NerdOut - Long Live The King Lyrics

Did you get what you wanted
Train is coming off the tracks now
Do you see where we're running
'Cause we ain't ever going back now

Open the door
See the floods wash in
When it rains, it pours
Got a front row seat
Watch the end begin

Do you feel the awakening?
All the energy
Could you rise above it?
On a road and it's taking me
To a reckoning
Yeah the storm is coming
Only one to rule them all
It might cost us everything
But when the ash and dust are gone
Long live the king

Are you still a believer
This is out of our control now
Dig ourselves a little deeper
No there never was a way out

Open the door
See the fire burn down
But we wanted more
Got a front row seat
Best show in town
(Do you feel it now?)

Do you feel the awakening?
All the energy
Could you rise above it?
On a road and it's taking me
To a reckoning
Yeah the storm is coming
Only one to rule them all
It might cost us everything
But when the ash and dust are gone
Long live the king
Long live the king
Long live the king

Only one to rule them all
It might cost us everything
But when the ash and dust are gone
Only one to rule them all
It might cost us everything
But when the ash and dust are gone

Do you feel the awakening?
All the energy
Could you rise above it?
On a road and it's taking me
To a reckoning
Yeah the storm is coming
Only one to rule them all
It might cost us everything
But when the ash and dust are gone
Long live the king
Long live the king
Long live the king

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NerdOut Long Live The King Comments
  1. Wyatt buhler

    The tagline is one will fall for the new Godzilla versus Kong movie

  2. Stacie Ann Flores fav

  3. Mr. Fire.

    Long live the KING!

  4. Mr. Fire.

    This is....MY DREAM!! I love it

  5. Wyatt buhler

    Here's the tagline 4 Godzilla versus Kong: there can only be one king

  6. GODZILLA 2020 king of the monsters

    Godzilla team: sub to my channle
    Ghidorah team: like
    Mothra: comment
    Rodan: follow my tik tok

  7. ShodaiGoji1954

    :/ cringe (no offense)

  8. arlene reyes

    Like godzilla relpy kong

  9. ꧁BLP-Godzilla꧂

    Long live to me...

  10. James Storan

    My TV couldn't handle this movie

  11. Mai C Her

    I never watched the Movie so this is some Spoilers Lol

  12. psycho foxy

    Cool man 👍

  13. I Am 999

    Long Live the King!

  14. Cole Fulks

    I don’t understand why critics hate this movie this movie and song is awesome


    You know.. idk how guilt-heavy you still are by this point. I'm not sure if you still consider yourself unworthy or incapable of accepting what He wants to give you now, having made it this far. But am I not worth these blessings either? Do I not deserve a shot at creating a legacy for myself too? What about your little brother... Or every other you out there who was born into the same bullshit you were. Those who will never see empathy or understanding from asshats like Dr. Phil because he doesn't understand that your behavior was learned and not fabricated through a sense of entitlement. That dood is so condescending he hardly earns himself the right to be called doctor, his show is just a knotch up from a full-on Jerry Springer circus. What you have experienced cannot be taught or properly evaluated by anyone that hasn't lived through the kind of transgressions you were subjected to your entire life. Even fewer people make it out at all or can even articulate the trauma they've faced so that their experiences can help people escape before it's too late. I held onto this same sense of guilt believing I was unfit for the job, much less worthy of anything I've been given thusfar. I eventually had to realize that regardless of who you are or who I am, He doesn't work such miracles to benefit any _one_ person. Everything he orchestrates is for the highest good of all, meaning there is a bigger picture here that holds the potential to help so many people that our second chance to create a better legacy for ourselves is just like payment in advanced. I don't know why He chose the two biggest fuck-up outcast misfit hedonist goonie rejects for this job either, but it's where we came from and what we decide to do with it that truly matters. I may not have experienced a lifetime of pain and mental abuse like you have, but I have witnessed the aftermath. I have fought through the past 4yrs along side you because I was made to feel the loss of someone I could never stop loving no matter how bad it got. It hurt so much, I developed an autoimmune disease of my own for taking on some of that same mental trauma that triggered yours. It's so fucked up that neither of us knew what was actually going on and our lives were made to be an example of how bad things really are. And how bad they can get for those who get involved later on. This is not about your worth or mine... this is about the cause in which our shitty experiences will serve. This is about your brother. This is about our future kid or kids. This is about all the children who have yet to be born that are worth the happiness and unconditional love we didn't always see growing up. I was lowkey disgusted the other day realizing my step-dad had me crush cans as a little girl just to pay for my cat's food that I was forced to leave outside since my dad got him for me without his permission. For as long as I had my first cat, I was conditioned to pay for his food and keep him outside and that fucked me up so much literally having to leave my kitten out back in the middle of a thunderstorm. I was only like 6 or 7, but shit like that to being bum-rushed/shoved by him til I slid across the hall hitting the back door as soon as I opened the front, dragged across the lawn onto concrete by my backpack scrapping up my knees, constantly man-handled and left with bruises anytime I mouthed off up until I was 17 and learned to drop on my back to kick like hell just to defend myself. Neither of us had it easy, but to deny this opportunity for whatever fucken reason, everything we have suffered for throughout our lives will have all been for nothing. It's not about you, it's definitely not about me. It's about having the skills, wisdom, and just enough fight left in us to help create a better future for the next generation so that they won't have to grow up the way we did. We were given the talents and ideas for redemption just to make up for the shitty past we were dealt. The legacy of bullshit we were born into will end with us, but we have to stick together through it all and never back down from a challenge. Failure is not an option for us anymore. We've been given everything we need to see this through; love and loyalty is just a bonus to help keep us afloat while we do what we came here to do. I need you with me; I can't do this on my own. I only got this far because I never stopped believing it was always gonna be you and me in the end, you do know that... right? I held on to that first dream He gave me when I asked Him if He could just show me what was really meant for me if it wasn't you. And even though I was no longer heart-heavy and started to accept the idea of a new relationship in the future... He still gave me you. He legit gave me the most vivid raw image of you that even after I woke up, I could still feel my heart implode when I remembered every detail and sensation I felt from just kissing you. Among other explicit things, but the fact is I have never been answered so quickly and clearly like that before. To feel my heart swell in my chest is a feeling only you continue to give me even through this silence and isolation. I legit don't have anyone to look forward to anymore; my life was better to experience when I had you to experience it with. Don't let what little time we have left here pass us by. We've been through enough already; it can all be over and done with if you can just trust that I mean it when I say I will never leave you again.

