Nelson, Willie - I'm So Ashamed Lyrics

I'm so ashamed of my eyes 'cause they still cry for you
After they both watched my hand wave goodbye to you
I've told them time and time again that this will never do
I've told them how you always laughed at teardrops

I'm so ashamed of my arms for missing you
Last night I woke up just in time to see them reach for you
And now my heart confesses it's still wants you too
I'm so ashamed of them all for loving you

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Nelson, Willie I'm So Ashamed Comments
  1. Clifton Keeling

    Recorded in Austin Texas 1994 Floyd Domino piano Johnny gimble fiddle Jimmy Day steel David Zentner Bass Johnny Bush drums and Willie Nelson's guitar

  2. Hugo Rubén Giusti

    hermosa cancion, por siempre willie, gracias por subirla Marianne, me encanta la musica country

  3. catrien100


    Marianne Menon

    Thank you Catrien!!! Glad you liked it !!!....Dank je well :)

  4. Clive Ham

    Willie is still brilliant.

    Marianne Menon

    Thank you for your lovely comment!! Yes he is and always will be!!!  :) 

  5. pecvillian

    Good one Marianne. Thanks for sharing.

  6. rimakuja

    Wonderful tune by Willie!!! Thank your dear Marianne for your great video including so many for me new pictures so well fitting to the tune :-) A very warm Hug for the New Year :-) Stephan

    Marianne Menon

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! :) I love the rolling bass in this tune :)  :)   A Very Warm hug to you Stephan and I so hope that this will be a wonderful year for music and making memories :) ♥