Nelson, Willie - Always Lyrics

I'll be loving you always with a love that's true always
When the things you've planned need a helping hand
I will understand always always
Days may not be fair always that's when I'll be there always
Not for just an hour not for just a day not for just a year but always
Not for just a year but always

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Nelson, Willie Always Comments
  1. Fayzerbeam81

    dolly parton?

  2. Cherrine Pfister

    My mom dedicated this song to me....and that’s all I can type😭😭😭

  3. RAVEN Moon Tarot


  4. Lorenzo N

    A wonderful song!!! 😀

  5. Andy PnV

    So this os the guy who outsmokes snoopdogg

  6. Paul Goodier

    one of the most emotional songs I know ....all for the wrong reason.....the sentiment of this song is diabolical the lyrics are so selfish and were always on my mind???? so is my dog

  7. Robert Wicker

    I do not like Country Music but, this is one of my favorite songs.

  8. Maria *

    Willie Nelson💖

  9. Mara & Ribeiro

    Linda interpretação!

  10. Kobra Black

    Who else think this classic will never fade?😍

  11. papai azuan

    To piju

  12. Thiago Barros

    Show de bola

  13. lolmcclean123mik

    R.I.P Paul English (Willie’s Drummer)

  14. Sofie Potter

    Ilumummi nuan 💙🥰

  15. Jumping fish

    Little things are always on my mind

    Amazing song

  16. Ana Fernandes

    Espetáculo da terra!!!

  17. Geri Goz

    Love this from Willie, it’s simplicity and authenticity makes it the best version I’ve ever heard, love from the uk.

  18. James Hoffman

    Love u and horse with no name but the story two pages wide open for me in a way I think it all down hill stupid but good

  19. marvin kimbrell

    I feel like this song makes me feel how bad I was to my wife when we first got together I am so sorry I love her so much Marv klmbrell 2020

    Oh Yeah

    Hope you had the Opportunity to make it right

    Danny Gutierrez

    Make it right buddy if you can

  20. Peron Rodrigues

    So good.
    The voice.

    James Bruck

    Peron Rodrigues Hello friend, do you Trade Forex?

  21. Jerry Mercado

    #BornAndRaisedMusicFestival2020 🤘🏼

  22. Nageswaran Nadesan

    Willie nelson, you are always on my mind for this lovely song.

  23. Lia De Letter

    Great ! This song is for my husband and me TheSong #LoveForEver

  24. Isia Bozena

    Beautiful song, thank you 💚💛🧡

  25. Robert Tarrier

    My beloved wife died recently after 64 years of happy marriage. God Bless you Willie Nelson for being there with us on the day of her funeral and the words "Tell me that your sweet love never dies" will stay with me forever.

    David Maddaford

    So sorry to hear of your loss.


    Sorry for your loss...

  26. CRAZY Sound

    CADE OS BR MDS ✌✌✌

  27. hadalida hadalida

    Mantap juo lagunyo

  28. Altieres Macedo

    Sensacional 🤙🤙

  29. Jeffrey Richardson

    new national pools
    eddie bartell an gregs kools
    jeeps oreos drools

  30. Jolán Kardos

    Ez a dal az egyik legjobb, Villi -től! I LOVE VILLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hungary

  31. The Lian Sin

    Clara, you are always in my mind. Wait for me at the heaven gate. And will stroll over heaven with me, and mom.

  32. Richard Robinson


  33. C0LD

    So, I'm 16, found the genuine love of my life but I never warned her of my really bad mental health. Over the course of out 9-10 month relationship within the first couple of months I cheated multiple times, nothing too serious messaging and photos. This was all because of my declining mental health. After 7 months I had completely forgot about everything I did wrong but then some of it came out. She forgave me and we moved on from it, however for the next 2 or 3 months more and more things kept coming out about the bad things I did and this was all also news to me because my mind had blocked it all out. 5 days before Christmas 2019 she broke up with me. I completely deserved it. I love her with all my heart. It's been a few months now not only did I lose her but I lost all of my friends and my mental health declining again due to guilt, depression, paranoia and loneliness. I've never felt such hurt like when I see her cry in school. I love that girl but now it's too late to take it back. This song is a perfect representation of so many people who made mistakes and have so many regrets. You can interpret the words how ever you would like but it still hits hard. True Art❤💔

    Jordan Braun

    C0LD You are so young... you must learn to love your flaws in order to eliminate them


    @Jordan Braun heartbreak happens to the best of us, whether u caused it urself or someone else did, the pain never truly heals

  34. Lucas Pingret

    Top !!!!

    James Bruck

    Lucas Pingret Hello friend, do you Trade Forex?

  35. Dill

    The one man who could do it better than Elvis

  36. Tim Smith

    This songs to my x wife .so sorry my ptsd got in our way .the night mares anger and drinking .you will always be in my heart .I am 70 now and been sober for 31 years I got the help for my ptsd . I know you tryed to understand something I couldn't even put in to words .17 names from my platoon are on the wall .that has always and will for ever affect me .all my love your old soldier boy .if you want to fell safe at night sleep with a soldier .I know it can't be me🌹💓✌

  37. sir lion

    The only man outsmoked snoop dogg

  38. Kevin Hoffman

    I like Elvis version best, but I also love Willie's version. He had a much bigger hit with it and he brought the song into prominence so that most of us know it now. Had it not been for Willie this song would have gone unknown for most of us.

  39. Canyondiva

    I’d love to hear you and Teddy Swims do this as a duet. It would be mind blowing.

