NerdOut - Run To The Unknown Lyrics

This is the mission
I'll do what it takes
For the people back home
Out of control, I'm on a roll
Roaming the places
They don't wanna go
No taking it slow
Creatures that tower
The power is frightening
Won't let it show
Stuck in the land of the devil
While they come for my head
Squading up so we keeping the zone
We keeping the zone
Never alone
Locked in my sights
Aiming straight for your dome
Got all my armor on lock
It won't come as a shock
When they run
After seeing the chrome
I'm flying in low
Paving a way for my family
Enemies go ahead and throw
They coming in rows
Armies the masses
I'm bringing it down
Come and reap what you sow

Scanvengers running the city
Got freelancers coming to me
Wondering if when it's done
They gon' see that I'm numb
Not the person
They want me to be
We gonna see
All of these kills on my feed
Constantly hitting the sprees
Down to they knees
Never pay mind to the pleas
Loaded I'm watching 'em freeze

So we run
We run to the unknown
We gotta leave our
Only home behind
We're stepping on our own
To take the night
There's nowhere we won't go
We're brave enough to
Leave the walls behind
I know that I was
Called to lead the fight

(Leave the walls behind
I know that I was
Called to lead the fight)

I know that all of my people
Need me to survive
Never second guessing
All the things I provide
That's a blessing
When the freelancer flies
Double check the weapons
Cause we need the supplies
Me and my guys
Flying outside of this wall
I know you're finding this hard
But I do this for y'all
We need them brynnium shards
I'm feeling ninety feet tall
Rally the troops
Scatter and cruise
That's what we do
In these javelin suits
I see the scars
Battle and shoot
And move
Grabbing the loot
Now we can handle a
Gigantic beastly antagonist
We got the stamina
Just keep on blasting it
Till it's gelatinous
We are too strong out here
Nothing can banish us

All of these people around me
I'm wondering what did they see
Me and my team
We got the keys
Everybody need to rally on me
If we believe
We'll make it out of these trees
Treasure deep down in the sea
Thousands of feet
We can survive and succeed
But I make no guarantees

So we run
We run to the unknown
We gotta leave our
Only home behind
We're stepping on our own
To take the night
There's nowhere we won't go
We're brave enough to
Leave the walls behind
I know that I was
Called to lead the fight

We run to the unknown
We gotta leave our
Only home behind
We're stepping on our own
To take the night
There's nowhere we won't go
We're brave enough to
Leave the walls behind
I know that I was
Called to lead the fight

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NerdOut Run To The Unknown Comments
  1. Axel Lépine

    imagine a game living less time than an anti-vax's child lol

  2. werewolf

    Can you make a one hour version

  3. profity

    How to make trash feel good

  4. Josiah Atkins

    Song is good rap

  5. LizSRN E170

    I got so confused cuz I thought this was “My Anthem” 😂

  6. Prant

    1:03 really ruined the hip hop

  7. Pretty Good

    Hey nerd out can you make a 1 hour version of this? Thanks

  8. captain Jacob

    See you all around Fort later

  9. Zak250

    Back when we all thought anthem was gonna be actually good

  10. Royal Game

    I Love all your songs

  11. Red Eye Gaming

    You are the hero

  12. Ovidiu Iurian

    Tare tare tare dementa totala

  13. Lil Grinch

    So is terrible

  14. MaxtheAustralianShepard Schmidt

    It is called the anthem of creation we can’t Control it it controls it self

  15. roach 47

    That's hot

  16. This is A rat


  17. creeps64 wr

    2:39, my favourite part, the voice, techno track juste all we need

  18. Robert Iván Cruz García

    You guys should make a song about the monitor

  19. Mastermike8200

    Who's back here after The Anthem Of Creation.

  20. atacan yaldır


  21. Kermit Alcoholic

    Love it

  22. Winter Wolfe

    To me this is the best song. You all did amazing. Please don't stop

  23. reeseward

    Who is watching this when the game is out?

  24. MarsKnight Th32nd

    Who's here after they released their
    Second anthem song

  25. PutridFoe 65

    I’m here cuz Anthem will be released in 8 days.

  26. caleb window

    This shit was so awesome i punched a hole in the wall

  27. WreckingAres 283

    More hype :D Love it, thk u guys for this ;D

  28. ArcherGaming

    Nem came in so hard (pause)

  29. Adam Zeke

    This Is basically iron man game (  ̄▽ ̄)σ

  30. Dodo Saurus


  31. Dodo Saurus

    Is that halo

  32. Bounty Rottan

    good games onlys giving you a fake trailer of its own game footage RIP Off

  33. Tyler Dahn

    This is the true theme of Anthem. Looking forward to seeing you all out on bastion.

