NerdOut - Last One Standing Lyrics

You're in my sights
And I'm locked and loaded up
It's on tonight
Step aside I'll take control
You already know
I'm the last one standing

I got you on my hitlist
I am knocking down your defenses
It's a battle royale
So when you hittin' the ground
Man I'll be taking you down
With the quickness
Better hop off the glider now
Land on the ground
You're a fighter now
You better start lootin'
Don't lie around
Or you are gonna be doomed
This entire round
99 fools
Bout to go for broke
Got you in my scope
Now you gettin' smoked
Or we can get up
Close and personal
Versatile with a shotgun
When I let it blow
Run around the corner
You ready or not?
I got it locked
Yeah my shotty will bury ya Glock
Body or head'll get shot
You'll never get to the top
Last one standing
Better prepare to get dropped

You're in my sights
And I'm locked and loaded up
You already know
I'm the last one standing
It's on tonight
Step aside I'll take control
You already know
I'm the last one standing

I got an arsenal
What do I choose next
Listen really close
Hear a few steps
Stoked at the sound
Of a loot chest
Got a legendary sniper rifle
I'm like who's next?
Everybody thinkin'
They the cool guy
When they run
I'm a hit 'em like a bullseye
Yeah I wanna kill 'em
And I won't lie
Don't try to shoot back
You gon' die
Build a base to the sky
You ain't hittin' me
Now I'm throwing grenades
In your vicinity
Shoot a couple rockets
And you going down guaranteed
So much smoke
On the ground
I can barely see
I'm a shoot 'em
Like a free throw
Hit 'em in the knee
Like a g yo
On the d-low
I'm up here
On the top of the depot
It only takes a couple of seconds
For me to reload

You're in my sights
And I'm locked and loaded up
You already know
I'm the last one standing
It's on tonight
Step aside I'll take control
You already know
I'm the last one standing

Now lock it and load it
Got rockets explosions
Now stock it and hold it
No stoppin' we know this
You got it then show it
We rockin' and rollin'
So lock it and load it
Got rockets explosions

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NerdOut Last One Standing Comments
  1. Peng Wang

    I love your songs!!

  2. Nel Plays

    Who is here for only Nostalgic Gameplay of NinjasHyper

  3. Nancy Bundley

    Can y'all.subscribe to me plz

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    No one?

  5. GamerX 255

    Pre-season - season 3 was a great time.

  6. The White Version of Iverson

    when it said i got a legendary sniper that guy should of had a legendary sniper in his hands not a epic sniper.

  7. yungTEG

    Who’s watching in 2019 November

    Cookiejay 08

    Your mum


    Dammmmm Bro savage level 100000000000000000000000

  8. The Sayowski


  9. Spider

    Retail and pleasant is the exact same btw I'm saying this as of chapter 2 season 1

  10. nMz Alpha Ryrogamer ツ

    Just watching this makes me see how bad we were at this game XD

  11. Wunschkind

    Back there Fortnite was better
    Then the 24/7 Players came

  12. jose ibarra

    This is a good song I love this song

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    The old days🥺

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    [email protected]

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    who is here in 2019 oct 20

    Zom6ie Surviver

    Monis Ahmed wassup!?

    Monis Ahmed

    @Zom6ie Surviver sup

  18. MRKI

    This song makes me want to play fortnite after long time

  19. Kmak49

    Dang, two years already. I used to listen to this song for motivation during season two. Nostalgia.

  20. PantherGaming 101

    Ah the good old days

  21. Mr Foster

    Came from the event
    Thanks for the memories

  22. Gametronic 123

    Im kinda OG bc of this song, thanks...

  23. OZAN !


  24. Jack The boss 250

    Why did this game have to change😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Predrag Savić

    Best song ever

  26. DsPh4nthom

    Miss this time.. this game was so its just bad..

  27. ßeleini

    You are ready now im Last one ständig best song #NerdoutAmry

  28. Kevin Kobashi

    love this song😃😃

  29. Mr Foster

    When everybody liked fortnite 👍

  30. McPeePee

    Who's here in 2019 watching how 'their' game got destroyed to what ever it is now D:

    Thomas BASSFORD

    im here


    it is better now, better matchmaking

    HORT Clarense

    @Apfelmampfer.exe how stupid can People be

  31. kentuck roal

    This song is amazing

  32. Xylon 0

    80% of the people didnt even play in season 1 they jusy say that.

  33. Jason *Tro

    Nostalgie!! ❤❤❤❤

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    Look how good fortnite was feel old yet

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    Mech joined the chat


    mech got vaulted

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    The memories 😅😂

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    2019 anyone

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    I miss this fortnite

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    I want play old times be og had rare skins but me season 7 start play

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    Greatest song I ever heard! Make more

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  43. The No.1 Goalie

    Im still here wanting old fortnite. Who's with me??!

