N.E.R.D. - Time For Some Action Lyrics

Time 4 some action [x4]

Yeah u know the scenario
Images circle ur mind like a merry go
If u just tune that into ur stereo
Turn this bitch up here we go

Time 4 some action [4x]

I'm more like a vulture
Far from a dove
Don't u mistake this ma this is not love
It's lust
No cuddles and hugs
This is for floor and rugs

Time 4 some action [4x]

Yo the sweat on ur body
It creates a sink
No liquor no pills only that's gets me bent
I'm loving your clothes especially the prints
Get it, the prints

Time 4 some action [4x]

Hey, you aint know I was a nasty guy
U say u wanna flash me right
U know only I could smash u right
Well alright

Time 4 some action [4x]

It's time 4 some action
What can u imagine
Its time 4 some action
What can u imagine

Whoa [12x]

Time 4 some action

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N.E.R.D. Time For Some Action Comments
  1. R6turn6dTh6Slab

    Damn I can’t believe I was barely 19 when this came out. Shit was so amazing as a teenager to have these individuals apart of what was a very crucial and crazy time in my life but helped me live. Now it’s time for some action, PLAY THAT SHIT!

  2. darbi rhian

    Turn this bitch up, here we go...

  3. Fabian Wadle

    I woke up knowing I had a lot of stuff to do and thought, "time for some action." So here I am

  4. Ethan Hodges

    That bass fucking slaps it’s 2018 and I still bump this shit bitches 😩💨😈💉

  5. Michael V.

    Calvin Harris Merry making at my place

  6. Anjahlo Royalty

    At 2:27 is when the song gets real

  7. Tony Redondo

    That intro is amazing aw man

    Michel Geurts

    The biggest secret there is


    and the school bell rings...

  9. I'm???

    The intro Sucks but the song is awesome


    @***** why thank you.. I know I fucking suck and so do you

    Kate Connor

    +DemonQueenDarknessRyujin nah u suck


    I know I suck. Thank you for stating the obvious


    @I'm??? You suck

  10. Codebreaker250

    Anyone got the instrumental?

  11. cowabungah GEOFF

    the intro is the key to my business writing project in 2010!

  12. ACC Pro

    what tobias said...bass got me gone

  13. drac

    The whole song is the best part!

  14. Alonna

    The intro :)

  15. MrJokahhh

    ''no cuddles and hugs, this is for floors and rugs''

  16. Stavol2Dual

    Didn't know Pharell Williams had synesthesia

    andrew wright

    He mentions it in an interview

  17. uziel solis

    funny how they barley get dislikes this means their perfect...

  18. The7thCorvetti

    2 people Coudn't see the sounds

  19. junior bindè desirè


  20. Tobias Julian Syversen

    The bass is so fucking epic

  21. Erica Jones

    thumbs up if you can see this song

  22. dhhs91

    "Seeing sounds" is the best part!


    Tight song

  24. weswagginout

    the other funny thing is that i got this song off of a tutting vid LOL

  25. weswagginout

    thumbs out if you think they should make a youtube video

  26. Gvn

    2:27 - 3:00 is the best part !

  27. Janae Flemister

    no cuddles and hugs this is for floor and rugs

  28. Myra Simmons

    I like the message ;D lol

  29. MoNicholasLaird

    Nice bassline.

  30. cblack126

    @12Diddybop12 the intro is the best part

  31. aZnQuynh

    i hate that intro too but anywaaay nice song