Nelson, Willie - A Song For You Lyrics

Well I've been a lot of places in my life and time
I've sung a lot of songs and I've made some bad rhyme
I've acted out my love in stages with ten thousand people watchin'
Now we're alone and I am singin' my song for you
And I know your image of me is what I hope to be
I've treated you unkindly but darling can't you see
No one more important to me darling can't you please see through me
Cause now we're alone and I am singing my song for you
Well you taught me precious secrets of a truth with holding nothin'
You came out in front but I was hiding
Now I'm so much better and if my words don't come together
Listen to the melody cause my love is in there hiding
And I love you in a place where there's no space or time
I love you for my life you are a friend of mine
And when my life is over remember when we were together
We were alone and I was singing my song for you
And we were alone and I was singing my song for you

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Nelson, Willie A Song For You Comments
  1. Jeffrey Young

    Points out the Greatness of Leon Russell , but good God !!! This is one of the greatest performances ever captured !

  2. P A

    Best version ever.

  3. David Buck

    My favorite Willie album, I think? agree or disagree?

  4. Elc J

    Don't like this version tbh. No soul. Sounds like a bad, lazy soundcloud cover.


    The fact that you even mentioned soundcloud says everything

  5. Amanda Jackson

    Damn I love Willie

  6. Jeanie Forehand

    I heard this years ago on the movie Honeysuckle Rose when he sang it to Diane favorite version!!!

    P A

    Jeanie Forehand my mother in law was in that movie. Her house band was a little band that was ace in the hole. Yes, Mr George Strait was her house band.

  7. EVO Vise Versa

    Willie Nelson was a friend of my teacher's dad, who recently died.

  8. Kyle Marie Hatzenbuehler

    What a great cover of this wonderful Leon Russell song! So heart-felt. Thanks, Willie!

  9. Jo Ko

    I love the way
    Willie sings it, but Karen Carpenter singing it brings me to tears.

  10. matthew coombs

    So beautiful....thanks Willie.....

  11. Cecilia Slay

    My favourite version is Micheal Buble’s

  12. Jason Voorhees

    fuggin gawd. nice version

  13. Milissa Mackenzie

    This songs for you Mom. I always loved you and still love you and miss You so much!

    Brandon Wolf

    Me too i lover her with all of my heart

  14. David Watson

    Willie, your the greatest American thats ever lived......your our native son.

  15. Rick Lane

    WORLD Class

  16. Ramsay Prine

    I found this song years ago, I have always loved Ol Willie Nelson, this song is perfect for his voice and a little trigger on the side, god bless you all check out Ramsay Prine on YouTube, thanks again friend's

  17. Jeff Stuckey

    my favorite version.

  18. Divine Design

    You can't go wrong with Willie Nelson! What he did with Elvis's "You Were Always on My Mind" is just amazing! However, if you like dynamic orchestration and vocals for A Song For You, you need to hear The Temptations version and Ray Charles version! Both are truly tear drawing!

  19. Nelson Wright

    nobody does this one better. just Willie and guitar. that, my friends, is what being an artist and singer is about. not flash, no bang, no vocal manipulation...just Willie.

    Linda Adams

    +Nelson Wright  Absolutely agree !!!

    Mike Endres

    I just really hope everyone knows a song for you was not written by willie or ray but the one and only Leon Russell, the one and only holy trinity, the man on 10,000 recordings,.... The mad dog and the Englishmen. Love willie, but Leon is the master of space and time. And to top if off they toured together!!!! A covered a cover but a an original cant be covered... Feel me?

    Linda Adams

    When someone sings words and tunes written by another there is an subtraction or addition to the original. Personnel preference then comes into play.  My humble opinion is that Leon`s performance as a young man is amazing, latter ones demonstrate a more mature approach........Not denigrating any of his performances at all ,but I would suggest that Willie brings to his performance a `lived in` depth that gets into your soul,   a sincerity of expression that really makes you feel it really is ` A SONG FOR YOU.`    LInda.

    Chlynn13 B

    I like Willie a lot and this version but I prefer Leon's much more. Leon''s was full of passion, desire and apology and I don't hear that on Willies.

    Elc J

    I disagree. This is a very very basic "rendition". His vocal ability is pretty bad tbh - even below your average, non-singer. So it's just a man singing (quite poorly) and playing some very basic strings at a level that most amateurs can. No soul or discernible talent in this one. Very disappointed.

  20. Linda Adams

    Love you Willie....beautiful!!!

  21. Jeff Hensley

    Absolutly beautiful.highly respected.

  22. bloodandwinearered

    Way back in 1978, I went to the old Montreal Forum for Willie's concert.  After it was all over, all finished and all done, we would not stop clapping.  Finally... Willie came back on stage.  Just him and his guitar.  Nothing else.  We were 10,000 people in the Forum.  He was one man with one guitar.  He performed this song.  I shall never forget how one man and one guitar could completely mesmerize 10,000 people.  We hardly breathed.  What a concert. 

    Jim Merritt

    bloodandwinearered j

  23. Eric Chapman

    Nice version, very nice indeed, bt I gotta say the best version I've heard is Donny Hathaway, HANDS DOWN!!!

  24. VanillaCreamDawson

    honestly this is the most beautiful song ever recorded

  25. G Paradise

    Willie's version is so much more powerful emotionally than Leon Russell's original. Thank you for posting this. An all time favorite.

  26. Lowell Thomas, Jr.

    You was Haydn ? Guess Jackie King was Django Rheinhardt ! LOL

  27. akrukowski1964

    It has been 40 years now. I listened to this album every Saturday morning with dad. We also listened to John Hartford's Looks at Life. These were the two albums that made me think of life the way I do and treat others the way they should be treated. Love you dad!

  28. twelveforthefifthtim

    Certainly feel the love. I have been burning up Pandora with my collection " I wish I would have seen that coming". And Leon, My 18 yr old's middle name is Leon! Check out the Picnics on Google. There is Leon at the second one in Bryan / College Station. Still got the few pix and memories of that sweltering time I shared with my husband and his friends. I saw Leon here in Arlington at UTA in 1970. Snuck in the back door to front row balcony. I will be wearing a Pink straw cowboy hat on the 4th!

  29. GMAW56

    I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter at the tender age of 17 when this album came out 40 years ago. Remains one of my very faves. We've always been crazy but Willie has kept us from going insane. ;-) Today is his 80th BD but I had the On The Road Again CD (with Leon) in my player for a couple of weeks now. Happy Birthday Willie!

  30. twelveforthefifthtim

    This Texas favorite balladeer has led my romantic heart on a journey carved right out of the sweet breath of my life. It has been torn, worn, scorned, refused, abused, uncountedly used, hammered, stammered, ripped out, thrown down, trodden on, left alone to wither and die in the hot Texas sun by so many Texas sons. How can such injustices be done in the name of one willing to share sweet breath with another.Yes Willie serves up dishes we have asked for, earned, or possibly not yet learned. Bravo

    Auntie ShaunShine

    twelveforthefifthtim wow...that was sad and beautifully said. ♥️

  31. NINA1966

    He is a legend among all times.I love that he sings all songs.Thank You Willie

  32. nuttydays05

    OMG This is great. Loved the Carpenters singing this, but this more heart felt. x

    Chlynn13 B

    You need to check out the songwriter's version if you only heard the Carpenters before this one. Look up Leon Russell's version for the best one imo.

  33. hammerman7777

    It's hard not to love willie nelson.

  34. rebbeer1

    Love this version!!!