Nelson, Willie - Have I Stayed Away Too Long? Lyrics

Have I stayed away too long
Have I stayed away too long
If I came home tonight
Would you still be my darling
Or have I stayed away too long

The love light that shone so strong
Sweet love light that shone so strong
If I came home tonight
Would that same light be shining
Or have I stayed away too long

I'm just outside of town
And I'll soon be at your door
But maybe I'd be wrong
To hurry there
I'd best keep out of town
And worry you no more
Maybe someone else
Has made you care

Have all of my dreams gone wrong
My beautiful dreams gone wrong
If I came home tonight w
Would you still be my darling
Or have I stayed away too long

If I came home tonight
Would you still be my darling
Or have I stayed away too long

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Nelson, Willie Have I Stayed Away Too Long? Comments
  1. William inUS

    A good question. Yeah, Willie. The answer is already known by having to ask the question.

  2. Stephen Baptist

    Hi Marianne where you from ? We like the same type of music. Great posts of Willie.

  3. Edi Camon

    He estat allunyat massa temps Marianne?, perdona'm i una abraçada.

    Marianne Menon

    Edi està bé! He estat de vacances la major part del mes de maig i el juny ... i el mes vinent també us quedaré una estona! Sense preocupacions i disculpes el meu amic! Abraçades a través de les milles !

  4. Doris Johansson


  5. Mara Karetsos


  6. Roger McCann

    Any way to get a copy of these uploads ????

  7. Cora McKenna

    Don't stay away too long! We miss You and Your voice!

    Marianne Menon

    Thank you Cora!! He'll be on the road again!!! :)

  8. Tracie Wasley

    This song makes me wanna cry

  9. Salomon Alvarez

    Pretty I like it

  10. Frank Burton

    Great version of a great song. Love everything Willie does. I have this song by a british duo from the late 50s,early 60s.Check out Miki and Griff singing a slightly more upbeat rendition of this great song. Thanks Marianne. Regards Frank

  11. Ricardo Daniel Villalba

    Hermosa , cancion Mariane , soy Argentino , me encanta Willie , se me pararon los pelos al escucharlo con Vicentico en ingles y español...

  12. caroline lowry

    Thankyou Marianne.

  13. Doris Johansson


  14. Dorette Aaltje

    waanzinge stem om bij weg te dromen willie Nelson love 👍👍

  15. marie-paule lumet


  16. Doryreyes McMillan

    Thanks beautiful, songs ❤️👍

    Marianne Menon

    You're so very welcome Doryeyes!! Thank you for listening!!💚

  17. Pat Pinckley

    Marianne , Willie Nelson is in a class by himself.he's incomparable in so many ways and he's such a gentleman...a true legend...he's friends with so many. from Bob Dylan to Carole King

    Marianne Menon

    Thank you for those wonderful words!! I couldn't have said it any better Pat! Yes he is a true legend in his own time....he won the hearts of many listeners including mine since the 70s!!

  18. Norman Riches

    Love this song,Thank you

    Marianne Menon

    My pleasure Norman! Glad you love the song!!! Thank you for your kind comment!!

  19. Marryann Lamb

    Love willies songs thanks so much.

    Marianne Menon

    You are so very welcome dear Marryann...glad you enjoy the songs of Willie Nelson!! thank you once again for listening and taking time to comment! I so appreciate it!!

  20. pecvillian

    Wonderful video and song Marianne.

  21. rimakuja

    Such a beautiful favorite classic song with great Willie! I love the record so much :-) Thank you my dear sweetest Marianne for making this wonderful video for all of us to enjoy 😊 Much love from far looking forward to very soon :-) ~ Love, Stephan ~

    Marianne Menon

    Thank you Stephan I agree wholeheartedly with you, a beautiful album and a lovely song indeed....Till very soon!! ...Willie will be on the player!! :) :) 😍Love,

  22. jo luttringer

    Great Upload, Marianne. Thank you for uploading. Congratulations for sound quality. Your Fan from East side in France (near Germany and Swiss) JO

    Marianne Menon

    Hello dear Jo, thank you so much for your lovely and kind comment! I was so glad to hear from you my special friend from France! Glad you enjoyed the upload and sound quality, I know that it is important to you and to me as well! Best wishes Jo and thanks so much for stoppin' in!! :)

  23. Kostas Antoniadis

    ganz besonderes Sänger gefällt mir sehr gut eine sehr schöne Stimme vielen Dank für diese video

  24. Maria Mooijer

    Goeiemorgen lieve Marianne
    Prachtig weer. Zo heerlijk wakker worden met de stem van willie Nelson. Dank voor het delen en een fijn dagje lieve gr van mij Maria 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻😘😘😘🙋🏼

  25. Rebecca Jewell

    Great dear friend Marianne God Bless have a great week.

    Marianne Menon

    Hello dear Rebecca, my sweet friend here on YouTube...Wishing you a nice weekend, it's just around the corner and God Bless you and yours...Thank you for listening Rebecca and for your very kind comment! Take Care!

  26. NativeFromEastL.A

    Great Upload Marianne , thank you for uploading 😁💯🇺🇸 --> You're Fan From East L.A

    Marianne Menon

    Thank you so much my dear Fan from East L.A. Happy y'all enjoyed it!! Smiles to you!! :)