Neon Indian - Techno Clique Lyrics

There won't be heartbreak in the room tonight
No sentiments to speak of
No names to remember

Just you and I...

There won't be heartbreak in the room tonight
No politic to serve
Only ticking, endless ticking
Fluent as a tongue

Just you and I...

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Neon Indian Techno Clique Comments
  1. mashedmellow

    RIP musical video ;_;
    F to SuperDeluxe

  2. RobinTheOldSchool

    This song is a bit underrated

  3. TheKyroFreed

    best song hands down on this album <3

  4. Karen Hernandez

    I love the end of this song <3


    herszch it's a dark ending but I do love it

  5. David Ramirez

    Ending reminds me of minecraft

  6. Stars

    I need to get the FL file or just the acapella file for this song to remix it. Can anyone direct me to someplace plsss???

  7. voist magina

    10th track = best track

  8. Sig Asad

    that end..

    Dan Man

    Gets me in a happy and lonesome mood every time I hear it :)

    Karen Hernandez

    same here!!



  9. Borreguita Piquez

    Wow, me estremece, me encanta!

  10. TiberiusMonk84

    Korey Coleman, Marcus Jones and Double Toasted brought me here :)


    +mkhomero same as me.


    +Leo Awesome glad to get that from another Toastee!



  11. Lucas David

    A new year. Get money, fuck bitches, with love. To this song.

  12. Barbara Reyna

    This song takes me out of this earth!

  13. apartment906


  14. Sandro H


  15. firemachima

    reminds me of an old mixtape - 'radio mix for kitsune' by crystal fighters


    I know exactly what you mean.

  16. Juan Carlos Reyes