Nelson, Willie - The Maker Lyrics

Oh, Oh Deep water
Black, and cold like the night
I stand with arms wide open
I've run a twisted mile
I'm a stranger
in the eyes of the maker

I could not see
for fog in my eyes
I could not feel
for the fear in my life
From across the great divide
In the distance i saw a light
Jean baptiste
walking to me with the maker

My body is bent and broken
by long and dangerous leaps
I can't work the fields of abraham
and turn my head away
I'm not a stranger
in the eyes of the maker

Brother john
Have you seen the homeless daughters
standing there
with broken wings
I have seen the flaming swords
there over east of eden
burning in the eyes of the maker
burning in the eyes of the maker
burning in the eyes of the maker
burning in the eyes of the maker

oh river rise from your sleep

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Nelson, Willie The Maker Comments
  1. Justin Lai

    LOVE Willie’s quote... jukeboxes are powered by nickels and heartache

  2. Antonio Roma

    Please help me! Willie Nelson Teatro by Wim Wenders! Wonderful! Where can I get the entire performance?

  3. Richard Wolter

    I listen, I watch and I smile!

  4. Matt Thompson

    Wow. Never seen this before. Awesome.

  5. grapplefanmel

    One of my favourite songs in this world, but have to admit that I prefer Daniel’s performance of it on his Acadie album. Landis is an incredible musician and performer, not to mention Producer of two of my favourite ever albums in Peter Gabriel’s So and Emmylou’s Wreaking Ball. I would love to meet him!

  6. Carmen Babuglia

    Emmylou bella y dulce dama. Preciosa voz.

  7. Jeff Strode

    Emmylou Harris the most beautiful woman ever

  8. Robert T

    OK I don't who is the greater producer genus Brian Eno or Daniel - they work together so much maybe they can't tell either - both GENUS. Everything they touch is gold. OH - Willie and Emmylou are not bad either.

  9. John Stanley

    Every time I listen to this, shivers run up and down my spine. I love it!!

  10. ron freeman

    Great respect for this man....and long live trigger...

  11. Spooky Cooter

    This is magic.

  12. TheSpeedoray

    Lanois himself on the tele.

  13. Susan Pellino

    This hits me in the gut EVERYTIME I watch it. Oh the talent here!

  14. baldemar jaime

    Still, Willie's best album!

  15. Venita Sheppard


  16. Ruby Moorman

    ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~
    ~"Happy 420 Willie"~ I give this day of 4/20 celebration in 2018 just for you... I hope life is
    treating you well all around bud, love ya & your always on my mind & how I wish I could
    celebrate with ya, but always know, "I'm thinking of ya", always have & always Will/ie... Sweet funluvn hugs bud! ;)

    ~"Happy Friday & enjoy your funluvn day to the fullest & many more ahead bud, CHEERS"~

    ~♥~ "Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, Laugh, Sing, Give, Live & Let Live" ~♥~
    ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~

  17. Dfw Fqdefqw

    Not bad for a bunch of beginners.
    Is it Darryl Jones on bass. I went to the album and there is no credit for bass players (obviously Daniel Lanois in not playing bass AND guitar here)

  18. Ghukiye chophi

    nice song with deep meaning...

  19. tucanoman

    What? No head-credit for Daniel Lanois, who made it happen?

  20. Wolfgang dr. strobel

    What a brilliant Interpretation and a great guitar by Composer Daniel Lanois !

  21. Βασίλης Κυριακίδης

    I don't believe in God but I have to admit that this song is STUNNING!

    Borders Carlton

    Βασίλης Κυριακίδης Don't worry. God believes in you.

    Womp Bozer

    I’m an atheist too and have to admit that within the context of the song, it’s a beaut. And it’s a good conversation starter

  22. Darla Simms

    That's a beautiful song Willie and I think you and Emmylou did a good job actually all of you did a very good job

  23. Darla Simms

    I never heard this song before you did a good job but of course you always do a good job I love you

  24. HolmeBass

    The whole band has their cool-guy hats or cool-guy hair! Sounds great though.

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  27. Elaine Toth

    Special song!

  28. Daniel Bird


  29. Kevin Jones

    Excellent duo?

  30. Robert Palmer


  31. José Pedro Gomes

    The song is beautiful but the sound of the sticks clacking totally damages its musicality. Change the drummer.

  32. Johan Nooyen

    A superb cover from the Daniel Lanois song.

  33. cayogator

    daniel on guitar

  34. Karen White

    I love this arrangement. It reminds me of all the ignorantly oppressed, and I dearly cherish ELH and WN. I am impressed as always with the choice of musicians.

  35. Antonio Roma

    Great. There's Someone somewhere that tell me where I can get the whole video? Please I really love it so much.

    Βασίλης Κυριακίδης

    This is the whole video. That was the released single of an album called "Teatro".

