Nelson, Willie - I Never Cared For You Lyrics

The sun is filled with ice and gives no warmth at all
And the sky was never blue
The stars are raindrops searching for a place to fall
And I never cared for you

I know you won't believe these things I tell you
No, you won't believe
Your heart has been forewarned all men will lie to you
And your mind cannot conceive
Now all depends on what I say to you
And on your doubting me
So I've prepared these statements far from true
Pay heed and disbelieve

The sun is filled with ice and gives no warmth at all
The sky was never blue
Stars are raindrops searching for a place to fall
And I never cared for you

And the sun is filled with ice and gives no warmth at all
Sky was never blue
The stars are raindrops searching for a place to fall
And I never cared for you
I never cared for you
I never cared for you

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Nelson, Willie I Never Cared For You Comments
  1. Stefan Henderson

    This song hurts my heart but gives me astrength

  2. ChuckDeFuque

    As much as I like Willie Nelson $462.33 (lowest price) is too much!

  3. Leslie Bernstein

    Another Winner! This man Willie Nelson, sings as though God I s actually singing through him.

  4. Victor Zavala

    Vine a este video para conocer la versión original de esta canción que canto Ana Gabriel en el homenaje a este señor

  5. Shawni Ysais

    The note they end on!!!! Bellissimo

  6. Hunter West


  7. Cassia Coutinho


  8. D Oj

    He did you might not but he told me him self

  9. Sophia Shakti

    Water bottle, the whisky would be more fitting. Alcoholics raise empath, thanks daddy.

  10. Mike Hoffman

    Why bother to write a song with this sentiment?

  11. Lane Blake

    I feel this way instinctively when I meet certain people in my small rural municipality. Thanks Willie! Now I have a song!!!!!

    Lane Blake

    I always like to keep "them" guessing LOL!

  12. Helen Boula

    He only wrote two songs that I could really relate to and some I don't even want to think about but the song what now my love when I was a young girl meant a lot to me and also love the song Butterfly. To me I think that pretty well says that all. Lights camera action.

    Helen Boula

    Here's the funny part you never really know a person not even when you live with him when you sleep with him when you eat travel a person they let you know what they want you to know other that you don't know one f****** thing about them that's pretty much the world and the people in it and that song I never cared for you oh I can relate to that song but it's not about him that's about life. In period. Lights camera action.

  13. marta nika

    This man is very talented music artist he plays music with so much emotion sounds great .

  14. Alexis Pux

    The intro is "Où es-tu mon amour" by Django

  15. Steve Worden

    I've enjoyed his music for over 50 years .

  16. rosamaria piresesteves

    casal curtindo agora oferecendo para os clientes da eletronica téc níc e ai cliente que pediu para gravar no pen dryve

  17. Billy Joe Chambers

    Great intro on Trigger

  18. Thomas Leahy

    The ocean open for the sky and the sound of a wave crashing flooded the masses ....... Crushing everyrhing in his path

  19. Thomas Leahy

    Liz never care for me

  20. Nick P

    The gorgeous introduction into a wonderful bossanova swing. I am floored. Wonderful. Thank you Willie.

  21. Shari Crocker


  22. Marilee Dent

    Happy Halloween 💀💀 lol Marilee

  23. Mike Simpson

    How do I bridge this gulf?
    How does one heart find
    I know you are there
    I can see your image
    I can feel your presence
    Do you know of me
    Do you see I'm real
    Do you know I am here
    Surely this passion
    This desire
    This love
    Never known before
    This treasure of time
    And circumstance
    Not meant to be wasted
    If that be true
    Then let me fall
    Like the useless leaf
    That I am
    Now I know love
    Your gift to me
    Without expression
    Without realization
    Resounds into
    Empty infinity
    Dry expanse
    As the autumn leaf
    Blown to oblivion
    By winter winds

  24. Norbert Dori

    Greetings from Hungary,and thank for you! So much love:Susan.

  25. Jennifer Delay

    What is lupus .

  26. Talon David

    Im First Nation in Canada and I love Willie Nelson

  27. John Wilson

    A usual.

  28. Women 65 and Over

    Willie and Bob Dylan. The 2 best to every write and perform musical poetry.

  29. steve w.

    Cold... The long intro is a mind and heart trying to avoid the inevitable delivery of a breakup. Weighing the options of being nice about it to ease the others shock and pain, its rather bluntly delivered as a pie in the face leaving no room for discussion. All of the loveless guilt is side stepped and refocused on the delivery. And the pieface emotions are hidden beneath the crust. No dessert, please.

  30. Peter James O'Connor

    A national, no, planetary, treasure. Thank you for your authenticity.



  32. BusterDuster

    This is filmed at the Teatro theater in Oxnard CA

  33. Max Go

    i like the guitar intro.....

  34. patricio amenabar

    Stay with us Willy.



  36. S. Carvalho César César

    Sou fã demais

  37. Karen Bishop

    Willie the best, music pure and at its finest. Lovely video



  39. Larry Schmid

    Nice song!

  40. Gerard Lligoña

    This isn't in Spotify. What the hell?

  41. Malcolm MacLeod

    Willie Nelson is the consummate musician. His body is an instrument.

  42. Marion Sepic

    They don't make artists like Willie anymore. Kinky Friedman brought me here and I am most grateful für it.

  43. Marten Dekker

    I find this a completely dialed in pretentious "performance". Totally against the lyrics of the song... This needs to be performed with no jazzing up, no drums, no 2nd singer.... ( & Emmy-Lou Harris always sings in an affectated stylized voice, to stay out of real feeling.)...needs to be sung in a personal, heartfelt, intimate way.
    Willie can feel the feelings of the song, & sing with that in his voice. This was not...that.

