Neon Indian - Heaven's Basement (Theme From 86'd) Lyrics

Life gave me hollow glamor
There's no one to live it
My heart continues to stammer
But no one is in it

'Cause when I wake up in my empty room
This particular shade of blue
It takes control
To slow this mood
I just want to be told what to do

Déjà vu through the avenue
Evil angels are calling you

The nightmares of others were written
In black magic marker
The damage we've seen was predicted
As the city grew darker

An effort to cross the avenue
Got them taking a moving mirror
I take a book
I'm unreviewed
And I don't always know just what to do

Déjà vu through the avenue
Evil angels are calling you

The song on the radio
I just surrounded our love
Isn't it typical?
Stepping on flowers

We a found a pulse but it's deep underground
In heaven's basement where it's always sundown
We a found a pulse but it's deep underground
In heaven's basement where it's always sundown

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Neon Indian Heaven's Basement (Theme From 86'd) Comments
  1. taxxicaab

    I wanna see Buddy Duress in more films but he keeps getting arrested

  2. NalstogicDreamz87

    Going Tomorrow too Pomona Glass House to See Neon Indian

  3. Enigma sun

    your music make me happy

  4. Abdulá Castillo

    Vamos a la playa pa cuando? 🤔

  5. João Carboni


  6. Victim Hackme

    Seriously?! Finally bro. Bring it back!! Neon Indian is the only music of this genre that I'll even entertain. You do this right, don't stop.

  7. Calah Jahmeek

    She literally destroyed my life

  8. Calah Jahmeek

    Not one bit actually

  9. Calah Jahmeek

    I envy you people that were allowed to have phone cracks growing up, my mother isn't very nice about that

  10. Calah Jahmeek

    Nobody loves me

  11. Calah Jahmeek

    Don't ever force me to talk like that again

  12. Calah Jahmeek

    Now I'm here

  13. looneyduck121

    I love your music so much!!

  14. Crime Wave R6

    Oh, how I've missed you Alan!!

  15. Dʾ La Pampa

    Say WHAT!?

  16. Smiley Dog


  17. Dragore Fonseca

    Nice song I waiting a new álbum great work B-)

  18. hamdus99

    This so fucking good

  19. Johan Echavarría Moreno

    Keep that "Night School" universo alive foevah!

  20. ThatGoodLifeCC

    Heavy Prince influence. Hell yes!

  21. Dylan Kerr

    Love that look

  22. Caden Schmidt

    this sounds like VEGA INTL 2.0 AND IM HERE FOR IT

  23. Luxce S

    Thanks Alan, great meeting you at First Avenue in MPLS a while back.

    Caden Schmidt

    Luxce S i met the band back in 2015 and got vega intl and era extraña signed by them. such a cool experience

  24. Trevor Jonathan

    The ending reminds me of “Prince - Wonderful Ass” with a more filtered synth and lower guitar tone

  25. cans of swine

    Oh how I missed this sound!! Thank you Neon Indian!! 💜💖💚

  26. Axis78

    i am here

  27. Masha Yerukhimova

    This music adds so much happiness and inspiration to me! Thank you.

  28. abram03

    Back in the early 00s, 90s, I fantasized about an 80s music that never quite stopped, just evolved into something new and strange. This is the stuff, right here.

  29. Michael Roma

    I love you neon indian

  30. 1234bmt

    I was just looking for you! Please release everything you got.. We've surely missed you, ham.

  31. mizzle

    love you.

  32. shadow guy 900000

    Finally back

  33. Ceili Martin

    😭😭😭🙏💪😤⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ oh my GOD

  34. Sir Switch Crookington

    86'd was like an ultra low budget Pulp Fiction.

  35. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Heaven's Basement" debuted at # 24 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  36. Alessandro Signorini

    Early AMPEX(the nasty sticky ones) Type I without NR?

  37. andrecuri

    PLZ new 2019 album

  38. EAMixtures

    Please next album please God

  39. Dʾ La Pampa

    My 2018 - 2019 New Year's Song.

  40. Justin Davis

    What planet are you guys from??? All I can think about when I hear this is the anime band from the One More Time video. This is probably what their music sounds actually like! 😍😍😍🎶 🎶 🎶

  41. catie morillo

    Literally music to my ears!! 🎵🎵

  42. Humble 9300

    Aw hell nah.

  43. Ethanphosis Bones One

    Alannnn ya Ven a CDMX!

  44. Keigh Lan

    It looks like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Thomas Dolby in "Field Work".... amazing!


    Glad I wasn't the only one who heard Sakamoto vibes

  45. crying in 80's

    Alan Palomo ❤
    Chillwave is your style

  46. Ash Cruz

    missed your music!!

