NerdOut - Legendary Lyrics

Take your best shot 'cause you don't scare me
I know we're gonna be legendary

This is the land of chaos and war
We get together now we are the champions
Land on the ground, ti score
Grab a weapon so we can go damage 'em
Get the greaves, get the gloves, get the chestplate
Now we're ready to do battle in the spire
Get a strategy we gotta find the best paly
Forging legendary weapons in the fire

Take your best shot 'cause you don't scare me
I know we're gonna be legendary
We turn it up when the fight begins
I get better when the fog starts closing in
I know we're gonna be legendary
This is our time, this is our moment
Never look back, gotta keep going

Straight from the Zeppelin, we set it off
Fall into the realm, get ready for battle
We need to escape this deadly fog
We got 'em pinned inside of the castle
All these potions yeah we got 'em in the bag
You can't see me I'm ghost walking now
We got 'em running he's a chicken with a flag
No mercy 'cause I'm going for the crown

Take your best shot 'cause you don't scare me
I know we're gonna be legendary
We turn it up when the fight begins
I get better when the fog starts closing in
I know we're gonna be legendary
This is our time, this is our moment
Never look back, gotta keep going

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NerdOut Legendary Comments
  1. Annixana

    Still playing Realm❤

  2. Guillermo Candelaria

    This is on my birthday

  3. VENDÄNA Hip-Hop

    I like it

  4. Joker & Company

    I <3 this game and song

  5. Pablo LOPEZ

    Ahhhhhh back in the day when realm royale actually had armor

  6. papyurs nya I'm Neko now don't ask

    Can you play with me on the game

  7. JoshExclusive

    I love nerd out there the best 100%


    FORTNITE is better FORTNITE only


    No one cares :/

  9. Flexsisius games

    Bens voice is the best

  10. Tim Dewson

    I likr the mosic

  11. The Legion

    Dislikes are Dead Peps in game

  12. Kekan


  13. Liana Aksaralyan

    this song was so awesome

  14. Mixios55

    i feel my ear being raped from the inside out

  15. Kevin Vu

    Sadly hi rez is gonna kill this game turning the player base to 0 until we get a console version

  16. Spider- Man

    Just found out about this song. It was uploaded on my birthday! Thanks NerdOut!

  17. Android Gamer

    #secondson plzzzz

  18. Batosz Kowalski

    Fallaut 76

  19. EYE EYE

    Поздравляю с 2 миллионами

  20. EYE EYE


  21. EYE EYE

    Топ аидосщ

  22. Nerijus Urbelis

    wow this player is pro

  23. Jam Jam

    It was ok

  24. Parrot !

    is they're a instrumental version of this song? because it sounds amazing!

  25. Tiansen05

    Keprill oh my god best widow

  26. BlueTechRS

    Cool song. Although Realm Royale didnt even deserve a second of your attention and work. Its just based off Fortnite and PUBG and lives on all their success. Ugh. Hate that shit

  27. Stormtrooper2803


  28. Paul G.

    do bioshock raps

  29. Infinity in Sydney nerd

    can you do a Naruto rap please

  30. Maria Teixeira

    Can you do a GTA song please?

  31. kakyoin’s noodle

    When you think Kephrii is gonna sing...

  32. Cahid Ismayilov

    it is like. fortnite

  33. Vincent Genilza

    Can you make rules of survival music

  34. Lucifer Tempest

    i heard a wakandan

  35. István Viczina

    Best music

  36. Gamen met Rik

    Sponsered XD

  37. Timmy Great12

    Make a song about the forest plz
    its a horror survival game thats really good....
    Like if agree!

  38. Altin Tabaku

    Are you team "Hi-Rez" or team "Blizzard" me I am team " Hi-Rez"

  39. Kid Games Fury

    how do i get this game

  40. dragon tale

    I love this song

  41. Yamilin Ravelo Molina

    wow awesome

  42. Rob Rey15

    Make a song on the darwin project

  43. Galexy 364

    trending soon

  44. Tommy A05G


  45. Perfect tuber

    Please come to PS4

  46. Ianis Gigel

    I'm a starting to see a pattern: you guys see a popular game, you make a cash grab and hope it's good. And I hate that. So I have a challenge for you guys: make a Tetris rap with hard bass. If you make that then I will forgive you guys and you will never see me complain. Please reply to this comment if you accept.

  47. Ninja Cutting Onions

    I wish they had dafran ;-;

  48. J11 蟇 jiraiya

    Wish it was on console

  49. Dragonbol vevo

    Please one new fortnite song

  50. Podrick is Azor Ahai!

    Awesome Song guys. Always liked the Hooks, but this Song made #1 in my Favourite Playlist on my PC. Shit, this is Gold.

  51. Lucas Liam

    Jurassic world evolution?

  52. StarkillerXbot XD

    The music is so cool.THANKS

  53. Michael Mercado

    I hope this games GO to Android since fortnite is for iOS. This game looks amazing

  54. Magister 11

    Pleace this song on tidal plece

  55. Niklas Brønd

    This should be the title music for Realm Royale Like if you Agree :)

  56. Paul Rivlin

    What is this footnote for life and I am on my dad's phone because mine is repairing

  57. Robert Cristache

    I love this song

  58. Yll Star

    I'm a big fan btw can u try make a gears of war song

  59. Meow

    love your songs buuut can u do another song about fortnite :)))))

  60. Sgruffy jelly bean

    just cause 4 please

  61. SweShooga

    Please do an The Crew 2 song!!!!

  62. Christopher Kennedy

    roblox song

  63. Kgate


  64. DarkSkills

    Do a rap battle between Ninja and Faze Tfue


    Hey NerdOut...I'm Arnav from India
    I'm a big fan of yours
    I love your songs
    I've downloaded all your downloadable song videos
    I've subscribed your 2 channels

  66. Mo TC

    Do a Hammond from overwatch rap or song idc which one

  67. Epic Productions 47

    Do call of duty advanced warfare rap

  68. Bobby Canavan

    And we all thought low viewed music videos were bad

  69. MajkelFN

    Pls Fortnite

  70. Doiksu Gradis Animations

    Dude, Nerdout is the best channel i ever see in my life, Please do more NerdOut!
    PS: The best channel

    Tim Dewson


  71. Radioactive Gamez

    Antman and wasp song?

  72. Terry Shaffer

    I have not played this game like if agreeing

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    Make a Jurassic world evenals lution song

  74. Prince Kumar

    can u make song for Movie LUCY please

  75. Senshi


  76. Nomnik


  77. Hijaxi

    The Song was so Nice Thx 👍👌

  78. Anonymous

    Hey Nerdout I really like you songs and I was wondering if you could Make another battlefield song for battlefield 4

  79. macronilover 2.0

    oi realm royale be freakin a copy of freakin fortnite P.S. love u guys

  80. fotu toluao

    this is like Fortnite and Overwatch

  81. Jurassic King

    You guys should make a song about the new overwatch character wrecking ball.

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    We need a *raft song*

    Anyone with me?

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    Pls a warcraft battle of azeroth song😍

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    Wrecking ball/ Hammond over watch song

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    Yo nerd out please make a song of mx-4

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    Ive been here since rainbow and i have loved everything you guys make since then keep up tge good work

  87. Goat Channel

    what will you do about hunt showdown?

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    I love it it is my likeing

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    More fortnite songs plz

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    hi nerd can you make a iron man 3 wideos

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    Pls dont stop make a mucis becouse goods