Nesian Mystik - Break Drop Flow Lyrics

You can feel it in ya feet / We got the streets shakin’ / If its up for grabs / Its mine for
the takin’ / Break, Drop, Flow, Movement
We still vibin’ on Hip Hop music..

These days M.C’s more like nursery
Passion don’t burn deep to the 3rd degree
Street scholars school game like its bursary
Hip hop the language used universally

We came to separate the real from the fake / you can’t hide the truth like a Masquerade / sounds
all the same with every song that’s played /
soul in the music lost like a castaway / DROP.....

Drop yo game, thinking that you hot when you not, We not the same, giving everything we got like monopoly, We gonna take out the block, you know it don’t stop Till we start to rock...

Yung Joc out selling Lupe
Is like buying that liquor instead of food today
Tomorrow your gone regret it
And then wonder why?
Word on the street is the cultures going to die


Yeah we aint playin we got a lot at stake,
See time is money so we got no time to waste,
We keep the movement while you stand in place,
Given the chance homie I would say it to your face,

Stereotypes don’t fit no box
So we custom made our own hip hop
They call this a movement cause they know it don’t stop Rewind and take you back like pharcydes drop

Flows that be elegant like Art Nouveaux / Known across the Ocean like Jaque Cousteau / Internationally known on the microphone / Layed down the benchmark, we set it in stone..

We take the game and add our style,
Series 3 like Nick Cannon in WILD“n”OUT
He the Under class man and we’re the
polystatured flavours right here so listen...

We talkin’ bout Hip Hop, notice the flow done changed / while the rest following trend, we
switchin’ lanes / we track originals like Novocain / simple and plain, wit skill to still dimple ya brain / Break..

Break it down low and bring it up again,
We bout to break out like an argument,
We make you feel good like a compliment,
You can’t do what I do you’re the opposite, DROP.....

The ball never we’re like Shaq in the lane
Innovators of style, defenders of the game
Even got dope boys thinking their dope boy!
What happen to the magic bring back the boom bap.

Let me spoon feed these cats, a verse or three / give em a taste of Hip Hop & what it means to me / Show them when passion cuts deep, need surgery / Im De La wit a twist of Common Sense when I bleed


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