  16. Baryonyx

    Open the door do you feel the awakening only one one to rule them all long live the king we wanted more rise above it taking me to a reckoning only one to rule when th dust and ash are gone do feel the awakening only one one to rule them all




    Do see where we running were never going back do you feel the awakening on a road it's taking me to a reckoning all the energy it might cost us everything long l8ve the king only on two rule them all when the ash and dust are gone yea the storm is coming long live the king long live the king long live the king

    -Rodan gaming

    Wow im in it ft me rodan

  17. Jacob Holland

    Godzilla has

  18. Gigan The Future Monster

    Man...I Wish I Was Apart Of This!

  19. hgghkkiio vgyiimvggy


  20. ShinGojiGaming

    Intro or beat rather of the song reminds me of Dangerville's vids

  21. teresa boardman

    Nurdout songs are the best😍

  22. Clueless Legacy

    this the best on the plante

  23. Senior Pug

    To the 1000 people who disliked Godzilla is coming for you

  24. Tam E

    This is my gramma’s old phone so I’m really 8.

  25. Thyssen Bernard

    I watch Godzilla

  26. Fathul Islam

    Godzilla is a true monster king

  27. Skull Crawler

    Long live the king... Only one to rule them all.

  28. IvyplayzRoblox

    This song makes me want to watch the movie AGAIN

  29. Amy Smeltzer

    Thanks for making this! I’m so happy dis my fav song :3

  30. Godzilla And king kong

    Godzilla is king

  31. marcus smith

    I love music 😍❤️

  32. arlene reyes

    Can godzilla vs kong music pls

  33. Nemesis

    Who's the rightful king?


  34. Gauge Senterfit

    #nerdowt #Godzilla

  35. Tam E

    Wolverine:Why does thing have 3 heads?
    Me:Because it’s a alien.

    I need to stop with my marvel references.

  36. Dawson anders

    Love godzilla king of the monsters

  37. Lynanne Oo

    Millie Bobby brown is in the movie Tass now I must watch it btw it’s such a good song

  38. Marwa Afify


  39. Skull Crawler


  40. Skull Crawler

    3:07 So much light.

  41. Skull Crawler

    So beautiful. Unsavable.

  42. Cindy Mason

    king ghidorah: I'm the king

    godzilla: hold my beer

  43. Jose Plazola

    Fuck you for copy rit

  44. TheMixa19

    Nice rap

  45. Loser Boy

    Titanus Ghidorah Vs Titanus Godzilla 2019

  46. Max Paun

    I cant wait for Godzilla vs Kong!

  47. Samuel Wright

    Long live the king, long live king godzilla.

  48. Dark Control

    nerd out make an remake song of the Godzilla final wars song

  49. Alexander McMillen

    Nerdout can you make a Lego ninjago rap music

  50. Chris Angelo

    Why is this soundtrack is so cool? I'm G-Fans, so I really like Godzilla and this song!

