Neil Young - Unknown Legend Lyrics

She used to work in a diner
Never saw a woman look finer
I used to order just to watch
her float across the floor
She grew up in a small town
Never put her roots down
Daddy always kept movin',
so she did too.

Somewhere on a desert highway
She rides a Harley-Davidson
Her long blonde hair
flyin' in the wind
She's been runnin' half her life
The chrome and steel she rides
Collidin' with
the very air she breathes
The air she breathes.

You know it ain't easy
You got to hold on
She was an unknown legend
in her time
Now she's dressin' two kids
Lookin' for a magic kiss
She gets the far-away look
in her eyes.

Somewhere on a desert highway
She rides a Harley-Davidson
Her long blonde hair
flyin' in the wind
She's been runnin' half her life
The chrome and steel she rides
Collidin' with the very
air she breathes
The air she breathes.

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Neil Young Unknown Legend Comments
  1. Jeffery Parker

    "she gets the far-away look in her eyes" a poignant moment of rest for a restless soul.

  2. CoffeeTimeBrian11

    Your mother reminds me of Ms. Sanfalipi; she also passed. When we pass we are never truly gone.

  3. aokspage


  4. Rich

    Reminds me of my youth and how free I felt then, funny how time changes things...

  5. stan broniszewski

    I used to own this on CD. I need to get it again. One of Neil's best albums ever.

    Cool Coyote

    yeah nearly every song on the album is great too, except 'old king' you would want to skip it and doesn't fit the album imo

  6. Rishabh Bose

    Thank you Peggy for looking after Neil. No doubt he is one of the greatest ever but even the greatest of men need a woman who has their back always . I guess that's why women like you will and always be Unknown Legends.
    Salude !!!

  7. NCC1701A

    Did he write a song about how he abandoned her while she was dying from cancer?
    “ for the better and the worse” !

    Cool Coyote

    the song is an act. but true, the song and he dont match

  8. Josiah Quincy

    She said she was a waitress by trade. I witnessed her gracefulness then saw her art

  9. Squigz

    My mom always puts this song on during long car rides and I've grown to love this song

    Cool Coyote

    good form then 😎

  10. penincali

    I was worked in a diner when I met my husband. It wasn't until a few years later that he got a Suzuki Maurader for me, it looked and sounded like a Harley Davidson but didn't rattle apart like one..he dedicated this song to me when I started riding.. I have blonde/red

  11. daniel puyol

    Belle chanson !

  12. Dave Waters

    Just a gorgeous song from a legend!!

  13. Vulpax 84

    This song was what was played at my parent's wedding, and we used to all listen to it together when I was a little kid, it brings a sense of nostalgic comfort to me
    They divorced recently, which I find makes this song even sadder

  14. Dee Harris

    I still like this song in 19

  15. M M

    Fucking pure genius

  16. Игорь Игорев

    I`m really sorry, guys with biker moms and guys with Neil as a fav singer, but the only thing this song reminds me is how short could be "legendary" love of some people.

    Cool Coyote

    ah thats fact 👶

  17. Scott1Lori2

    road to and from work listening to this many years ago. All these roads scene then have added up & taken a toll.

  18. I am jdrama 99 & shark puppet 2

    This song reminds me so much of my mama A bad ass biker B and a and a true unknown legend in her time.She last year died at 55 from Cancer.I miss her so bad.

  19. Mary McGregor

    My momma was murdered back in 2007 along with my cousin. This song has always reminded me of my momma. She was a beautiful bike chick. Like cher on the movie mask

  20. Eileen Gallagher

    She grew up in a small town

  21. Robin Dale


  22. Myrrh Greenwich

    Neil Young; My old time Favourite!

  23. Miglior Store

    She was an unknown legend.
    Not so unknown anymore.

  24. Saysanne *

    Love alll of Neil Young's songs.... they're not only songs but masterpieces 😊

  25. Karen McGuire

    My favourite of his

  26. Hans Gieles

    Yes, my Mothers and Fathers died too, and I do have Pasts as well, but this is a great song NOW!

  27. Fred Thompson

    My edible is just kicking in 😁.

  28. Terri Negrete

    So nice to have all love and Mama passed 10/16/ Daddy 01/07/07
    My 5 year old nephew 8/5 /2006 and my best friend 06/2005. I miss them like crazy!

    Terri Negrete

    Just all ya all know im loving you! Never too much love!!

  29. Charles Fredrick

    He should have stood by her side till till her last breath rest in peace Peggy

    Cool Coyote

    what happened?

