NerdOut - Journey Back To You Lyrics

By a terror in my dreams
But I can't wake up, no I can't wake up

Erase my mind
'Cuz my conscience it won't sleep
Like it's all my fault, is it all my fault?

Failure's not an outcome we were used to
Reality don't care 'bout what we lose

But I won't ever say forever
No, I won't ever say it's through
'Cause maybe if I try to leave it all behind
I'll find a journey back to you

We may be out of time together
But I got nothing left to lose
So maybe if I try to leave it all behind
I'll find a journey back to you
Back to you

Can't just forget it all
That's a power I don't have
Did I give enough?
Did I give enough?

Yeah the mountain's tall
But there's space to take a chance
Oh I won't give up, no I won't give up

Failure's not an outcome we were used to
But I know my soul's got something left to prove

I won't ever say forever
No, I won't ever say it's through
Cause maybe if I try to leave it all behind
I'll find a journey back to you

We may be out of time together
But I got nothing left to lose
So maybe if I try to leave it all behind
I'll find a journey back to you
Back to you

Back to you
Back to you

I won't ever say forever
I won't ever say it's through
'Cause maybe if I try to leave it all behind
I'll find a journey back to you

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NerdOut Journey Back To You Comments
  1. Guco111 _

    3:12 wait something exploded in the reflection of his glasses?? How and why

  2. Guco111 _

    The fact that you implemented all stones into the lyrics is great. One of yall’s best songs!

  3. The Bees


  4. Cam Timlin

    I love this song! 🎶💗

  5. OKamiartest music

    Back to back

  6. Gaming Rico

    That dog one really hurt

  7. rafael benitez25

    2020 go viral!!!❤❤❤ always support NerdOut

  8. Shadownode

    I cried when the dog died.

  9. Aiden Hoefs

    Dude,this was amazing
    Keep doing things like this and you guys will get very far

  10. Claire Sutherland

    Why the puppy it was so cute

  11. Clearview 2019

    [email protected]@awwwaaqWwwqqaqwwwawwwaqawaawqwqqwwqqawqqwaqaqQqqqaaaqaqawqqwqqqqqaqqqaqqaqqqqaqqaqqqqqqqqaqqqqaqqqqqaQq

  12. Dina R.

    I hear this song from Instragram and sound's good

  13. Yassin Amr

    What was that supposed to do with endgame? It's just people getting thanos snapped

  14. Colin Matthew Bishop

    Poor pup

  15. Ghost

    Pls Hytale song

  16. matko matko

    Pls Hytale pls Hytale song

  17. Danilo Anton

    Jack snapped?

  18. john public citizen

    I saw that jar of peanut butter wbu like if u did to

  19. Music Lover

    I love this song so much!!

  20. Marvel/DC Woman


  21. Navdeep Singh

    Is this track available on spotify?

    DCH06 plays

    Yea here.

  22. Jess Knopp

    I was gone now I'm back

  23. Kiera Peach


  24. Kayla Walker

    I know we're all depressed I'm not giving hope but avenger's 5 might come but...tbh it won't be the same without ol boy tony...

  25. Flameface Gaming

    Hey nerdout I was wondering if I could use the audio in this video in one of my videos. I will if course credit you in the video and description. Thanks, and have a good day!

  26. I honestly don't know

    Go to #2:58 and put captions on

  27. Beast boi

    R.I.P Stan lee "heroes will be remembered but legends never die" "some heros are forgotten but no one will ever forget the man who made the heros"

  28. Technical /Gamer

    Edit: Stay tuned for another Endgame song coming very soon 👀

    Technical /Gamer

    Coz I m in love with your voice bro keep it up

  29. Jae

    Did all the people that disappeared 'not exist' or 'ceased to exist'? Because if they *never* existed-wouldnt everyone forget?

  30. Nash Owusu

    Me with my homework

  31. Lokis Lover

    This song is so beautiful, it made me cry x

  32. Daxton Baker

    :35 is when song starts

  33. MOT!V3

    This song could be on the radio👍

  34. Jamey Jams

    Noooo not the dg why the dog

  35. Jamey Jams

    I feel bad for the homeless man he just wanted a little money

  36. Nave two

    Listen free in google play

  37. Rita Adamous

    No l won't stay forever

  38. Falbright54

    Please do a Just Cause 4 Song


    The news suggests "Stay in doors" after showing a helicopter crash into a building.....

  40. Micah Williams

    Don't give me hope

  41. JDS wwe collection jd

    We had a good time why it........last R.I.P me

  42. Buffy Black

    Ezio assassin's creed song

  43. Cowa Bunga

    Oh no guys I’m turning into du.