  36. mattlion69

    Parents both passed a few days apart of each other in November, they loved this song. My dad would sing it in Spanish. Thank you Willie.

    kal 61

    +mattlion69 I am very moved to hear that and I bet it sounded great in Spanish . Can I offer my sincere condolences too.


    +Chris Roberson Thank you so much!!!


    +calum morrison It was the most beautiful piece of music I heard. Thank you..very kind of you.

  37. L. J. Davis

    This song has a very special meaning. God bless them for making this song.

  38. Jon McAuliffe

    Lanois is one of those rare guys who really DOES have something special and different. Had the pleasure of meeting him last year before one of Emmy's shows. Great guy.

  39. Carpe Dunktum

    Teatro is one of the most under appreciated works of art I can think of. I don't understand how it hasn't become a revered classic.


    Cobber l couldn’t agree with you more! I fell in love with it when l was on holiday in Quebec of all places. lol. My friends introduced me to this jewel!❤️

    Damien Hunt

    Completely agree.

    Thomas L'Heureux

    Actually, Daniel Lanois wrote and released this in 1989 on his album Acadie.

    Colin Irons

    Feel the same, addictive listening

    René Kor

    to me, it is.

  40. raleighsquare

    This is a beautiful  but difficult song for anyone, when you hear Spyboy version with Emmylou, it's like it was made for her. God Bless, ELH.

  41. Mar Thivierge

    This was exqui9sitely beautiful.

  42. james westbrook

    wicked share, never saw this version. thank you so much!

  43. gwmerr

    Soulful deep waters.  Those that appreciate Lanois on guitar here might like Emmylou's live version w/ Buddy Miller's atmospheric guitar and Brady Blades driving on drums.  The album is Spyboy, this the closing number.  Worth a listen!

    Rowanne Hagen

    Great album!

  44. Stephen Childs

    Really?  27 are NUTS!  Q Tips for all of you 27.

    Stunning!!!  When these 3 are Gone in Heaven Wow!!!

  45. rivers4100

    Three of the best 

  46. Rick Stipe

    I notice Willie sings on the beat, not behind. Sounds great.

    Jeff Mccann

    I noticed that too. But EmmyLou was keeping a close eye on him ;)

  47. rserchr

    a song that never wearies the weary-hearted.

  48. mirico22

    Brady blade is one kick ass drummer!! There is another version of this on youtube with Lanois and Emmy Lou ... seek it out AMAZING!

    Thomas L'Heureux

    Lanois wrote this song.

  49. houseofhits1

    For God's sake release the entire Willie Nelson At Teatro film on dvd. Why the magnificent Wim Wenders doco is only available on ridiculously priced vas on ebay is a mystery.

  50. Jan Zuidema

    Allways Willie.. Beautifull...

  51. Jon McAuliffe

    In addition to this being just a flat-out great composition, a lot of is propelled by Lanois' magnificent guitar part here.  Lanois adds so much to the artists he chooses to work with.

    James MacDonald

    Not to mention that Daniel Lanois wrote this song.

    Bill Wilson

    +Jon McAuliffe There is a textue that Lanois creates with whoever he is working with that no other producer can duplicate. I saw him play for a coupe hundred people and it was simply amazing.

    Lalo Greiner

    Couldn't agree more!

    Nutbal Credo

    Yes, great talent recognizes great talent! Not sure why the video is not titled "Willie Nelson, Emmy Lou Harris and Daniel Lanois - The Maker", but Lanois is probably unfazed as many geniuses are under recognized.

  52. 2008alberta

    love the way emmylou reads or takes her cues from willie when they sing together...absolute talent...

    city zen


  53. Matthew Kowalsky

    a religious and mystic experience the opening solo

  54. Storie Grubb

    goosebumps every time i hear this wonderful tune. thanks willie and co.

  55. TEXAS JIM 70

    Some truly talented people here singing and playing a song that is a gift from the maker his self! 

  56. coolhandluke98

    what album is this from?


    teatro 1998

  57. robert gonzales

    Brother john have you seen the homeless daughter
    That touches myhart

  58. MrAdamNTProtester

    pss get a haircut you look like pippi longstockings or anne of greengables or something...braided ponytails...are you kidding me...on a dude!

    man put down the bong and step away from the timecapsule the 60's were literally LAST CENTURY


    MrAdamNTProtester you're a loser:)

  59. MrAdamNTProtester

    PS can someone please tell his 'willieness' to at least try and sing from the diaphram instead of through the nasel cavity...ratbastid...whiiiiiiiiining like a


    MrAdamNTProtester that's his signature sound, so no, it'll never happen.