    Charles Fredrick

    @Cool Coyote Peggy died from cancer this year but not before Neil left her for Daryl Hannah typical case of a man letting the little head do the thinking for him

    Cool Coyote

    oh yeah i knew she died, but i didnt know that about hanna. yeah i guess the only thing is hes old . I think people got angry the fact his songs are important and they think his act' is who he is, that mistake often happens. i always say that van morrison is the greatest musician ever , but hes not the greatest person. that is often the case except paul mccartney is a great person as well as a great musician. van morrison does not have his good nature . mark knopfler is a great person also , i hear a lot of bad things about neil young over the years, but never wondered why, i listen to his music thats all i do. hes a pretty shitty person tho

    Charles Fredrick

    @Cool Coyote yeah Neil is one of the most prolific talented musicians ever it's just a shame that he never thought about how he's hurt people

  30. Russian Bot

    Most underrated Neil Young song

  31. John Devine

    Is it really possible that there are one hundred and thirty three musical ignoramuses who cannot appreciate this wonderful song...?

    Cool Coyote

    very 🤣

    Ammar Bakir

    173 by now , I know man this song is so great and heart felt , shit I mean it’s Neil young bro

  32. Marty Clinton

    What a beautiful song & harvest moon too! He must have really loved that woman!you can feel the joy & pain !in every word!

  33. J V

    Maybe not so many negative thoughts how about just enjoy the music

  34. richard bowes

    Real John Prine Stuff

    Cool Coyote

    neil young actually

  35. Linda Martin

    Great Song Cool Kangaroo I love the songs you sent 🔥♥️🍓💋💃🌹🌷🍒🔥♥️❤️🍓🌷💃💃💃💃💃💋💋💋

  36. Linda Martin

    Love this ❤️🌹♥️😊💃🔥Great song 🔥💋Love the music💃♥️🌺💋🌹🔥💞🍒💖💃👍❤️🍓


    Pegi...Rest in the Arms of The Lord. You were an Unknown Legend. Such a beautiful doubt broken again, and, that breaks MY heart.
    This song brought, brings, tears to my eyes whenever I hear it. It seems that folks around me don't understand why. They need not. This song goes to every single mother, every broken heart, anyone who has had their heart broken, every hard working woman, and every woman of free spirit.
    Neil, man, you are my guy. My favorite. Such a beautiful song for her. And, no doubt, she is in a place where she forgives.
    Pegi...much love and peace. I didn't even know that you were this beautiful soul he sang of until recently. You are so real...and surreal.
    Hugs, Don

  38. Gerald Meyer

    RIP Pegi Young

  39. firebase delta

    her long blonde hair flying in the wind

  40. Dharma Beach Bum

    Awesome tune. RIP Pegi Young, for whom it was written.

  41. Ruud Kentgens


  42. Melissa Mulkey

    One of my favorite songs reminds me of being free in the wind on a Harley I love riding I am a biker chic

  43. Linda Martin

    Great song❤️🌹🔥💃 Cool kangaroo 💃💥Great song thank you darlin😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️😘👍❤️❤️Hugs😘

  44. Roy Allins

    Ronstadt on back up. Nothin' finer.

    Cool Coyote

    yeah indeed, that was brought to my attention last year someone told me , makes sense though. 😄

  45. Cool Coyote

    She used to work in a diner
    Never saw a woman look finer
    I used to order just to watch
    her float across the floor
    She grew up in a small town
    Never put her roots down
    Daddy always kept movin',
    so she did too.

    Somewhere on a desert highway
    She rides a Harley-Davidson
    Her long blonde hair
    flyin' in the wind
    She's been runnin' half her life
    The chrome and steel she rides
    Collidin' with
    the very air she breathes
    The air she breathes.

    You know it ain't easy
    You got to hold on
    She was an unknown legend
    in her time
    Now she's dressin' two kids
    Lookin' for a magic kiss
    She gets the far-away look
    in her eyes.

    Somewhere on a desert highway
    She rides a Harley-Davidson
    Her long blonde hair
    flyin' in the wind
    She's been runnin' half her life
    The chrome and steel she rides
    Collidin' with the very
    air she breathes
    The air she breathes.

  46. Kathy Bailey

    To peggi young...not to you home wrecker all killed her . it eat her up with cancer..she stood by your side 30 something years of her life..shame on you .neil young..and you you smelly fish.lmao that was the only movie.jackie o was right about you..

    Cool Coyote

    i believe that too, anythings possible , but i don't know as its speculation.

  47. Rachel Baron

    It's the arrangement that makes this track, the steel and bg vocals especially. That said, this may be one of Neil Young's finest compositions. He wasn't all that good to Pegi over time, as I understand it. But who am I to judge? RIP Pegi

  48. Hubert Tubbs

    Possibly in my top 3 of my favorite. I always wondered where Neal got the ideal for this song,, now I know. Today is a sad sad day.