    Andrej Kungel

    😂 i know its sad but the old fortnite will never return.

    The No.1 Goalie

    @Andrej Kungel you never know...

  44. ZER0_ TRAPZX

    I actually full on crying...I fucking miss this🥺

  45. Ariana Mondragon

    it coll. the song❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛💪😶.

  46. John Bancroft

    season 9 right now almost season 10 and i miss season 1 and 2.

  47. Peggs GT


  48. Jack 37

    I still watch this video so it reminds me when I first played the game

    the memories 😭

  49. The princess is a Boy

    Now fortnite suck, tryhards & 10 years old kids

  50. Thiccdoggo 69

    Fornite is big gay

  51. Will Feeney

    The beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Josiah Cabral

    I remember playing this NEW game with the boys almost 2 years ago!! The memories are possibly the best from any game ever!! 😭

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    Save the wirld is better

  54. pewdiepie's undershirt

    When fortnite didnt eat shit 😂

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    Anyone 2019 and misses season 2

  56. Yeshua's Vlog

    Can epic games make memories of season 1-3 PLZ like if you want season 1-3 back

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    Make a minecraft nerdout

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    Fortnite Funnies

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    When fortnite was actually good game 😭😭😭

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    Very nostalgic
    Like if you have played since the season 1 or 2

  65. Ravish Potato67

    When fortnite was actually good

  66. alolanmegagengar ps4

    Wow this is some great NEW content thanks

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    Can I get some R S in the chat for purple tac 😭😭

  68. Icon I’m on my ones

    All these people that have been killed are probably all try hards at the game now...

  69. Kenan Raid

    I missed season one and two they still all the time in the heart I will not forget it

  70. Kenan Raid

    It’s really make me sad it’s so nice it make me remember these awesome days

  71. Kenan Raid

    I miss season 1 and 2 I hope I can back to these days

  72. Chelsea Mack

    Makes me think about how I'm a noob

  73. Kenziekoo's World

    I miss the old days with greasy grove :(

  74. The pro Gamer

    Nerdout keep doing good songs and love you all thanks for the avengers endgame song (what ever it takes)

  75. SoulSurvive182

    CRING %100



    %10 i lile this fortnote song actually

    Kaire 1

    Its cringe, by the way and also you are very late to this song.

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    It’s 2019 guys

  78. Awesomeness10451

    Anybody watching this in or after season 9???


    Gg Good nostalgia😭😭😭😭😭


    FALLBOY YT wtf its not even nostalgia the game isn’t even 2 years old so stfu you don’t know know what nostalgia are lmfao


    @DecayGamer you so stupid go back cry to your mommy and she gonna give you hug


    @FALLBOY YT i am stupid? Now i ain't the guy who can't speak english and also uses fornite pic on yt😂😂

  80. Sam_Thing_Else

    I miss season 1😔😣😣😢😭😢😢

  81. Peace Peace

    Saison 9 good Ore Bad?

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    oh man, the memories

  83. Clavet Gr 4


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    Hi I have renagade recon ex and ghoul

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    You should do season 8

  85. alma perez

    You should make another one because this song is cool

  86. BLaDE ProXima

    I miss season 3 and 4

    Epic needs a season 3 permanent game mode

    Who agrees😭😭

    Edit:got I remember when no one discriminated tier buying

    Thomas BASSFORD

    i think they should do season 2

  87. Oh No No

    Is it fair to call this nostalgia?

    Nawal Sayed

    Yes It Is

  88. Vin

    27th, April 2019...I can't belive what Fortnite become.
    I miss old Fortnite, when players had fun playing free game.
    Now game has really good graphics and great skins, but game is boring for me.
    I remember first seasons when noone was good at building and aiming.
    That was funny, when we were noobs.
    Fortnite now only cares about money...
    Who cares about fun? - Epic

  89. david Mostarac

    Seson 9 2019

  90. Γιωργος Θεοθωριδης

    2019 anyone ?

  91. VC-Galaxy Atom

    This channel does not get the attention it deserves, it is amazing

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  95. NerdOut!

    Just made a brand new Fortnite song, Dancing On Your Body!

    Onni Nyyssönen

    NerdOut! otte parhaita

    Kenziekoo's World

    Nerd out you guys are awesome I listen every day

    Kenziekoo's World

    Nerd out my friends love your music I love ur vids keep up the good work

    Kenan Raid


    Mike TheScienceGuy

    You never did one about pewdiepie