  60. MrAdamNTProtester

    "Willie Nelson & Emmylou Harris - The Maker'

    PS the guy sitting to wn right is the guy who wrote the song and sings it way better wn absolutely hacks & butchers this song2death

    his name is Daniel Lanois...& the only good thing about this version is his guitar work & Emmylou of course shes the bomb...bottomline if ur going to post anything just like with news & facts...reference the source or its this case leaving out DL might not qualify as plagerism but it is totally ignorant


    You seem to have horrible tin ears, and I'm certain that Daniel Lanois would agree.

  61. Koizumi1969

    Lanois's magic and legend singers.

  62. Jim Bo

    dear god, this is the most beautiful rendition of the most beautiful song i've ever heard

  63. Bobby Hollis

    Emmy looks stoned in a couple of those shots....

  64. adamtzsch

    Nobody works as hard as Daniel does.

  65. SuperJayfive

    Love Willie, love Emmylou, this song is perfect for them..... Sorry, didn't work for me. Didn't seem like they were all on the same page. Still love 'em though.

  66. cheffy117

    Why bicker,jus be thankfull you have the ability to listen to some of the finest talent the world has seen,and indeed heard,just enjoy

  67. Gili

    With all due respect to Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson's voice is 5 levels better.

  68. alan4426

    you said it ???? some get it some dont

  69. ptkjryan

    Oh well! Maybe it's something to do with the presence of ELH for me.

  70. standingwest

    Lanois prays through his guitar...

  71. ptkjryan

    Sorry bud! Don't agree.
    This is one of my all time favourites!

  72. Adam Evans

    Lanois is golden. Outrageous guitar licks; best I've heard in a long, long time. Also, love how Emmylou pinpoints her harmony with direct eye contact.

  73. sawbilly2

    That just makes you want to go make some music. So deep in the pocket cant see over it!

  74. john papakonstantinou

    το έκανα και αυτό, απάντησα ,σε σχόλιο δικό μου.......όλη νύχτα εδώ είμουν,τι να κάμω ο άμοιρος(βλέπεται πως προσέχω τα λόγια μου...είπα άμοιρος όχι καμμένος............είναι και η μέρα δύσκολη,μου έβγαλε τα πάνω δόντια ο μπεχλιβάνης .........άιντε να σε δει το κορίτσι σου ευτυχώς το δικό μου είναι μακρυά και δεεεεεεεεεεεεεεεν...................

  75. john papakonstantinou

    O μεγάλος Ντανιιέλ Λανουά το έχει γράψει και παίζει κιθάρα δίπλα τους,μην ξεχνιόμαστε

  76. john papakonstantinou

    just great and.....i love the american people visited 3 times.....yannis


    Oxnard, CALIFORNIA!

  78. TheMrCompletely


    that's pretty freaking great.

  79. carterpeartford

    saw Emmylou and Danny at Farm Aid 2003, hands down the best musical performance I've ever seen

  80. thors45a

    Yeah, you got that right!

  81. Bob Cobb

    Is it just me, or is Emmylou Harris kind of hot?

  82. Terry Thurman

    Absolutely love this video. As expected Willie hits it out of the park on this one.

  83. sameeh109

    Impressive performance Willie!

  84. Danny Roffe

    Very cool my friend!

  85. Whatmeter

    The guitarist is Daniel Lanois, who wrote the song.

  86. Flip McHooter

    Emmy's and Spyboy's version is the best!

  87. Kevin Millar

    While I'm not a religious music fan, this song is very powerful, the guitarist, makes this song, first thought it was Stevie Van Zandt, excellent song.

  88. 01Rising

    Above and beyond everything about the song--which is of genius and God to be sure--is Willie's attention and dedication to making the song come out as heartfelt and genuine as possible. He and Emmy seem both is awe and transfixed by Mr Lanois and rightfully fav moment is at the very end when Willie looks up and has the "there but for the grace of God go I " look in his eyes--like hes truly thankful to be a part of that song while it was happening.

  89. 01Rising

    @spf1410 yup

  90. Ebeneezer Stone

    Emmy is as beautiful and talented as ever. And Willie? Well he's just Willie. Like Waylon said,"He just wants to ride around in that bus and play that ol' beat up guitar."

  91. Bernadette Emett

    Love this. I think I read somewhere that Willie's TIMING is special to Willie and I think Emmylou has to keep her eyes on him to be able to keep with him.

  92. Dr Peacock

    12 people are deaf.

  93. cjohn153

    Ive allways had a soft spot for Willie, but, Emmylou, Emmylou. Emmylou XXX

  94. Wayne A White

    @coozamel She is so good have you heard her with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt??? they sound like Triplets...

  95. cmsquared63

    @123ktkit6 Schmuck.

  96. mpythonfecchio

    Jesus... wounderful!

  97. Mathew Brewster

    @Navarrethenavman Emmylou does a live version of the Maker on her album Spyboy which is just amazing.

  98. Mathew Brewster

    @Navarrethenavman Emmylou does a live version of the Maker on her album Spyboy which is just amazing.