Nelson, Willie - Your Memory Won't Die In My Grave Lyrics

Been feelin' kind of free
But I sure do feel lonesome
Baby's takin' a trip
But she ain't takin' me

I've been feelin' kinda free
But I'd rather feel your arms around me
'Cause you're takin' away
Ev'rything that I wanted

There's an old hollow tree
Where we carved our initials
And I said I love you
And you said you love me

It's a mem'ry today
It'll be a mem'ry tomorrow
I hope you'll be happy someday
(And) Your mem'ry won't die in my grave

[repeat last two verses]

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Nelson, Willie Your Memory Won't Die In My Grave Comments
  1. Mara Karetsos

    Wonderful MUSIC!!!

  2. 김광배

    Wish he never dies!!

  3. 김광배

    Never a day passes without listening his songs!

  4. 김광배

    Great respect to willlie and his great guitar ! 광배가 한국에서 from Korea

  5. 김광배

    최고의가수 ㆍ노래 ㆍ한국에서

  6. QuaLeQuiRe Dream In Dream Out

    쉬시고 쉬시고 또 쉬시고. 고맙습니다 . 부처님.

  7. Josefina Rojas

    Di cememoriy para Aser una oración y u.a misa

  8. Margaret Gaskell

    Willie Nelson...timeless songs he sings always have a meaning.....🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹🌹

  9. Richard Edmonds

    music to make me weep with joy and happiness. Music to inspire

  10. Monam Mazand

    From persia ,, I love country songs❤❤❤

  11. Louis Wiley

    Willie a dang good country singer.

  12. Hello Hello 2019


  13. Karmen Jazbec

    marry me bob

  14. Alice D

    Willie's song are made to touch our hearts, he has touched mine so much...taken back in ya willie

    Daniel Sutton

    This man is my role model ... and I'm 68 still time to grow up. Whocares Love ya Willie Nelson

  15. Rickey Engle

    well i see you on the other side,,

  16. Buddy Wiser

    He supports the murder of children. Great singer though. Go to hell, Willie.



  18. John` Baker

    Mr. always, well done Sir

  19. Ted Tyrka

    Wery nice song

  20. Donna Toler

    Willie Nelson, is a great singer, everything he sings is so Beauiful and love the playing of his gatuiar is Awsome and I just love him.God bless

  21. Billie Duff Strey

    Beautiful song mine either

  22. Ronald Z

    Pa Chhep Chhep..mang e!!!!....So You said he can't sing Pretty...(That ole Guitar rendition Is Sooo Rusty. and BC...Well , just..who are you to judge????)
    This Is How a Real Man Sings......


    What a great singer Willie Nelson is, truely pure Country, wouldn't expect anything else from Willie. I can relate to the words of this song with deep emotion. He seems to be singing the song about me. Love the song and thanks for posting.

  24. Teokoitu Taoro

    what a timeless song..? thanx willie

  25. Mary Fontenot

    How can 26 people not like this song, shame on you. I love it.

    Teokoitu Taoro

    fuck those dickheads..? lets you & i enjoy

  26. Theo Aerts

    Donders MOOIIIIII

  27. Susan Angel

    Get well soon prayers and thoughts with you

  28. Cyndee Johnson

    11` yrs

  29. Cyndee Johnson

    Always loved Willie! amazing TO THIS DAY

  30. Patricia Moore


  31. Arthur Beard

    I have lived oh so many of the songs he has sung, danced the slow music dances

  32. Ruby Moorman

    ~"Happy 4:20 Willie"~ I give this day of 4/20 celebration in 2018 just for you... I hope life is treating you well all around bud, love ya & your always on my mind & how I wish I could celebrate with ya, but know "I'm thinking of ya", always have & always Will/ie"... Listening to ya & smilin bud! Hugs & ~ "your" memory won't die in my grave"~ ;)

    ~"Happy FRIday & enjoy your funluvn day to the fullest, CHEERS"~

    ~♥~ "Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, Laugh, Sing, Give, Live & Let Live" ~♥~

  33. Val Barboza

    Suave de ouvir uma delícia. ...

  34. Peter Schlitt

    it's so great to listen to his xp and the way he is the very only one to translate it into our words !!

