Nelson, Willie - Walkin' Lyrics

After carefully considerin' the whole situation I stand with my back to the wall
Walkin' is better than runnin' away and crawlin' ain't no good at all

And if guilty's the question truth is the answer I've been lyin' to me all alone
There ain't nothin' worth savin' except one another
And before you'll wake up I'll be gone
Cause after carefully considerin'...
After carefully considerin'...
And crawlin' ain't no good at all

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Nelson, Willie Walkin' Comments
  1. Rosa Tye

    one of my all time Favs.
    Willie is awesome.

  2. gheester60

    Willie, is just perfection always. TFS.


    Papa Hughey on the steel.

  4. Juman Khaled

    story of my life! I absolutely love this song!

  5. Doug Benson

    Be patient, folks! If you wait out the first 24 seconds (presumably an overall "intro" to the whole LP), you will be rewarded with a stunning country gem graced by lovely fiddle (I'm guessing maybe Johnny Gimble?) and sweet steel! Trademark Willie vocal as well. Thanks for a nice surprise!


    This, Shotgun Willie, and Red-Headed Stranger are my favorites of his. Stranger is a masterpiece, but I may be partial to this one if forced to choose.

    Also, that font! 😍

  6. Marianne Menon

    Love the song! ...Love the Album :) Thanks Jessi! Lovely upload!!

  7. Di Bicround

    Nice slow mover song!