Neon Indian - The Glitzy Hive Lyrics

Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party
Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party

Little girl flipping through your phone
Where you at this time of night?

Asking for a couple dollars or more
Say your friends are waiting by

Never self-described a jealous type
Always keep the status quo

But you could be all dressed up in someone else’s love
Oh say it isn't so

Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party
Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party

Breezy shoots with quasi famous freaks
You say you're only taking five

I don't know what you see in those creeps
You know you never leave the glitzy hive

I can't argue with security
Looking for some perch to climb

But your sister told you that's no place to be
Girl, you're only wasting time, wasting time, uh

Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party
Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party

Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party
Party, she's at the monster party
Party, party

Tell me, oh won't you tell me
I've been blind this whole time

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Neon Indian The Glitzy Hive Comments
  1. Ale-Stuffs


  2. Fernando B

    Great song, very nostalgic

  3. Gen M

    Love the 80s vibe at the end! 😍😍😍

  4. james2529

    I hate to be that guy anyone here from Value Select?

  5. Eduardo Kuri

    this song will play on my wedding

    Save this comment

  6. UMOS8

    neon indian is slept on so hard. this whole album is incredible

  7. israel gonzalez

    Pensar que esto en un futuro más, será un clásico nostálgico. UuU


    Sehhhh... :")

  8. Ryan Pham

    Let's be real: this entire album slaps.

  9. millionleaks

    earth wind and fire of modern times

  10. Anthony Lavin

    This song is so sick, Reminds me of Discovery era Daft Punk

  11. Squee Gee


  12. Mighty Healthy

    So much nostalgia kicks in when the beat changes around 3:00 I love it.

  13. Marcosandre. Santosfreire.

    Saudades dos anos 80s

  14. Axis78


  15. Deek Hardly

    She wants to party

  16. Jose Alvarado

    Such a timeless and beautiful record. Thank You Alan for the beautiful music you have given us.


    .75 speed thank me later

  18. ry beck

    This track is ill! Love it.

  19. andressa novelli

    I loooooove this song!❤️

  20. conditional shampoo

    come from dishwashinglikwid>

  21. Overton Croomes

    reminds me of taking the Red line subway in chicago

  22. Junebug

    the night I saw him live was one of the best nights of my life ,, it was in Joshua Tree at Pappy and Harriets and my friend and I were exploring the venue and we found this "historical" place where they have shows in the daytime (but we were there at night) when it was finally getting close to him coming on we walked into the venue and there were all these hipster types (lol) . Lorde had been there a few weeks before that.

  23. David Scott

    This MIGHT be the best song ever

  24. Bat for Lashes

    Body sugar lumps to body


    look! another hardcore Neon Indian fan!

  25. Skateboard P

    This song is way too underrated

  26. Ramen Nudles

    Found this from pornhub

  27. squadalawereoff1

    Caught their show last night in austin texas at mohawk& they are as amazing live as they sound on the album

  28. Will Pineda

    Buen tema, definitivamente se siente la influencia daft punk en este tema.

  29. Dogebama

    Yknow I just watched a really great porn video using this song and I feel no regret.

  30. Pillsinmyshoes

    I so high

  31. Juan el Parque II

    This track makes me wanna partaye!!

  32. DaftMau5Mafia

    Fuck Era Extrana, this Vega shit is so much better!

  33. Callum Gillies

    Pairs well with a nice JMSN--Bout It

  34. nopushbutton

    fuckin love the outro bit of this song

  35. MsSweetSushi

    Just saw them live here in Houston <3

    Francisco Torres

    MsSweetSushi Sounds pretty cool man 😎

    Rebekah Gonzales

    theyll be at axelrad soon! look it up dawg

  36. softwere 1642

    Me encanto 😊❤

    Erick Vera Alanis

    Al fin alguien comentando en español! jaja Saludos de México Todo el night school es una joya <3

    Ken Masters

    Realmente me impresiona un comentario en español .

