Nelly - Boy Lyrics

[Repeat 4X]

oh oh oh oh oh oh

So you the kang boy
how could this be boy
you gotta be blind to sell more records than me boy
I can't complain boy
don't say my name boy
I'm like a run away slave I'm off the chain boy
I'm bout' to jet boy
straight flex boy
I'm about to round princess cut and bagette boy
don't disrespect boy
I'll break your neck boy
I got niggaz that sherm it up and get wet boy
we driving vets and bentley coupes boy
I ain't lying check my garage, I tell the truth boy
I do it big boy
you do it small boy
I do some shit that you can't even do at all boy
platinum tooth boy
make it two boy
come to the crib you can bowl, swim, or hoop boy
big rule boy
what are you doing in me yard
you can run two miles and you still in my yard


[Big Gipp]
Quarter Quarters Nickels Dollars Dimes everytime boy
butterfly my 84', fly first class boy
dipping through the hood candy coated paint boy
triple zero dope sacks no tax boy
you walk fast, well I slow-poke boy
you grip the leather, well I grip oak boy
I keep a crease in my Dickies when I corner hang
I love to sip champangne, funny ass names
ladies love to see me Gucci or many of poochie
love to see me in the gazelles to King Louis'
shingles hanging from the end of my pants boy
they love to see me do the old man dance boy
I smoke plenty grass boy
I'm touching on the ass boy
go ahead and Sir Mix-A-Lot put it on the glass boy
I'm from the South boy
that's how it go boy
we like to see em' drop it down
and touch they toes boy


Lil Flipper..
[Lil' Flip]
I flip tracks boy
like crack boy
I got that 62 inch Maybach boy
two tone boy
lets get it on boy
my money long boy
now we smoking zones boy
come take a hit boy
we got the shit boy
my big clover cost the price of ten bricks boy
I'm from the South boy
don't run your mouth boy
sshhh.... cuz I'll have Al Capone at your house boy
pull up in my drop top, you like boy
to you it's a Bentley, to me it's a toy
I'm like a pimp boy
I ride spinners boy
I'm hopping out with 3000 dollar tennis boy
come take a look at me
I'm off the chain boy
the gameover, bitch, you know my name boy
I'm Lil Flip boy
a Clover G boy
you better free Will Lean and Pimp C boy

[Chorus - fade out]

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Nelly Boy Comments
  1. Semy

    Ohhh Boyyyy, this is still the shit! Nelly 4 LIFE

  2. mcdonkey500

    "I'm like a runaway slave I'm off the chain"

  3. Lamont Peanut Miller Jr

    My Favorite Song off that SWEAT Album. Nelly Wrecked this Song.

  4. Calvin Barber Jr

    Damn it man

  5. oliverrando

    dont like this song and never knew that nelly did a song with flip like if they were really cool or knew each other

  6. Crystal Nicodemus

    Sorry if I was you go tow your gril frinde Mary Flynn RICH hoad jr and Jerry and jay luck Mike and tj and David I dount wunt notherd tow do wthin you and .Mary Flynn go tow Fricking your boyfrinde s RICH hoad jr and no one care about your boyfrinde RICH hoad jr and Mary Flynn and bartday and Mike luck jay tj.and David and Jerry that all

  7. Frankfuck it Körner


  8. Nick Provencio

    that beat

  9. bruno henriques do espirito santo

    King Flip

  10. thefatalveli1

    Flip KILLED IT

  11. Milinda prabhashwara weerasinghe

    2016 ??boys

  12. Watson Anthony

    Flip went in

  13. Jareb Varela

    dawwwg Lil flipp murdered this track

  14. FafchoTV


  15. fastmatt30

    you can't forget about nickatina d lo etc

  16. worstvampire1

    dislike if u r not boy

  17. Waste’M Jay

    Texas- Aztek Escobar
    Florida- Brisco
    Memphis- Koopsta Knicca
    N.O.- Magic
    A-Town- SLIMM CUTTA CALHOUN!!!!!!!!!!<--Legend in my eyes :/
    and THE WILD WEST- CROoKED I<--The hardest out right now!

  18. MrDeadPrezident

    @thefatalveli1 Dj Screw / Pimp C Kings Of Texas

  19. Wolfpack8706

    @thefatalveli1 Okay whatever I geuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. natureboyinyourface

    you run fast,i slowpoke boy.

  21. SofaPaule

    Big Gipp just sold his ass to this bullsh like so many other artists. Sort of shame.

  22. Wolfpack8706

    @TheWampusKat Scarface is The King,Pimp C is The Godfather of The South,8Ball & MJG are the Governors and T.I. is the prince of the south

  23. Wolfpack8706

    @TheWampusKat Don't take this the wrong way sorry to bust your bubble but Z-Ro is not The King of The South Scarfac is

  24. Slick Nick

    thumbs up if u think they should do more together

  25. George h

    I forgot all about this one.

  26. LeakedHits

    you talking a how lot of shit homi

  27. gambone

    Flip is the King Of The South

    Fuck TI Skinny Biatch

    MC K

    gambone ti is still a better lyricist than lil flip, lil flip isn't bad, but king of the south? nah, luda is

    Watson Anthony

    @MC K flip freestyles are better than t.i. albums 🤣🤣🤣