NerdOut - So Happy Lyrics

I'm so alive
I've never felt so good
As I do tonight
Don't know how you ever could
'Cause it's a beautiful day, ay, ay, ay

Yeah this life cant' get much better
Don't try to fight we can smile together, yeah
'Cause it's a beautiful day, ay, ay, ay

Why would you wanna bring me down?
Aren't you happy in this town?
I'm so happy, I'm so happy

I'm so alive
I've never felt so real
As I do tonight
Don't ever want this feeling
To change
'Cause it's a beautiful day, ay, ay, ay

All your problems pushed to zero
Ain't no bad things happening here, oh no
'Cause it's a beautiful day, ay, ay, ay
It's a beautiful day

Why would you wanna bring me down?
Aren't you happy in this town?
I'm so happy, I'm so happy
Yeah, why would you wanna bring me down?
Aren't you happy in this town?
I'm so happy, I'm so happy

I'm so happy to be here
You should be too
I'm so happy to be here
I'm so happy to be here
You should be too
I'm so happy to be here
You will be too

No you don't wanna bring me down
Yeah you'll be happy in this town
You're so happy, you're so happy
Yeah, no you don't wanna bring me down
Yeah you'll be happy in this town
You're happy, you're so happy

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NerdOut So Happy Comments
  1. ATK.K1 ATK.K1

    Is the drug addicts like the one that makes the joy singing this???

  2. ATK.K1 ATK.K1

    Make a payday2 song

  3. XDphantomYT

    JT music is better

  4. brandon hughes

    What's the game about guys I'm never going to be able to get it

  5. Blackford HayJay

    The beginning reminds me of the beginning of the reason by hoobastank

  6. Creepertastic 59

    This Is based on a country song

  7. boomer the dog

    Best song

  8. Pokemaniac the Atlantean

    I swear the Bobbys are some of the creepiest human enemies in a game ever

  9. masmajor 13

    This one vs rockit gamings

  10. Oyun Kazanıcı 2010

    We happy few

  11. Spades

    everytime I hear that intro I think of the song, I'm not a perfect person. anyone else?

  12. King Akimoto

    Any newer updates to the game the devs need to add this masterpiece to the game soundtrack!!

  13. kinda funny channle


  14. Fennecon Caelas

    make we few song called im a downer so much

  15. Fennecon Caelas

    runs reeeeeee i need to take my joy

  16. Just Random

    poor there is no twist in the song like in the game but still a cool song

  17. Ryan Ocampo

    Am so happy to be hearing this😇

  18. Rosalyn the cat

    1:21 should be a meme

  19. stelth kiler

    I happy too

  20. Ryan Ocampo

    Best we happy few song of 2018

  21. Layne Vuletic

    Are you happy hehe :)

  22. hue br doidão

    I'm so happy

  23. Monira Arifi

    Sorry we forced you to be happy

  24. Freya Billingsley

    So happy that I murdered my neighbors daughter! :) (Only people who watched almost the full game know what I mean!)

  25. mardie

    i want you to Perish
    this song is actual Garbage

  26. BtoTheV 10


  27. Kacper Walot


  28. A.J Arts

    Happiness is a choice

  29. Kyle Cox

    it is a good song

  30. Dao _silva

    Ur best music

  31. Flaming Moon Lord

    Anime the 7Deadly sins

  32. ThRex205 .0

    I heard this song always I like it

  33. Callie Cuddlefish

    This is awful.

  34. poptarts

    *You must take your joy immediately.*

    M!N! P R O - Tahasin

    i don't need now😂

  35. the FORGET

    Im so Happy you guys Made thus song

  36. HollowThi3F

    this is such a good song

  37. Tomek Mierzwa

    Od nice

  38. saikik kusuo

    So many puns

  39. Rekoj Ishere

    Any way we can loop only the song and not the whatever at the end?

  40. ShaDoW BLaCK

    Wow this is one of best song i heared and unique.... 😉😉

  41. Áron Szabó

    Honestly, I have been a NerdOut! subscriber for quite a while now and I can easily proclaim this as my favourite song you have ever done! IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY, INDEED!! <3 Keep up the awesome work guys!

  42. SardonicBOYz

    2:40 preety Voice man

  43. Son Gohan

    Each Replay Costs 1 like

  44. Son Gohan

    *Yeah you'll be happy in this town..*
    So, the end of the world means nothing to them?