  34. The holy landlord Ad

    This is bad you cant sing

  35. Frank Stutzman

    Holy shit I just realized FaBvL sounds like Chester brought tears to my eyes. FaBvL has a beautiful voice.

  36. Zrs2

    Damn 2 years later in 2019 and the demo has finally released


    Nerd out and fabvl songs are the best

  38. Noodlecious

    cant wait to play it

  39. Darth Revan

    Pre ordered getting access on Thursday

  40. Nomadx83

    We need a new song of Anthem for 22 February !

  41. Second

    What’s it called when a song has music that sounds like it’s playing backwards like that?

  42. liamthecat

    love you guys so much
    because you have i found this game

  43. Ketkaew Srisanga

    This song is sick

  44. Ionut Christian Voicu

    i work at this, is gone be awseome guys

  45. New Moon

    It's amazing that this song was when we didn't really know anything about this game and u actually made a good song

  46. Thingy

    Whoo 3 months left

  47. venom mmos yt

    Dope song

  48. VHS2DVD

    Fabvl make always good song, also great song nerd out, i hear it every day ;)

  49. VHS2DVD

    Final fantasy 7 could be a great song ? O:

  50. tuan Nguyen

    After E3 2018 this is what i hyped for

  51. Zombie Minecraft

    One charater reminds me about Fallout 78 game its new

  52. MonkeyGamingCraz

    I'll sure to play this song when I'm playing Anthem (Whenever it launches) I love it.

  53. Zombie Minecraft

    This is awesome

  54. Charles Scroggins

    What is the game called

    Robert Simon

    Anthony Scroggins Anthem.

  55. 土匪

    I really like your songs!>v<

  56. Yummy _Bullets

    Best. Song. Yet

  57. Yummy _Bullets

    When i showed this song to my friends they aaid I have a wierd taste in music but that the aong was 🔥 FIRE

  58. Fotus Rebel

    I hope anthem is the best it can be because BioWare Edmonton's future and survival rides on this game

  59. stratos zoylakis

    i love you nerd out

  60. Yummy _Bullets

    Love it

  61. muksi

    mortal kombat x


    Love you

  63. Pieseł Xd

    Refren jest zajebisty

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    Outlast 2 song

  65. Samuel Drake

    Shadow of Collosus song

  66. James BeoWulf3000


  67. Kane Wells

    We are all saviors

  68. Patrick Verwoert

    when they sing "so we run" I need to think about the power ranger song of nerdout (The power inside)

  69. BlackRainIsWet

    Really theres already music for this😂

  70. Axyliate

    Pls monster hunter world

  71. Jeremiah McGee

    Loving nerd out since I was born

  72. Pooran Singh

    God of war

  73. Fabian

    The best track waht i hered

  74. Mohameed Fahad

    Plz stop doing this you dudes you are making me cry . Always playing cool, you rule songs

  75. OneManPotatoArmy

    Do one on vex

  76. Cyrus Terry

    Can you make one for fortnite

  77. Debra Dunford

    Im sorry to here that iv been waching u for 3 years so keep following your passion reast in peace

  78. Untila Dumitru

    Nice song, but in song background song don;t is from Crepy Pasta, BEN DROWNED???????

    Untila Dumitru

    when you run BEN.exe, this is same crepy song from that vius

  79. Legends Secret

    nerdout I love u guys I think u guys r like a rap/hip-hop type band

  80. Kadiric Vasvija

    Whats the name of this song

  81. Gaspar Rodriguez


  82. DYSIC


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    Pls do another Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege song!!!

    michelle guzman

    jorresixsiege i love that game to

  84. Zachary Orr

    Great song. But why make it before the game is released. There's not much info to go on for the story. Just asking



  86. Shallow Cinema

    Can't wait for it.

  87. ENERGY - Max Barth Barth

    what´s the name of the game

    Robert Simon

    Max Cesar Anthem.

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    Make a song about ark ragnarok

  89. TLN Nello

    straight FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. King_of_Gaming

    Plzzzzzz make a dragon ball super song

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    what game is it ?

    Robert Simon

    Riccardo Valzania Anthem.

  92. SpicyHotCurry

    1hr version plz

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    Make an Evolve song!!

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    oscar fogelstrom it’s even better.

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