  40. Rodrigo Sükür

    Great Willie 💪

  41. Sølvi-Ann Kupen

    Willy, you are simply the best, thank you for beeing in my life. ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Robert Arnold

    I recall this being played in the mvie about Elvis after he found out Priscilla wasnt coming back to him and then during his funeral procession.

  43. Cynthia Connors

    NO ONE does IT like Willie SERIOUSLY ....

  44. 1EccentricMoFo

    *Yo Willie where are you going in April around the 20th??*
    *You know for the satanic ritual murder by the numbers GEMATRIA so where you going hanging with Kobey where underground to a country island we the people have no clue about*

    It's Just Smoke & Mirrors 1


    Tricky Peebs

    What the fuck is an underground island?


    @It's Just Smoke & Mirrors 1
    *Smokey you arw the best you actually came over and found my comment you arw cool as fuck* 💪💗


    @Tricky Peebs


    @Tricky Peebs
    *Josh you tube ZACHARY HUBBARD GEMATRIA Willie Nelson just do it*

  45. Anna Jenkins

    This was my mom's and father's song. Love you both

  46. Fedenta Bin queazy

    Stil on in 2020

  47. B G

    This song is like a road, that travels from the soul to the heart as a destination. So many people commuting, or in this case comunicating to it. Unique in every way, stunningly beautiful 💙

  48. Robert Jones

    Love Always on my mind & angles flying to close to the ground

  49. Cathy Smythe

    ever since we met .. you will always be on my mind..

  50. Ralph Mears

    Can't stop listening to this

  51. Sephora Wanga

    Where are the smart phone ?

  52. James VanDeuson

    You folks should check out James VanDeuson if you like Willies's Emotion. I'll be in Nashville for the first time in April! I love this legend.

  53. Isea Travelers

    Unfortunate that the government made him a puppet.

  54. Carrie Orser

    My dad, my stepfather, my grandfather, my second love, always listened to this song. I always felt it was for me? Not that only me, but "me!" From them! The lost little girl!

  55. mark ram

    Somebody once said when they only use 1 name your legend. Well Willie has been Willie forever. I saw him once and when he walked on stage I had tears. Just his presence was magical.

  56. Ricky Rizza

    Wow what a legend and what a great looking guy 🥃😋

  57. Lady J

    Where's Trigger?

  58. janice m jones

    2020? Oh, yes, Willie is the BEST!

  59. Ale Morales

    Regret is a bitter pill to swallow ... remember that.

  60. esther Caballero

    Yeah i got the rodeo gig for the rodeo. Including becky g and willie nelson yes

  61. Harry Diaz

    An American Legend

  62. Silencer Sz

    Willie sings it great, but this song had real meaning to Elvis when he sang it for Lisa.


    Watching 2020

  64. Jessica Peck

    My sweet love hasn't died....

  65. Gleitze King

    Jake Hoot brought me here!

  66. Carl PedoneSr.

    Willey is a national treasure

  67. ernesto zampronio

    Elvis Presley

  68. john kelly

    A national treasure. Willie Nelson, you rock!

  69. Win Keys

    Such a nice song and he does it justice xx

  70. Carrie Orser

    This song reminds me of my childhood. My mom, dad, stepfather to me and me to them. I miss and love them all so very much.

  71. fernande haby

    j adore toujours autant belle musique et bien sur la voix

  72. Bohumil Doskočil

    OK, nádhera!!!

  73. bob james

    willie n johnny,both kings

    James Bruck

    bob james Hello Bob, I was wondering if you have heard about Forex Trading?

  74. luis gonzalez

    sencillamente hermoso.

  75. Brigitt Graves

    It’s a female the skeletal structure does not lie

  76. S1ck Eltr1c

    My mom loved Willie Nelson so much. We would listen to him all the time and then when I was 14 she sadly passed away so no I listen to Willie for her.

  77. Clau Brandao

    I Love you Willie 🎸🎵🎼🎶🎤🎤❤❤

  78. esther teixido

    Thanks Kathleen , it’s one of my favorite song .

  79. Ricardo Poloni

    Too fast willie.

  80. Aase Engerdalen

    Willie Nelson is top ❤️❤️❤️

  81. joao antonio silva fraga

    Brasil, Amo Todas as Músicas de Willie Nelson Só Músicas Show Show Show Show 😚😚😚😚😚👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Rafael Silva

    É do Elvis!

  82. Tyros Music

    LEGENDARI....   So fantasic artist, singer and Composer... LOVE regards from Roland in Sweden.

  83. Delson Silva

    Essa música vai ficar pra gerações de quem ama 🙂 26/01/2020

  84. Donna Spaller


    Martin Martin

    Sorry for your loss in this relationship...did he PASS or just leave

    Donna Spaller


  85. Dorcas Wood

    Lovely, just beautiful, thank you.

    James Bruck

    Dorcas Wood Hello, I love your beautiful smile.

  86. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


  87. Leilla Leandra

    Meu amor todinho ♥️ 😍 ninguém lhe supera... Todo amor aqui do Brasil!

  88. Margaret Langton

    Love this song and i know everyone has their own preference but i think Elvis sings this the best vocals are better and with greater feeling

  89. Rene Barros

    Alguém em 2020?

  90. Alita Battle Angel

    Thoses eyes had seen a lot, found the ultimate truth.

  91. Alex Trujillo

    I haven’t lost anybody and this song hits me like if I did. I’m not sure what kind of music is this just stumbled across this man because of Snoop Dogg. Good song. An I listen to electronic dance music (Deep House music to be specific. ) definitely would of never stumbled across this since I stick to the EDM side of music.

  92. Love Me


  93. Notorious

    Dude looks like the truth from gta san Andreas

  94. Terézia Bökényi

    this song is in alwais on my mind

  95. Luvsmplcty