  49. tackless

    Pegi Young passed away from cancer today. When I read that it made me very sad as I lost my wife to cancer. Neil Young was married to this lady and she is the waitress that he talks about in this song. Neil was married to this dedicated woman for thirty-six years before he started cheating on her with that Head Case Daryl Hannah. Neil Young screwed Pegi over for a younger woman. She was a great wife to him and also a fabulous mother to their child with many medical problems. I know Neil Young could not care less what I think but in my opinion he is a piece of shit. And I think any man who does that to a dedicated woman is also a piece of shit . Sleep well Pegi I hope your pain is completely gone now.

    Justin Myslive

    I agree. As a person I could care less about Neil Young but I dig his music

    My My

    @tackless You are a good man - it is sad that in this Precedent Rump era all it takes to be a good man is to be faithful, but I see you've been a good and considerate man all this time.

    My My

    @Arisen Nicklebottoms you are obviously scum

    Stephen Stone

    Between Neil and Pegi. Between Neil and I , we share a love of music. His marriage doesn't factor into it. Just saying.
    However, i can see your point.

    oobla di

    Well on the face of it it sure seems bad. But what's in a person's heart, what they need, long for, we'll never know. This man (Neil) has spread many a beautiful vibe that reached so many of us. Let's take the best of it and spread it around. Feed your heart sounds like you were lucky and found your own heart of gold.

  50. Propjoe10

    RIP Pegi Young.

  51. scott danforth

    Rip Pegi Young. This song is about her.

    Cool Coyote

    yeah just saw, so young too

    Dara Morikawa

    Nope. Really about my friend Pam. Pam was the waitress. I was the Harley rider. Neil loved Pam. I was just a buddy.

  52. Andreas von Beerfelde

    R.i.P. Pegi Young

  53. Allan Anderson

    31 people thought the dislike tab was the download tab.

  54. Play Amazing Guitar

    RIP Unknown Legend.

  55. jeffwpope

    R.I.P. Pegi Young

    Cool Coyote

    oh no , so young too 66

  56. Drew johnson1223

    this song is awesome when tripping

  57. kellie starr

    i have had a 1987 fxrc custom low rider, one of 736 ever made and i love it, got it brand new, still in my garage and i show it now. have rid across the desert of bc. interior and it was hot. nothin nicer

  58. Caroline Kettlewell

    Harvest Moon. My moms favorite. Rip

    Teddy Panda

    My dad long time ago when I was 8 maybe 9 made family still pics with this playing .this makes me think of my chilld hood and loved ones that passed I miss them all dearley.but i realy miss my grandpa he was one of my best friends.I miss you OPA

  59. Linda Martin

    Morning Cool Coyote, Love This Song, Keep Running Girl👍❤️❣️😊💃💃💃💃💋🔥🔥🔥💋👍💃😘

  60. Leslie Brown

    From my own experience being a unknown ledgend is a lot easier then being a true ledgend

    Cool Coyote

    legend *

    Leslie Brown

    @Cool Coyote ..oops !!! Whoever u r ?? I knew it didn't look right. That's why I'm a unknown , well u know

    Cool Coyote

    just edit it , hehe and we will forget th whole thing. 😆

  61. Raymond Cannefax

    Cherie B. She worked in a diner in Fruita, Utah. I went back the next morning just to watch her move. This song is the epitome of this woman with her long flowing blond hair. Oddly, this sweet woman is the Principal of a local Elementary School. But her kind nature makes that her perfect job for her. I think she's holding on, wanting to leave the small town where she'd lived most her life......

  62. Agnes bleuciel

    Cette chanson est un beau voyage.

    Cool Coyote


  63. Seamus Jones

    I was 6 years old spinning harvest on my older brothers turn table. He had an old zenith he donated it and a stack of albums he didnt want anymore, to us younger 4 kids. He could have sold them, and I am super glad he gave them to us. Now, at 52, I love to sing to my roaring crowd(two dogs and my kids if they aren't busy working etc) my stage is the 5x5 kitchen floor in my studio. Dogs on bed, flicking bics for encore...saying we want more with their little button eyes and butt waggers! Best audience I can ask for! Although cash instead of Kibbles for tickets would be nice...

    K Lents

    That is sooooo cool, Seamus. Awesome.

  64. Linda Martin

    Hey Cool😎

  65. Linda Martin

    Great Song. Luv.🎸🎸🎸💃💃💃😘😍👍👍listen to the beautiful words. 💗💓💞🎸💃Dreaming.

  66. Lu Brown

    This Song reminds me of myself. I got a second chance at life and I can ride my Harley once again. and I have the long blonde hair flying in the wind

  67. John campbell

    Fantastic song! To me, Linda Ronstadt's backing vocals are the icing on the cake 😊

    Cool Coyote

    yeah learned that last year, didnt know before that she was doing it.