  47. tonyrocks951

    This is pretty tits dog , htown reppin. No lol I really like it

  48. alex-jacking.4g+

    like prince intrumentation in the air ...*_* <3 :)

  49. Eric Cashman

    Please keep making music

  50. lunah lulah

    he's nailed that 80s vocal

  51. Daycare Joy

    Hi im a trying indie soul artist maybe someone here likes my work

  52. Ivan Forde

    congrats allen. always a treat to hear new music from you guys!

  53. pablo Flores G

    Comentario en español 😁😉.

  54. Jafeth Carmona

    It's Papá Noel

  55. Swaggy Yeezus

    I want more of this style of music!

  56. Silvia Graham Albarran

    Los amo <3

  57. Larson 3.0

    hallelluyah!!! coming back!

  58. Bet Succes

    This is good!! Really good!❤

  59. Edgar R. O.


  60. calmBlooper

    “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one”. Glad to hear something new from you!

  61. Dustin McClure

    Bout time! "Ghost Hustler" in effect!

  62. Richard Engström

    Amazing, thank you Neon Indian.

  63. Electric Professional

    Sounds like a sitcom theme song from the late 80s about a group of disenfranchised people braving the harsh but, inviting world of open mic stand-up.

    Electric Professional

    86'd was awesome. It managed to make me in interested in the characters lives in only a couple minutes then keep a firm grasp on my interest until the end, while full length movies shown in cinemas take the luxury of waiting until thirty minutes in to make me care about anything that's going on then barely maintain my interest for the rest of the film.

  64. NitroG

    Awesome! Can't wait for your next album!!!

  65. Freaty the Dreary

    New album plz

  66. shogunTHOT

    Your recent track and your latest video are just SUPERB beyond recognition! You definitely have the superb film making style that reminds me sooo much of Abel Ferrara's filmography. Which, funnily enough, couldn't be more further from the truth!

    I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us eager fans in the future! Much love!

  67. Jose Alvarado


  68. CinderPrint Productions

    You're back!! :o Yayyy! I love the new song ^^

  69. Brittney Franco

    Love you so so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  70. Tooru

    so exciting!! love this track, really looking forward to what you have in store for the new year! 😊

  71. Karu Azanza

    Alan... this is perfect!
    Neon Indian is back in 2019 <3

  72. arlhyn mesc


  73. cmonkeedo

    This funkee

  74. Emily Reyes

    Alaaaaan, ya ven a CDMX.

  75. Ashley Rl

    Deja vu through the avenue

    Uğur Fırat AVŞAR

    He is very cool

    Ashley Rl

    Uğur Fırat AVŞAR Yeah he is! I love Alan!!

  76. heart* yua


  77. Omar Diaz

    Oh Ma boi Alan at it again
    Keep up the good work fella

  78. Chi

    Man you're really out here,, making holy scriptures 😭🙏

  79. Mounster Chef

    It's incredible how the guitar and the synths blend together

  80. Josh Rodriguez


  81. SuccessMenu

    Hell yea

  82. Ben Aqua

    In luv w this Alan 🔥🔥🔥

  83. EtherReal

    Feast your Ears 👂're listening to the work of a musical genius... N E O N I N D I A N

  84. MightyMitoMaria

    Needed an upbeat gem today. The world keeps getting shittier. This from a gal who was 16 in 86. Now those were the dancing days. Keep at it Mr. Palomo!

  85. Savior Styles


  86. ÓRGANOS by HARL& Vas.

    _we needed more from neon indian, thank you_

  87. Havu Raivio

    wow this is perfect👌🏼

  88. Bonafide Bloom

    I was the girl who screamed your name at the nectar lounge in Seattle this summer. Wish you played more than just Annie at the show. It was still cool to see you though. I love your style. Can't wait to hear all the new stuff.

  89. Roberto L.

    Nunca había cerrado Vega Intl. Night School tan rápido.

  90. Daisuke Young

    I see Palomo is bringing christmas early this year.

  91. OakForestBoys

    Dude, I'm so glad you're coming back


    @1234bmt Dudes


    A psycodelic genius


    No, a legend..

  92. Zoé

    And THAT is how one makes my day !

    Reasonably Reasonable

    Saaaaaaame I didn't realize how much I missed this guy

  93. richiesplay

    He has returned

  94. Fatal Fox

    yeah boi

  95. Tha_14

    NIce, loving this!

  96. C G

    New album 2019???? 😁

    Mounster Chef

    In the description it says it's a theme from his short film
    It'd be more like an extension of Vega Intl. Night School

    C G

    Here’s to hoping for a new album 2019 😎👍

    Caden Schmidt


  97. Armando Almanza

    you're master bro.