  51. Zane Tarvis

    ..............wanna complain but I can't find anything to complain about

  52. Hayden Trottier

    Anyone agree with him

  53. Hayden Trottier

    My brother and I are making a YouTube channel and he wants to use this as the music because it's a good song

  54. Esa Hussain

    god zilla da best

  55. Beniman Koblenz

    Long live the king: Legendary godzilla

    Earth godzilla: Really?but seriously?

  56. Sarina Gatton

    long live the king

  57. Sam Corneby

    Your. Song. Ar The. Best

  58. red lantern 666

    "it's better to conquer yourself
    then to win a thousand battles.
    Then the victory is yours.
    It cannot be taken from you
    not by angels or demons
    Heaven or Hell." Buddha

  59. Scrapper

    Best song you’ve made since dragon blade and the reaper honestly

  60. Karem Waled

    Nerd ojt can you make godzilla vs kong soon but soon

  61. Azads 34

    King Ghidorah Evil And Badass

  62. monster X zero

    99.9% like godzilla comment ghidorah
    00.1% very enjoyed

  63. Ninjah

    You should make a song for Dauntless it's free to play and epic games made it

  64. BlackTheJason Universe

    100% - Godzilla: King of the Monsters
    1% - The Lion King

    Irvin Ledezma

    Say 50% to each

  65. Kharn The Betrayer

    Lyrics: Train is coming off the tracks now
    Video: Derailed train
    Me: Ba Dum Tiss

  66. xAshx

    im crying watching this rip ghidorah btw like ghidorah reply godzilla

  67. The Monster Legends Dino Boi

    There’s only one music YouTube channel that can rule them all...

  68. Powerstorm 30

    Who will win in 2020



    Edit: Btw, Godzilla 3/Vs Kong is coming 2020 November Something!
    They say its 2h 52M (i think)

    The 2 Titans weapon
    Godzilla: Atomich breath
    Kong: Punch

    Who will win this Final battle of godzilla and kong the fight begins 2020 stay tune...!

  69. king Ghidora

    Awesome epic

  70. Carlos Sebastiana

    Am a big fan

  71. Bartosz Nikolarz

    Noz bed

  72. Mothra Queen of The Monster

    *All of the legend WE will remember,the storm of all storm,the fire demon,the beauty of the skies (me) and the king that rule's them all* .

  73. Pajarudin Topan

    wow so good

  74. Dirce Gomes Barbosa

    Eu adorei essa música faz mais música de Godzilla música Eu Adorei a música

  75. King Dice

    How do you guys not have infinite subscribers?

  76. Cameron STEVENSON

    Godzilla can fly...
    No Mothra needed

  77. Pico Boy

    Yes yes yes yes I ❤️ it


    Anyone else see that Godzilla was an action figure in the thumbnail?

  79. The Squad


  80. Maria Aparicio

    I love your song so much

  81. Dominic Hoover

    "scar! Brother, help me!"
    "Long live the king."

  82. EpicFun CLIPS

    Iron man about to die by thanos
    In the finally damage
    -Godzilla joined the chat-
    -Thanos left the chat-

  83. Titanus Gojira

    Who Will Be The Real King
    Gojira - Like
    Kang(Kong) - Reply
    (Long Live The King)

  84. Elonzo Aarellano

    Go Godzilla

  85. Christina Heylman

    Make a godzilla2014 song

  86. Simon D.Bastien

    ... OMG IS VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!

  87. SuperMidget

    Lol so many like hogs in the comments

  88. Edward Creter

    "Are you still a believer? This is out of our control now."
    No shit, Jonny Quest, you just now figured this out AFTER the big G wiped out half of the West Coast? He's Godzilla! Duh!!!!! "Things out of control" is way too mild!!! Dude, just ask Tokyo! Oh, that's right, Big G just ate Tokyo as hors douevres!!!

  89. Peyton Chapa

    Nerd out pls make a sonic song

  90. hasaan shoaib

    marvel black window

  91. Cathyleen Reas

    Go go GODZILLA

  92. Peyton Chapa

    Super cool nerd out

  93. lazar duncevic


  94. Ngaere Richards

    this is allsome
    so good

  95. Duane C

    A good song, liked the video.

  96. NerdOut!

    Edit: on Spotify now! Thanks for being patient 🙏🏻

    Only one to rule them all...

    Kabita Rimal

    This is my favorite song with falling atm

    Jac Rhys

    Who watched the Godzilla film?

    Bonnie gaming2.5

    Godzilla who ever says king Ghidorah we are throwing hands

    William Kihlström

    I love it soper god