  37. jessgal21

    favorite song, always on repeat

  38. winni223

    I guess he's taken a lot from nice artists of the 80's, Prince for instance...

  39. Andy Shore

    this album was admittedly too much for me when it was released. i knew it was good, but i just couldn't get into it. fast forward a year, and i can't stop listening to it. bravo mr. p and co.!

  40. Jordy

    Alan is a genius.

    Alan Rar

    I sure am, aren't I? ;)

  41. firemachima

    there's quite a bit of potential in extending and layering on top of that bliss outro

  42. 500 Pieces

    Just listened to the song----made purchase on iTunes.

  43. Kyle Adomaitis

    Easily my favorite song from the album

  44. RetroFuMasta

    Its Party Shes at the monster party

  45. Boxcow45

    Phenomenal grooves and an absolutely blissful ending.

    Jessica Colella

    Yes! The closing music gives me chills. Love it!

  46. Maurice Lee

    This song is way too short...

  47. peace ofthenation

    this reminds me of prince for some reason...


    a lot of the songs on the album are Prince influenced

    peace ofthenation

    I can tell 8)

    ryan davis

    Prince is one of Alan's biggest inspirations. He did an awesome cover of Prince and the Revolution's 'Pop Life' you can find on here if you search 'Neon Indian Pop Life'

  48. blackl1steddrums

    Your body! she wants a fuckin bodayy yeaheahhh!

  49. hellyeahdude

    Anyone know the name of the violin(?) part that is sampled in it? I swear I've heard it before.


    +Sam Forbes violin...? wat.


    +Sam Forbes thats a synth making that "violin" sound

  50. ipink 777

    everytime I'm in the shower... this is in my mind!!!

  51. Matthyssen hennessey

    this song motorboated my mind

  52. TopRameen

    Ja body...just like a Maserati.

  53. dakotamanomgwtf

    Does anyone know any songs/artists that have this kind of synthy and groovy vibe that makes you wanna dance?

    Alexandre Mclean

    +dakotamanomgwtf Chromeo, Toro Y Moi

    ryan davis

    check out the Dirty Mind, Lovesexy and Sign o' the Times albums by Prince. He was one of Alan's biggest inspirations for this record.

  54. randymaxter

    3:16 <3

  55. MinkyBoodle44

    This is my new freaking JAM. Pretty much had this on repeat for the last three days.

  56. Ryan Van Dusen

    I know it's not the real lyrics, but even knowing the real chorus I still can't hear anything but "Your body. She wants your body."

    G l i t c h y s t h e t i cTM

    Ryan Van Dusen I always thought it was "party. she's at the mobster party".... serves me right, too much hotline miami lol

    Bobby Hogo

    hahaha I Ive always thought it was "Your body. You know its your body. Your Body." I looked up the lyrics was shocked to find that out, pushed back on browser to see this as another result, 

    so with me commenting, we have now come full circle

    chloe knierim

    i always thought it was “party, sugar wants to party”!, i can’t unhear it

    Ğřvįmvįmvįh6h6h6 M3ŤR0P0ŁĮŞ

    ...Party....wah wah wah

    Nef M

    that's probably my favorite interpretation

  57. Alan Uribe

    A E S T H E T I C

  58. noneofyabidnesslol

    The ending of this song is so beautiful.

  59. ShortRound Mcfly

    the new album sounds so New Jack Swing. I love it.

  60. ShortRound Mcfly

    Sugah Momma's Partay
    Partay Partay

  61. Josh H

    I sing this song with the same power stance that Alan has on the Vega Intl Night School cover.

  62. Sexhaie

    "it's a good night to chat... call one of our many lonely girls for a very adult conversation. we have girls waiting by the phone ready to say anything and everything to you..."
    "its free for the first 10 minutes then $2 every minute, why not give us a call. me and my girlfriends are waiting *giggles*...."
    "thats 1-800-hotgirlsnight, be sure to have a credit card ready to give to our sexy representatives. call us, we want you to call us..."


