate prompt adrenalin to the conscience
[Te Awanui:]
For sure this world be getting hectic
Sometimes wanna sever reality disconnect it
Which ever way the wind blows, ethics stand the test of time
Its a race against reality, result defined as wise


[Verse 3]
Now I've repainted my train of thought
Shedding the baggage which have been like daggers in the heart
The broken bridges burnt through the storms of combat
Connection re-established sabre time to counteract.
[Te Awanui:]
Analyse alternatives
Now level to compromise
Increase the volume
To ease my mind
Mentally traumatised, psycologically hypnotised
Unstable but still able to reconnect upon the mental
As the darkness starts to rise and still the sun is yet to set
Don't blame release the pain, just take a breathe and maintain
Constant consumption of assumptions my functions set on
Assumption leading down the path to self destruction
Cranial overload systems malfunction
A definite choice is all I'm wanting

[Te Awanui:]
Now take it back to life
Whats going on, Whats going on
Back to reality
Back to life
Whats going on, What going on
Back to reality

[Chorus 2x]

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