  45. Super sonic the hedgehog

    The game make me have minded black on just the face

  46. Mate Varga


  47. Rexkill

    Would you be able to do forza horizon 4

  48. Tommy A05G

    Do venom

  49. Thái

    Wut is the name of the game in the song

  50. UnderCoverMemePolice


  51. Elvincito

    Nerd out playing with fortnite mi name is Elvin

  52. Special Flookiez

    Is it me or all the cops look exactly the same

  53. Mastermike8200

    What a song. You make me "so happy."

  54. YouWannaKookie ?

    My favourite song at the moment...

  55. bigdude60

    That voice man sooo amazing


    Venom next.

  57. Némalie

    Oh god. I love your accent so much, and when you sing, I can hear how much heart you put into it. As a singer myself, I'm so impressed, and I love it. Keep it up <3 <3

  58. Luze 46

    Is creppy

  59. Áron Szabó

    GODDAMN Ben. Way to go, m8!

  60. jack frost {wolf} {has ice powers}


  61. argentin230

    Can anyone please make an AHOW (Alternative history of world) while is happening all the events of we happy few

  62. khaled hussam


  63. Joshua Stokes

    so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to be alive

    Joshua Stokes


  64. Ace MCconneghey

    Why is Ben's voice so amaxing. It makes me want to stop trying to sing this song because of the gap of skill😭😭

  65. retard

    Pharell William's Happy On A Nutshell

  66. eat this

    NerdOut and JT Music made this game popular.

  67. Jasper P

    Thor song

  68. toygar togay

    Beyler Türkçe Çeviri Hazırladım Alınır inş

  69. ninja gemes


  70. tazdamian

    Iuv YOU GUYS

  71. Ryan Sa

    This is best music EVER!!

  72. ツDaRealMagik

    I didn't really like this song tbh its just too repetitive the one JT Music made was better in my opinion

  73. Vort

    Another great song.CLAP CLAP CLAP+LIKE. :))))))))))))

  74. Jessica Cruces

    this song IS my joy

  75. Dark Drake

    "Why would you wanna bring me down,arent you happy in this town!!!!!"

  76. Nea Heck

    I love this game

  77. Adrian H. Black

    Wow, this song is very cool! Good job!

  78. cov zsolt

    shit game :( lazy work

  79. Jack Alpha

    Assasin 's creed in the tv

  80. IulianVlad

    Im oi hapy but im sad

  81. Jaliad rodrigez

    Epic song!!:-)

  82. Heath Malone

    me win i got over watch

  83. Jayden Jackson

    This song is amazing but I personally like listening to it in 1.5 speed it sounds better to me

  84. Jonathan Canenguez

    Do a Marvel’s Spider-Man Song Nerdout!!! 😆

  85. Художник Adminov

    Divinity original sin 2 song?

  86. Kozi

    Battlefield V Song next?

  87. TylerRoblox - Gaming

    NERD OUT! Make a song from the movie "The Nun"

  88. ShadowWolf149

    Do one for the new Spider-Man game please?

  89. Malebogo Ntwayagae

    Dying light bad blood

  90. jano zeefuik

    Payday song

  91. Night Phantom 141

    John wick

  92. Mixer SoundW33d

    Please make a song about the new spiderman game

  93. Evan Epic

    I’m so happy to be on this channel you should be too

  94. I Once Ate A Taco

    spiderman ps4

  95. akki shako akki

    Guys do a spiderman ps4 song (be greater)

  96. D3MOZ Nation

    Please say me how to dowbload this game free

    TheWandering Gamer

    killermo2 can’t you have to purchase it

  97. snuhlies

    can't choose between jt music or nerdout OOF BOTH OF THE SONGS ARE SO GOOD

  98. werker

    Can you make a song about the game " Dauntless " ?

  99. NerdOut!

    We’re so happy to see all your suggestions ;) definitely saw a lot for We Happy Few and we had some fun with it. Let us know what you wanna see next!

    Donna Muldoon

    I'm sohappy because of your awesome songs

    Smurfett Smurf

    I LOVE IT !
    Every Time !
    It’s Good !
    I want More !

    Katarzyna Dub

    Please make a second has to improve

    the entity

    All of my favorite songs r ur songs

    Jonathan Breceda