    K Lents

    @Cool Coyote: This and Heart of Gold

    - XxJimmyPagexX -

    K Lents and almost all of the Stars and Bars album

  68. D. Dios

    Neil Young has always had the ability to paint pictures with his evokes images.
    Hes really brilliant

  69. Fred Neely

    Ellen this is your song, You just don't have you're helmet on.. and it's a Beemer!!

  70. Marcos Jeofla

    Muito bom! <3

  71. Linda Martin

    Thank you. Cool, great music💃👏👍❤️😘😊

  72. Linda Martin

    Lovely song👍❤️👏💃Great Singer ❤️💃🌹💗♥️😘💞💃😍

  73. Justin Myslive

    I don't agree with Neil Young's political views but I like his music

    Cool Coyote

    often the case 😁

  74. Rad MillerJr.

    Every time I get a little cocky with my music, I only have to listen to this and Harvest Moon to come right back to earth. I wish I could measure up, highly unlikely. the Radman

  75. RKTologist

    Jonny Cash, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, anyone recommend anything like?

    Cool Coyote

    for all that type ,johnny i recommend (Girl From The North Country' alt version of bobs) willie i still love 'always on my mind' but new(songbird, starbound) combo of some greats roy orbisons 'Waymore's Blues' (with Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins) ,

  76. surfclimbcycle

    While I ate breakfast this morning, a busker on the street was playing 'Comes a Time'. Afterwards, I've been listening to Neil Young all day.
    An absolute legend, and paying tribute to all those other less-well-known legends of this world...

  77. Carrie Hutchens


  78. Ceiça B T Costa

    Thanks Harley ❤️

    Cool Coyote

    i like Triumph too hehe

  79. bruno yipes

    Yeah, sing it brother.. sing it.

  80. Devil Say Dance

    I love a lot of Neil Young from crazy horse trhough his solo stuff to the crosby stills nash and young era but when he goes as country as this i just cant take it. its slowpaced and the melody is pretty bland too, sorry Neil and all you guys who love it. Adam and Joe show brought me here!

  81. Ziebenator63

    This song has chops! It's so Neil!

  82. Rodney Davis

    if I could find a beautiful woman who would share this song we would be happy 😄

    Punta Surf

    There is one out there for you, My baby just sent this song to me. Ps I'm Sixty and loving like a teen <3

  83. Charles SWAG

    For all the lady's the gave all and still are strong minded don't give in your the creations gift.

  84. Rodney Davis

    Awesome song of all time

  85. Ron Moore

    I’ve ridden my Harley across many desert highways at 100 miles per hour. One of the the freest things you will ever experience.

    Ron Moore

    I. Rode my Harley from Durango Colorado back to Las Vegas averaging about 80 mph. Great times!!

    Dara Morikawa

    I’m the one who road. My friend Pam was the waitress in Malibu CA. Neil was so strung out then.

    Single Coil

    Ron Moore sounds good man

  86. Jose Assunção


  87. Octane Art Canada

    Reminds me of the woman i love..
    Strong, bold, beautiful....
    Blond, blue eyes tall n strong...
    Rides, drives a rig and turns her own wrenches... shoots guns and can cook..
    Shes perfect.. legendary..

  88. Robert Charles Verity

    I hope you get this

  89. TooThymer

    Seattle's YOUNG looked up to this. Their soul is in their music because this of this man.

    Cool Coyote

    and many others around the world

  90. Cool Coyote Bob Dylan-Lord Protect My Child 🥁🎸🎹💝
    because youtube are over regulated

  91. Loretta Sheppard

    My fave song by him! :)

    Cool Coyote

    and is a big deal

  92. Jeff Ross

    If there were a list of 10 official perfect songs, this would be on the list...

    Cool Coyote

    nice thought, but many top 10 lists are complete rubbish, always has been popularity contests run by morons who think lady gaga is good.


    great song

  94. Ell Licari

    horta head out my 73shovel is writing to fire up n go

  95. Ell Licari

    this is the best of the best

  96. Charles SWAG

    Here with the good ol boys here in suthern alberts peace brother and sisters

  97. Patrick C

    I love this song, and I love the a cappella version from Rachel Getting Married.


    My mother died two weeks ago..she rode a Harley Davidson whenever she was able. Cancer took her and her ability to ride. This was her favorite song. RIP mom.

    bo deboer

    Bless your heart ..hard to lose your mom.. can relate... she's watching over you 🕉️😍

    bo deboer

    @Ron Moore Right on 🕉️☮️😟

    bo deboer

    @Skip Sponek yeah Neil helps peace

    stan broniszewski

    For anyone. Once on a Harley, there's no turning back.


    I used to know an Italian woman in Mississippi, Ms Sanfalipi, who passed away while I was in the Navy. She road her Harley everywhere.