  44. Deathpresso

    (No offense). I kinda find it funny the main guy is just oblivious to everything

  45. Deathpresso

    “Everywhere I go...I see him.”
    We love you <3000 Tony, Cap, and Stan Lee.

  46. The SCP'S Killer

    This is a vide for the endgame

    Me: keine Schwäche zeigen

  47. xByte

    I don’t feel so good

  48. Spectra Q1200

    Fire I’m mad I can’t listen to this on Apple Music anymore

  49. LionessGirl AP0

    I see them with the setting trying to make it look like Queens lol

  50. octo ray

    My mum my dad guys what is goinavyvuvavgiuuhkva help mbhhukbhil plaZZZzzzz aggggg



  52. Michael Voorhees

    the lipsyncs so bad, song is much more mellow and poor than i would expect from this channel. it be some

  53. Master Jai

    Dobt press read more if you dont want to get spoiled in the far from home cause i have a theory

    What if there's a multidimensional verse maybe if peter parker go to the multidimensional endgame then get the gauntlet to captain marvel and said peter parker to captain marvel"captain marvel use this gauntlet and snap your fingers so that all of this end welll" but we dont if there's a real multidimensional universe i hope its true

  54. Master Jai

    Imagine if this is the song in the end of endgame

    Rocket & Groot


  55. richard schneeberger

    nice song

  56. G Yagiza K

    Guys u make feel happy about being a nerd as in my place I am made fun of but u make me feel better

  57. Wb2006xx Production


  58. Carmelin Vanessa

    I just watched this movie yesterday

  59. zombiekiller 49

    Ok thanos even turned dogs to ash? HE WILL DIE SLOWLY FOR HIS CRIMES!!!!

  60. Faze Cizz

    Noooo the doggo

  61. Lori Stewart

    If you disappeared I would kill thanos

  62. Amanda Haynes

    Omg! This was filmed in Nashville!! I love that!!

  63. Miguel Lima

    I'm Br but I like your channel

  64. Rook k

    Who's here after we lost spiderman again


    What you mean

  65. SCORPION fede


  66. mentoska 2007

    I am boy, but it is beautiful :)

  67. QuickSketch Student

    This is actually disturbing

  68. Yeet God

    This song makes me tear up

  69. Deep John

    Plz make song for Hulk

  70. Alexa Knoll

    I only care about the song and the dog nothing else 😭😭😭😂🤣

  71. Alexa Knoll

    I hate you now that you showed the Boston terrier 😭😭😭 jk but I am still sad

  72. coco_d'la_night

    your music it's very good. GG

  73. Victor Chu

    StanLee is the key to defeat Thanos the avengers will assemble to defeat that little bratt StanLee.....our true legend R.I.P we will always remember you 😔

  74. Prathush Neelagiri

    0:17 when you don’t have airpods

  75. Ammie Roberts

    this is the Best I cried

  76. Stefke car

    awesome song i start crying just continue with this

  77. Jacob Moran

    jaaaaaaacccccckkkkk noooooooo 😢😢😢 die thanos 😬😬

  78. Jacob Moran

    can't talk turning into ash by

  79. raneem alfar

    Your cooL Amazing’s

  80. Kristian Davis

    The tribute in Spider-Man would have nothing for this. The avengers members must have had a really hard day when all this ended it was so sad

  81. Jiten Kalita

    MARVEL started with a Legend and Ended with that legend........Name that LEGEND

  82. Mcoc Icy

    What’s scarier: dying to the snap or living to it and having the sadness for 5 years

  83. usair rajput

    plzzzz Make a song on wwe superstar seth rollins burn it down ( )

  84. trey jack

    can you do a jeeper creeper song

  85. SingingLoud SingingProud

    "I love you 3000."

  86. pepsi xxxD

    Říp dog

  87. Tremaine Campbell

    Bruh, this song should've been in the movie credits. It's so damn good I started to tear up.....

    Rocket & Groot

    *For Real..*

  88. Sassy Muffin


  89. Marvel fan number 1


  90. aba 7shesha

    nice vfx

  91. Mark Cleere

    rip stan lee ):

  92. Goldlizzard 17

    Wow OK this is best.

  93. ProfessorBear

    Love your choice of music dude got a play list

  94. Y51S4F TR

    Pls beyond two souls

  95. NerdOut!

    We wanted to do something special for the release of Endgame this week. This video for our song ‘Journey Back to You’ takes place during the last scenes of Infinity War/first scene of Endgame. Huge thanks to everyone that helped make this possible, you can check out their links in the description! We hope you like it


    Your vice really nice keep going all my brothers ❤️❤️👍👍😘😘😍

    Yuri The Animator

    I thought this song was an infinity war song

    team TV

    Make Fortnite round 3

    matko matko

    Pls Hytale