    Jokes on you! Why pay for your stupid girls when you actually can do the same thing and actually talk to Alan Palomo himself!

  63. Jonathan Figueroa

    God damn this song makes me so erect

  64. J Sindone

    If vaporwave kids on their laptops were actual music producers, this is what their music would sound like.

    This song is boss.

    Marco Vazquez

    Some will, eventually.

    Adam YSR

    بالله عليك برا نيك


    im one of those kids.check the link if youd like.i may not have my sound completely there but i will one day.

  65. Sebastian gonzalez charria

    Amazing, Alan the best!!

  66. Jessica Morales


  67. Simon and Martina

    Been listening to this all day!


    +Eat Your Kimchi I did not expect to see you guys posting here!

    b dee

    Woah you guys like neon indian XD

  68. Thibhan Kajendiran

    A day left until this album drops.

  69. AlphaXOutNumb3r

    makes me happy 😆

  70. TheCrispysounds

    Oooh that's crispy.

  71. Cisco López

    This is so Vapor wave!

  72. rockkiller124

    This album is going to be amazing.

  73. Alexis Gilmore

    Yes! This song was super bomb live.

  74. Beamzers

    Can't stop listening to the album! I pre-ordered on itunes and it downloaded early. Really like the track Smut!

  75. Jorge Uribe

    I wish the rest of this album was more tropical like Annie that's what I was expecting. This is still great too. For those of you that haven't heard the rest of the album is really good and it follows this sound more than the sounds in Annie

  76. Revlol730

    3:00 to the end is so beautiful

  77. Saúl Osuna

    Who's the artists of this covers? Anyone?

  78. Jupiter and beyond


    Posidonia Oceanica


    Jupiter and beyond

    mh? que acazo no es de monterrey? alan palomo? buscalo en wiky mi estimado... (fue sarcasmo) enverdad lo es ;) saludos !

    Posidonia Oceanica

    +Omar Paez JAJA es que me da risa el "mexicano??????" jajajaja my gawd boi

    Jupiter and beyond

    te invito a pasar a wiki....
    y pon alan palomo. 
    ;) recuerda que el que nascas y despues radiques a otro lado en este caso eua.
    no signifique que eres de alla pero claro, supongo que en un pais lleno de extranjeros y con un temor, no poderse sentirse con una autentisidad de origen por tan brebe aparicion, supongo que es normal para ellos verlo de su lado. 
    pero en fin ! no espero que lo entiendas, solo es un argumento mio.

  79. Nana Addae

    already listened to the album and this is one of he best cuts on the record, hands down. wish this dropped during the summer b. this is a damn summer jam


    +Nana Addae i believe the album dropped in may or june so, technically, it did

  80. Eileen Andrade

    Can't wait for the concert at the Webster Hall. YAASSSSS!

    Posidonia Oceanica

    So tell us! What was it?!

  81. Del Brown

    so so so dope.

  82. Joe Julet

    Prince vibes

  83. Posidonia Oceanica


  84. Karu Azanza

    ~Every new single makes me say: MORE MORE... I want more from you Alan & Neon Indian!! :-*******
    You're simply the best!!

  85. Nacirema

    i love dancing to this song in the shower

    Kevin Costner

    Be careful in there,
    Yours truly,
    Kevin Costner

    papeleria Moctezuma

    @Kevin Costner xdxd

  86. D R3

    Prince would approve

  87. TentacleDicks

    I'm so hyped for this album, I can't wait to blast it every day for a month

  88. NewViceCity


  89. Fèlix

    About time!!!
    Been listening to this track on repeat like CRAZY!!!
    Ever since I saw the snapchat from the festival in Cali. You were playing this song live and my GOD did it sound so good!!

  90. Mono Tonias

    100% neon

  91. Víctor Tobar

    best shite everrrr bitch