  44. Ger GH

    Thank you Willie for all the beautifull songs😘

  45. Robert Köster

    I find das ganz angenehm it was relax and doch rytmisch ansprechbar...I wars very begeistert!!!!!!

  46. Helen Boula

    Go to hell Willie. But ofcourse your already there, and you know this.

  47. Carmen S

    ..🎶in questo pezzo c'è tutto....lo ascolto da ore ormai.. .bellissima e intensa interpretazione...🎶♥️..musica e ali... insieme!

  48. Lily-Anne Pelletier

    I love this song , Thanck you...

  49. Lily-Anne Pelletier

    So much better ...


    666 thumbs down.... I say we can figure out who that is... disliking the biggest and baddest and highest legend of them all...

  51. OldSkaterGuy

    10 years later, I still love this song. His latest videos are showing his age. I am truly hoping sticks around a little while longer. He is a beautiful person.

  52. Robert Miller

    Just 1 Willie and Emy Lou and I was hooked.

    Robert Miller

    Saw them in concert in 70s. They were awesome. Faded spots till I go see the LORD. 🤠😵😵😇🙏

  53. Joni Morello

    Irony, but he has EmmyLou Harris for back ground...score!

  54. Ruby Write

    It’s been a bucket list of mine to see Willie before one of us dies. Now I might get that chance. I don’t care if I have to spend thee nights in the rain, rob the local savings and loan or sell my truck. I’m gonna go...
    just say’n 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  55. Mary Morningstar

    Willie had become so great to the American people because he tells the story of the people who are the salt of the earth, like you and me. My Hat goes off to Ole Willie, his songs brings back the memories of a life that was not only filled with adventure and challenges, but a life where I came to know why we live.

  56. Carolina R.

    TRUE ARTIST 👏🏻👏🏿👏🏼👏🏻👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏿👏🏼👏🏽👏🏿👏🏾 👏🏽👏🏻👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏿👏🏼👏🏻👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻 Love you Willie Nelson 💖💖💜🌹

  57. nunya nunya

    I know you never did

  58. Montse Márquez


  59. TheTwicey RHCP Drum Covers

    I'm here because of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Teatro recording sessions.

  60. Rickey Engle

    who care,,

  61. love me leave me


  62. Magnus Pattegrisen

    Its a miracle, his guitar sounds awesome even holed and distorted like that!

  63. William Kirkland

    632 dislikes need our prayers to open their hearts,minds,and souls. GREATEST GUITAR HERO EVER!!! THE WRITER/WRITERS OF THIS MAGNIFICENT TUNE DESERVES THE HIGHEST AWARDS....《♤》

  64. jodiah lopdz


  65. Cheryl Carr

    love this man and his beautiful music and song. So very special and touches my heart all the time.

  66. Helen Boula

    No you didn't. Lights camera action

  67. Mike Simpson

    I take it all back—no one can do what Willie does.

  68. malee sandee

    You never cared me

  69. Talon David

    got hooked on Willie Nelson through my parents tastes .. mostly my mothers collection of music .. Miss ya mom!

  70. Michael Bradley

    I'm not the best I could be but I love to her you play thank you

  71. Bill Singletary

    One of a kind, Thank you lord for sharing him.

  72. patrick rooney

    The amazing and beautiful Emmylou Harris along with Willie Nelson is a magical combination. You just don't get any better than Willie singing with Emmylou.

  73. Khalid Tanger

    I love it ❤❤❤

  74. Adam Beck


  75. Kelly Lee

    Absolutely remarkably entrancing

  76. David Ratcliffe

    Such beautiful music but so cruel

  77. Lester Moore

    Whoa Trigger...

  78. Note Bender

    I'm so glad Lukas Neslon is here to keep the great music going.

    James Greene

    Well said and so true Willies music will live on through his sons especially Lukas ,can't wait to see Neil young with Promise of the Real along with Bob Dylan when the play in Ireland in July should be a great day have my ticket since the came out at Christmas last seen Neil Young in 93 was a great concert

  79. Jeff Holmes

    i feel like i need a guitar case full of guns, takenthis mother down!

  80. Bonnie's Bands


  81. Michael Bacon

    Wow! Damn!! This one is crazy amazing!!!! I'd like to see Carlos Santana with Willie doing this song together on stage!

  82. Traci Van Velsor

    Oh Willie! Thank you.

  83. Noneee Verizon

    It hi to do

  84. Lunaticaenlaluna

    Me encanta

  85. A F


  86. Choya C

    Listened to it three times in a row. Great information from the commenters about that being his sister on piano and Emily Lou Harris singing harmony. Good Grief what a beautiful song! Loved him since childhood and that’s forty ... er... something years. 🤫

  87. dale lange

    I doubt that song title. He's got a huge heart. Musicians/men of his caliber can't not care.

  88. Comedian Jedidiah James

    This makes me want to hear Willie remake Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down. The opening song in Kill Bill Vol 1.

  89. Joyce Laurito


  90. Katherine Wagoner

    Love the background Tangoing shadows, 2.

  91. Dyann Espinosa

    Odd the description doesn't mention Emmy Lou Harris who sings harmony with Willie. Nice feel to the production.

  92. dr. rae christopher

    ONE DAY SOON... 📱 ME

  93. MilesC608

    The sun is filled with ice and gives no warmth at all. The sky was never blue...

  94. Oscar Diamond

    My Top 5 of all time !! Willie Nelson#1 Johnny Cash#2 George Jones#3
    Slim Whitman#4 Merle Haggard#5

  95. Oscar Diamond

    Just like Painite Willie is extremely rare and a true and absolute genius !!! For me the Best 2 ever do it !!

  96. chris harries

    I totally love this guys style. He got to be my favourite artist .

  97. Anthony Richmond