Neil Young - Over And Over Lyrics

At night when the sky is clear
and the moon is shining down
My heart goes running back to you
I love the way
you open up and let me in
So I go running back to you,
Over and over again.

Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you
Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you.

Remember the nights of love
and that moment on the beach
That wasn't really too long ago
But we paid the price of time,
and now it's out of reach
And so the broken circle go,
Over and over again

Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you
Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you.

Somewhere in a fire of love,
our dreams went up in smoke
We danced beneath silver rain
Upon the fields of green,
where time was just a joke
And now the feeling's
just the same,
Over and over again.

Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you
Over and over again my love
Over and over again with you.

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Neil Young Over And Over Comments
  1. rocknrollrebel1000

    Saw Neil a few months ago Best concert ever still sounds the same,KEEP ROCKIN' NEIL

  2. The Patriot

    Classic Neil young , ragged glory is his best album

  3. William Foxton

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse!

  4. Dennis Brooks

    So glad Neil is still playing this as recently in Hyde Park London

  5. Daniel GV

    A música é melhor que o clip

  6. Achilles

    This sounded brilliant live at Hyde Park, long live Neil!

    Alex Lawson

    It did indeed

    Big Mig

    100% agreed, this and Mansion on the Hill were my favourites!


    Neil, It's a good idea to make mixed SINGLES like this to release again without long solos at many songs

  8. The Bondage Queen

    When God first started talking to me I thought perhaps that I could transmit my thoughts- broadcast them- as many other certified schizophrenics also believe. At one point I started yelling "Neil! Neil! Neil! Neil!" in the hopes that you would arrive to help me out- but then I could have also been yelling "Kneel! Kneel! Kneel! Kneel!" This was when I still lived in a trailer in my parents backyard next to an alleyway, and finally after about 10 minutes of screaming "Neil!!!" which got progressively louder, my mom came out the backdoor and told me to shut up. "What will the neighbors think?" She asked. I was like, "I'm trying to reach them!!" I did stop though out of courtesy for her own sense of self image.

  9. JDub McDook

    Neil, Poncho, Billy, Ralph:
    They'll live forever.

  10. Toni Francis

    Was he writing this to Pegi? RIP sweet Pegi -o

  11. CreepyGUYcool1! Productions

    Who is the woman? Seen her before somewhere...

  12. HanBaby82


  13. art vallejos

    Born to rock

  14. Ronnie

    This is great, but the original album version (the long one) is the great one.

    Brian Halvorsen

    Ronnie, I was thinking the same thing.

  15. Den Socling

    "I always have to play this 2 or 3 times.
    Once is never enough. Great song and
    great video."
    And each time I have to crank up the volume.

    William Foxton

    You listen to it over and over again.

  16. Maxine Corrington

    Updated spanish looking Streetcar named Desire. Hot steamy night with Marlon Brando screaming “Stella!” Brilliant.

  17. Lenny Zefflin

    Great song. Too bad he has completely lost his marbles. Very sad.

    Lefty Bass

    Speak for yourself.

  18. eriq gislason

    the best!!

  19. JDH

    ALways a nice discovery . That's what i love about Mr. Young's music is that you can arrive at and realize another one of his great songs that you had never heard before, even after so many years of being a fan .

  20. warren jones

    Best video n song love it

  21. Diane Kennedy

    STELLA!!!!!! LOL

  22. Miriam Panaro

    Nothing is excellent as a Neil's song!!!!!! Neil the true king of music!!!!!🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Pazzo Redento

    Bullshit video, awesome riffs, monster guitar Mr Young!

    Rob Fournier

    disagree, awesome video. This and G&R don't cry were 1 and 2 for like 3 months on much music.. awesomeness

  24. jose herrero

    Gibson en su mas pura esencia!!!

  25. Michael Quinney

    I was there that night..right in front of the stage at the Cat&Fiddle.... Great night.

  26. 1985cactus

    A Streetcar Named Desire


    deja vu.👊


    if I had ever been here before, I would probably know just what to do

    Maxine Corrington

    I thought it was like Brando and Stella. Stellllll ahhh!!!

  27. Nicole Rae

    My mom and dad were in this video in 1991 at the cat and the fiddle pub! haha

    edward zoch

    too cool

  28. John Hutchins

    Where has the time gone? VIVA Neil, Frank and Crazy Horse....

  29. Henryhank Schafer

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  30. Paradise R.

    would the world of music look without u - Mr.Young ..?

