NerdOut - Shattered Glass Lyrics

I can feel something inside of me
Can you break it?
I can feel something inside of me

How can you breathe when you live in an existence
That doesn't know what you make of you
They place you in an inescapable room
They say are safe for you
And daily they sedate you
And tell you that you're incapable
They can shatter my bones
But my mind is unbreakable

Fulfill my purpose
Unleash the beast
Blood will spill
And trickle into the streets
Because pain is all I know in my life
I will share this pain
With the world in my sights

I am the mastermind
Villain in the darkness
Embodiment of wisdom
Brilliance incarnate
These are not delusions of grandeur
You wanna know the truth
Yet you dear not seek the answer

They will never understand
Breaking through a broken man
I'll do anything I can
Pick apart your past
Like a shattered glass

Shattered glass
Shattered glass
Shattered glass
Pick apart your past
Like a shattered glass

I say things
Create beings with great power
Kneel before me
I smurk and they cower
Ten steps ahead of you
Better do something quickly
The hordes on it's way
The carnage will come swiftly

Break me, beat me
Try to defeat me
They call you the overseer
But you'll never oversee me
So much potential
You and I, were so similar
You work in security
But really you're just insecure

Call me glass I will shatter your reality
This battle is a test, nobody wants to win as bad as me
Casually hacking into your system I'm supreme
Manipulate your brainwaves, my mind is a machine
You will watch as I burn this whole world to a crisp
My plans will unfurl way before you get the jist
I use my intellect, they can brawl with their fists
Pretty soon we will show them all we exist

They will never understand
Breaking through a broken man
I'll do anything I can
Pick apart your past
Like a shattered glass

Shattered glass
Shattered glass
Shattered glass
Pick apart your past
Like a shattered glass

They say I can't break but I'm bout to break through
The overseer of the good, I'm bout to break you
Down to the core, what happened before
Kneecaps snap and fall down to the floor
Obsessed you're calling it war

They will never understand
Breaking through a broken man
I'll do anything I can
Pick apart your past
Like a shattered glass

Shattered glass
Shattered glass
Shattered glass
Pick apart your past
Like a shattered glass

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NerdOut Shattered Glass Comments
  1. Oscar Galindo

    I feel the series was meant for fans to make their own predictions.

  2. Night's Watch knight

    The beast's version should have been longer.

  3. Zack Ruth

    favorite song nerd out also loved the film it gave us an realistic version of what superheroes and villains are and it just made sense.

  4. Holy Juice

    My favorite part is 1:10

  5. leroy 2404

    "We almost got you bro"
    Still one of my favorite parts of the movie

  6. Isaac Clarke

    Awesome! Dudes!

  7. Oyun Kazanıcı 2010

    My favorite song canal is a NERD OUT you are supers king

  8. Haley Lilly

    I like this song ❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Djamila Souri


  10. Shane Castleberry


  11. Frogboy

    I mean 1:36 that freaking guy looked like leather face for sure nice LOL😂😂

  12. Frogboy

    1:38 that freaking Guy looked like leather face bro

  13. Jayden 3927Fan

    0.75. Slow.
    Thank me later!

  14. TEH DiZeR

    Alot of people are going to die overseer ...if you dont get through that door

  15. 2011Ponytail

    This song gets me

  16. The Mad Titan

    could be a great Linkin Park song

  17. Snake XV

    they should make you a official song production i love your songs <3

  18. Gotofrog The lll

    I love the 23 identities

  19. Richard Cheese

    This beat is insane.

  20. Alex Leyba

    This is actually great lol

  21. Marvel/DC Woman

    so awesome

  22. DD_ Sniper

    This is the best song I have ever heard in my life

  23. Arian Movahedinia

    this song is even better than the movie itself

  24. Just Random

    their beats are better and more creative than some beats of big producers

  25. EvilPatamon

    Prof X got buffed!

  26. _SpartanWarrior_

    1 month just 7k

  27. Lifeisworth _Living

    saw glass in the theaters with my dad on valentines day
    so good!

  28. Savage Dragon

    Love the song

  29. TriviaLover 7

    Loved the Movie, Love the Song, Love the Video!
    But... the subtitles aren't 100% accurate.

  30. Reluctant Warrior Ⓥ

    ...Hip hop...smh

  31. Gibb Sonic

    make a division 2 song


    You should go against each other to see who can make the best song

  33. Ο τρελός Σπαρτιάτης

    This is my favorite nerdout song

  34. lucia 8998

    At the end of the movie, the three superhumans die.

    lucia 8998

    By the way, great song and etc

  35. David Vašíček

    Alita battle angel song pleaseeeee

  36. XETT_HydrA

    "Call me glass, I will shatter your reality"

  37. Skillexxx The Mazter

    Cool song NerdOut

  38. Shalashaska

    Underrated song:(((((.Why so few views?

  39. 15BagelLumbago139 xxx

    I saw the movie yesterday, it was 75% bad and 25% good. Didn't have that much action. The director sucks!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😤😤😤😤😤😤

  40. Donovan Attano

    i wonder if unbreakable (bruce willas) could beat the beast.

  41. Isiah Harbor

    I can’t find it on spotify. The link in the description doesn’t work either.

  42. GokuSSJ Red

    it's a amazing

  43. xXover driveXx

    Love da song
    The movie's name is split or glass ?!

