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Do you see people's lives being lost on the sacred land
And the battle over water being fought for the baby's hand

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When the women of the world are free to stand up for themselves
And the promises made stop gathering dust on the shelf

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Neil Young Show Me Comments
  1. Anna Maj

    Molto bella ho il disco

  2. Marco Aletti

    Bellissima ho il disco

  3. Rodrigo


  4. Ornery Oh

    2019... A revolution is coming, just wait! People are standing up against corrupt govts the world over. Protect Mother Earth and all her inhabitants!!! Love you Mr Young and Ms Hannah! Keep up the great work!

    [email protected] on Twitter

  5. Fermin S T


  6. Matthew Prendergast

    Love the picking what a fantastic song! Good job Neil!

  7. Jebust Christ

    As somebody who will never be able to pick up a guitar again the movie paradox you released brought me great joy. This song is immaculate. I'll listen to this till the day i die.

  8. Awakened Warrior

    Water is Life!
    Mni Wiconi!!!

  9. Awakened Warrior

    I love love love YOU!

  10. Jenny Cohl

    Thank you for sticking with your integrity. As a child, I've admired your music, since I was a baby ( Saucalito, CA, 1965-1969). Later, my childhood was Detroit and later, Los Angeles. You got me through many snow storms, driving to the Scrapyard in Detroit. Wearing your heart on your sleeve, gave me hope that musicians had a heart. Again, thank you. Jenny Cohl

  11. Vinicio Zelaya

    Searchin for a heart of gold...!!! Great !!! Neil....

  12. ÆxPolaris

    It was an honor to live and experience so much music, still is, the stories i could tell the gifts i have been given. Peace trail is coming up, ty for the new album so many need to hear it, the world is on a precipice, a crossroads, we choose, i choose. i know it's not easy, not gonna be. ive become lazy, still genuine but that's easy, now those who work for corps and are genuine that is amazing. my dad wore masks, i wore one or three in my time. life ia unfair, you neva know who is who I've found. Anyways, i feel like an old hermit, oh wait i am, damn.


    oh and ramble on.

  13. James Gilberthorpe

    This is great what an inspiration.

  14. ken elkins

    I guess rust never sleeps.

  15. Karen Bierman

    Alive and Kickin!

    William H.Bonney

    it`s a simple mind

  16. Tibo Deckers

    Well done Neil : )

  17. fa 2vo

    Tellement toujours vrai !!! Magnifique et merci France Inter : tout en lisant "Le dernier quartier de lune", que je recommande (Chi Zijian) je réponds à Neil Young : c'est ça la justice ... ce livre et vous, du pur luxe ! Show Me Montre-moi
    Do you see people being led by the righteous hand
    Vois-tu des peuples dirigés par la main de la justice
    Takin' care of everyone like they were on a piece of land ?
    Prenant soin de chacun sur son lopin de terre ?
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    Do you see people's lives being lost on the sacred land
    Vois-tu des vies perdues sur le sol sacré
    In the battle over water being fought for the babies' hand *?
    Dans une guerre pour l'eau menée pour les enfants ?
    Show me
    When the women of the world are free to stand up for themselves
    Quand toutes les femmes du monde seront libres de défendre leurs propres droits
    And the promises made stop gathering dust on the shelves
    Et que les promesses faites cesseront d'accumuler la poussière sur les étagères
    Show me
    Well I hear you out there when you say what you have to say
    Oui je t'entends quand tu dis ce que tu as à dire
    I know how you feel cause that's what made me this way
    Je sais ce que tu ressens car c'est ce qui a fait de moi ce que je suis.
    When heaven on earth isn't ruled by the hand of man
    Quand le paradis terrestre ne sera plus dirigé par la main de l'homme
    And people everywhere get together and join their hands
    Et que, partout dans le monde, les gens se réuniront main dans la main
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    * "Babies' hand" (les mains des bébés): Neil Young invente cette expression en opposition à "greedy hand" (bataille pour les mains avides): En effet, ce couplet fait référence à la bataille menée à Standing Rock contre l'avancement du pipeline qui saccage les terres sacrées des réserves indiennes et qui menace de polluer les eaux du fleuve Missouri. Les forces armées nationales défendant les intérêts financiers des pétroliers avides plutôt que l'intérêt général des générations futures.

    En savoir plus sur

    Frankie Racing

    bien joué fabienne tu gère


    Un grand merci à toi de publier ici ma traduction.... Très touché. Rien ne me fait autant plaisir que de partager à quel point j'aime les sublimes textes de Neil, tellement justes.

  18. lllllllllIlIlI

    all praise from brazil to canada or wherever Neil and his band are. Awesome album, powerful songs. :)


    lllllllllIlIlI Haha outro brasileiro que ainda ouve Neil Young