    Stephen Strong

    @Paradise T.M.R Everything is to be handled and dealt with One Day At A Time babes. Don't over think your worries and keep Your Faith..xo

    Janet Caterina

    +Paradise T.R It would look as it did in 1968, full of Beatles and Ian and Sylvia, the Guess Who and pop music. Neil was so young and so precious when he split off from Buffalo Springfield and did solo albums.

    Paradise R.

    @Janet Caterina I agree a 100% with you Janet.

    Caring Is Creepy

    I grew up listening to Neil Young as a kid through my parents in the 90's and continued to listen to him when i was in high school with long hair, smoking a lot of weed and jamming w/ friends.  Neil shaped my life for better or worse. 
    absolute legend.    R.I.P. Peggy Young

    Steve Morris

    My record collection would look empty.

  31. Teresa Pinilla

    The "weld" version is more complete...

    Andy Watt

    There is no weld version

    Kerri Wilson

    @Andy Watt but if there was a weld version, it would be more complete....just sayin'.

  32. Lone Wolf

    Havent seen this since I was young... on much music....cooool..Fuck Im old..


  33. gian paolo Puglisi

    Very nice video !

  34. mrw1ld1

    Good ol' uncle Neil. What I love about him and CH is that you can strap on an old guitar, crank up a crappy old amp and jam along! Even better in a barn with some T-bone and mash potatoes plus a welfare mother dancing along. Phone out for a sedan delivery that should arrive like a hurricane....etc

  35. hipsterduffus1

    I always have to play this 2 or 3 times.
    Once is never enough. Great song and
    great video.

    Lee Pinkerson

    @hipsterduffus1 over and over

    carlos esteban lopez maldonado

    Yeahhhhh over and over again my love.....

    CreepyGUYcool1! Productions

    It should be 2 to 3 times longer. Totally.

  36. Harry Angus

    King Of The Hippies.

  37. stonerminmcjoe

    Remember the nights of love and that moment on a beach
    That wasn't really too long ago
    But we paid the price of time and now its out of reach
    And so the broken circle goes...

  38. whisky2roxy

    This would be perfect if they just showed Neil and the band, and left out the man/woman soap opera bullshit.

  39. fromagebridel

    vu en concert ces jours ci à BERCY
    SUPERBE!! grand homme

  40. Gustavo Correa

    I always loved this song. I first heard it when I bought the tape "Ragged Glory" .It's very funny and it has a good riff. I didn't know there was a video about it.

  41. Viveka Hansén

    I really really miss watching this with you, Westfal

  42. Andi Rock

    He's my life hero.

  43. FinalCurve

    over and over and over again

  44. Ben-Zra

    1 dislike? Bie...

  45. Eric Dexter

    I go running back to you.

  46. curiousgeorge555

    Very cool video. It's got a wild, intense, alive feel to it. Like the black and white too. Neil sure looks like he's having a great time. Stellaaaaa (Brando of course).

  47. carlo1959

    @Thehalomanable Thanks to the response .. ciaoooo

  48. Albert W. Moore

    This great.. its the out of tune sound that makes it sound good.... Grunge!

  49. carlo1959

    beautiful ... please can you tell me which album this song belongs to?

  50. Erlend Aune

    who the F*** dislikes this??

  51. Dirty Rock

    Neil young forever!!!

  52. Hifigoteborg

    One of the best "rock-videos" ever!...

  53. Ellony Jones

    why does neil remind me of grover...?

  54. Dori Vee

    i love the wind, i love neil young

  55. drummersteve

    Neil Young is really the only songwriter I know that can write (what is really) a bittersweet love song with pretty melodies, and morph it into a can of Canadian whoop-ass rock and roll. This great song is splendid mass of contradictions.

  56. AnOnYmOuS PoWeR

    my grandparents gt me into this lol im 24 n luv this album (ragged glory)

  57. Barstool Blues

    The full version of this song is one of my favorite jams of his...repetitive as hell...but it just has such joy and enthusiasm I can't just help love it...

  58. Sunday a

    Neil Young,you are my musical hero.

  59. maddymud

    This was our after-practice song with cool-down beers, that followed the get-ready beers and the drink-during beers ...

  60. 61beezer need the full length cause the solo in it is amazing. This just has the guts cut out of it. Still good but the solo part in the long version is one you won't soon forget. I use to have the cassette of this and haven't heard the long version in years but still can hear it blasting away . Awesome.

  61. Joann Alesch Saraydarian

    sexy-i love his whole series but a star on this Neil's jeans match mine...

  62. tellmeitsnottaken

    Yes it did. How unfortunate.

  63. InfiniteRealms

    This song got butchered.