    Marcio Silva

    Unbreakable was the first movie of the trilogy about David who is the secuirty guard and on a train accident his the only one to survive, split is about this guy that has 24 different personalities being one of them the beast, glass is the latest movie

  44. HamzahNightFlash

    Keep up the cool tracks coming yo love the beat.

  45. Frost Playz

    I watched the whole movie this movie Is Point less

  46. Rhys Jarvis

    Like the video!! i want the one hour version

  47. Daniel SV

    Awesome !!!!!! Your work, guys is unbelievable. This song add to this movie make something great!! Thank you very much!

  48. IronSpider15


  49. FALLstiv YT

    Did anyone hear TryHardNija😂😂

  50. Angel Arellano

    the song is better than the movie

  51. Durag

    1:01 my cousin 2nd to last

  52. Aaliyah Scarberry

    NerdOut and RockitGaming this Song that you guys made For the Movie Glass called Shattered Glass This song is cool and sounds awesome Also I love you guys And RockitGaming's Videos both of you guys are awesome#NerdOut #RockitGaming #VinnyNoose

  53. Laval Dog

    I think glass is supposed to be the sequel to unbreakable

  54. Walter Glass

    Add this song to the soundtrack please that song is bomb💣💣💣💣💣💣

  55. Mark Spriddle

    He Is A Phsico

  56. The Red Devil

    Magical i love it!:3

  57. زوزو محمد محمد

    I want a song of pupg

  58. Jackson

    "This was just the origins."

  59. justin clark

    David Dunn's Overseer vs Michael Myers.

  60. Bala Vignesh sir give me your phone number please

    Please make a song on castlevania

  61. Redv3n boss

    Nice song

  62. expert Gaming.

    Nerdout do a farcry new dawn

  63. Stephen van Gulik

    oh yeah yeah

  64. _SpartanWarrior_

    Bumblebee/Far Cry New Dawn Please!


    You guys are good at making songs my favorite is dragon Ball super

  66. Ceejay Replay

    I love neardout who doesn't

  67. Michael Ramon

    The song gave David Dunn nothing to do.

    ...Just like the movie.

  68. Awesomeguy 821

    Hey out of all the three people in glass who would you want to be

  69. Joel Williams

    watched split ages ago and loved it, then watched unbreakable in anticipation for this movie and LOVED it too!!! cannot wait to see this now I know all the background

  70. Red Roxxx

    Still no song about The witcher III ?? :'(


    We are veom

  72. Dot dot

    Dude this is a cool song

  73. Benben dope bro

    Bruh just watched to movie yesterday

  74. N3K0.


  75. Daylan King

    Please do a season 7 song of Fortnite like if they should do a Fortnite song

  76. Ilon Crittenden

    You want to know the truth but dear not seek the answer

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    Make a song on Gurdians of the Galaxy plzzzzz. I'D LOVE TO SEE THAT

  78. Geogranticus

    Guys, make please a song about Breathedge.

  79. Electricsteel 067

    Could u guys pls make a mortal kombat song next

  80. And Loc

    I hate when you play a song again so many times that you don't like it anymore

  81. Black Knight1447

    Bumblebee Song ?

  82. sammy fan

    tf2 song like you agree

  83. Cheese Itz

    h O w D o I s I n G l I k E t H a T t E a C h M e P l E a S e

  84. Nightbreaker

    @Nerdout I want to do a Nerdcore documentary and I want you in it! I'll just send you a list of questions, you can just record yourself answering them whenever you have time. Are you in?

  85. Gabriel C

    it's sad that you didn't get 10k likes in 10 days

  86. Nightranger

    When is this going to be on iTunes or Spotify

  87. Sm Tasin

    Cant wait for GLASS

  88. Silman Gergő

    Hello NerdOut please make once a Green Arrow song?

  89. Yusuf Agir

    Tanks to the music nerd gave us tanks give a like If you wan say same think

  90. {Sad super man} .

    Who is listening while reading

  91. М҉е҉р҉т҉в҉е҉ц҉

    ARK ❤️

  92. *S.E.C.ond*

    *Happy Death Day Song!*

  93. Genetic Games

    You guys should definitely be on the radio


    Another great hits excellent work not that we expected anything but the best from you guys

  95. adham khaled

    Uh...nerdout ive been watching all of ur songs for long period of time i didnt know u make that type of gonna be honest here but this song wasnt as good as the others songs sorry hope you appreciate my opinion

  96. crispy potatoe 2005

    Can I use a evolved for a music video

  97. Oscar Galindo

    Glass makes Infinity War look like garbage eventhough it was garbage lol.

  98. NerdOut!

    Yo! Linked up with the dudes over at Rockit Gaming to bring you this song for Glass. Let us know what you think!
    10,000 Likes - 🔒 UNLOCK 1 Hour Version
    15,000 Likes - 🔒 UNLOCK The Instrumental/Karaoke
    20,000 Likes - 🔒 UNLOCK The Live Performance
    [Must be unlocked within 2 months of upload date]


    if it reaches 50,000 likes, will Nerdout collab with a random fan?

    Mythicxfactor 47

    Is that micheal Myers in the chair

    Grim Oeuvre

    Haven’t all the like goals been completed within two months of the video being posted?

    rainbow fan

    @Mythicxfactor 47 hahahahaha no

    Krystian Cygnarowicz

    What is name of this film