  35. Elizabeth San Nicolas

    I ALWAYS ENJOYED all of your Beautiful.💗 music. It really touches my HEART. I LOVE YOU WILLY. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  36. Rita Fellin


  37. ony rini


  38. QuaLeQuiRe Dream In Dream Out

    Thank you, Willie.

  39. Forrest Pope

    One of the most epic country intros I've ever heard...Even if you didn't know it was Willie. You're already certain the song will be awesome by the time he starts to sing...And it is!

  40. Donald Peden

    What key is this in does anyone know? Thanks

  41. Lorie Parker

    If you don't love and appreciate Willie, you have no taste and no understanding of American heritage. Long live the KING of country music!!

    suzy schwarz

    Lorie Parker if you dont love his beautiful music May as well give up ..... no soul.

  42. Rita Fellin


  43. Donald Peden

    Baby's taking a trip, but she ain't taking me.........

  44. Rita Fellin

    Amen 🙏

  45. Don Wittmer

    Tho, I never could carry tune? All, my life I tried, But thanks too Willie, he has always gave me his song of true faith. And only a year older than me. As my wife HELEN"S has already made it to HEAVEN! Some day I'll hope ? I can join you both in that GOLDEN place. Sonald

  46. PonziZombieKiller


  47. Rita Fellin


  48. Bob Risse

    It is a peculiar type of love.

  49. maxime couvignou

    i don't know why but i love so much this song

    Pablo Webber

    maxime couvignou me too Lupe i love this song!,,,

  50. Rodny Kaastad

    I Hope you live forever, Willie

    Oscar Romero

    But he will!🙂

  51. jenrose adiansingh

    father of country music

  52. lumaz71

    "Spirit" is a true masterpiece.

  53. Del Wimberly

    Absolutely great Willie - I love your music - so sorry I missed you at the Strawberry Festival, Plant City, 2017, I pray there will  another chance to witness your music in person. Keep pickin my friend I never met.


    Del Wimberly m

  54. maxime couvignou

    just amazing in france to get the parole you have to go on a portugal web than you translate willie nelson a great great performer

  55. Dayle Blair

    Just plain hot damn good!!!

  56. Freddy Coppieters

    Prachtig nummer van de grootmeester hemzelf, niemand doet hem dat na.

  57. Minlinks1

    What a beautiful song..

    Martha Murphy

    Sandi ,This saids it All. I so Sorry for ur Loss... I love you and I,m here if you need me. Your in my Prayers

  58. samuel maxwell

    capo 3 fret play g if any was wondering

  59. RockyMountainRose

    Great song by Willie. Thanks

  60. Henriette Pande

    Herlig! Mye sjel her.....

    Rodny Kaastad

    Du har så rett, Henriette

  61. wilson wil

    meu ídolo, já mais esquecerei

  62. gheester60

    Willie has my heart, I love him so.

    maxime couvignou

    me too he s my idol

  63. david remsberg

    Happy birthday Willy. I turned 73 on the 4th of this month. Love your music. Have listened to you for almost 50 years. We have a lot in common. Wish I could have met you. Dave R.

  64. Milan Petovich

    Something I'm going through now! Sad and betrayed!

  65. Sebastian Jimenez Paton


  66. flatroofer


  67. nwk38

    Because of my position at Radio City I know Willie very well. Willie is as down to, earth as a mud fence.A super talent,an icon .a legend .

    Margaret Mc Sweeney

    I wonder would you be able to help me find a song that Willie Nelson sang in a film that he featured in . Now this is the problem I cannot remember the title of the film or the song but I do remember it was about electric pylons being erected on people's land . The upshot of it was that a large pylon was erected overnight outside one of the politicians. I think the film was shown in the early 1980s. There was a lovely song in the film which I would love to hear again ! So it is a long shot. If anyone would be able to piece the bits of information that I have shared and help I would be delighted. Thanking you all in advance.

  68. Anna Craenen

    be zonder mooi kom uit het hart

  69. Jaggy aka JustDoIt

    Love Willie
    Great song
    Ann theunisz

    Joan Levinson

    WILLIE the best

  70. Rach cops

    He's so got Class...

  71. dagny1207

    Love Willie:-)

  72. fletcher christian

    Great song ; it reminds me of when i workedin Norway .They played this on the radio , unlike the Uk and Usa, shame on them. I expect they'll play it once Willie dies

    Billie Hanold

    fletcher christian

    Billie Hanold

    remembering your family ..forever in prayer..billiedaymusic