Nelson, Willie - The Pilgrim, Chapter 33 Lyrics

See him wasted on the sidewalk in his jacket and his jeans
Wearin' yesterday's misfortunes like a smile
Once he had a future full of money love and dreams
Which he spent like they was going out of style
And he keeps right on a changin' for the better or the worse
And searchin' for a shrine he's never found
Never knowing if believin' is a blessin' or a curse
Or if the going up is worth to coming down
He's a poet he's a picker he's a prophet he's a pusher
He's a pilgrim and a preacher and a problem when he's stoned
He's a walking contradiction partly truth and partly fiction
Taking every wrong direction on his lonely way back home

He has tasted good and evil in your bedrooms and your bars
And he's traded in tomorrow for today
Runnin' from the devils Lord and reachin' for the stars
And losin' all he loved along the way
But if this world keeps right on turnin' for the better or the worse
And all he ever gets is older and around
From the rocking of the cradle to the rolling of the hearse
The going up was worth the coming down
He's a poet he's a picker...

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Nelson, Willie The Pilgrim, Chapter 33 Comments
  1. Sweeps McCullough

    That’s all life itself really is...coming up, or going down. Therefore, the going up was indeed worth the coming down.

  2. Barry Gazey

    Classic Kris Kristofferson sung by a truly laid back singer who is dynamic without appearing to do anything. Two true geniuses united in style... Marvellous.

  3. Lyle Privette

    I want this album, I had it on cassette back in 1980 listen to it for three weeks straight camping all around Florida.

  4. gayle hal

    Is this song playing too fast?


    @gayle hal That sounds about the right speed.


    Might be thinking of Kris Kristofferson - his is slower

  5. Walter Curtis

    going up ain't worth of coming down , God's grace be yours always

  6. Fatih Çokyaşar

    I say always,oldies are goldies

  7. Anthony Fountain

    I believe that Kris wrote this song based on Johnny cash - nice one

    Lassi Miettinen

    He starts his own original recording by explaining who the song was based on.

    gerald boltz

    No, he actually wrote the song based on Ramblin Jack Elliot.

  8. MrLialaw

    brings back memories of 73 a flat in forest gate london thats where i discovered kk been a fan ever since

  9. Mackensiejames Morris

    Maybe before neo-outlaw.....the REAL outlaws began in ca1973......and these guys were part of the originals..

  10. bdligon


  11. Dottie Marie

    This is one of the best songs by Willie!!! Love this song

  12. Linda Banks

    Thank you.

  13. jadedbyfate

    LOL ya all have been mis- informed This song was written about my daddy ask momma she says so LOL PEACE

  14. Carl Buckner

    Yep...I turn 39 in July of 2010 and I think if there was a song to play at my funeral would be this one right now in my life

  15. mccullochker

    Frye posited two archetypes, Christ and Ulysses. Kris hit a Homer here 4 sure.

  16. deedlerock

    Yeah this is about Silvie....hell yes. Sigh. Kristofferson is a genius composer.

  17. Johi2410

    Wow, what a great recording! Love Willie doing Kris!

  18. Ludwig Andersen

    Why dont Youtube remove the video titles from the list if the video is no longer available?

  19. HoldorFold

    Excellent there Alan - have not heard this in a loong time 5 *

  20. jtls8

    Good one!