Neil Young - Natural Beauty Lyrics

On the roller coaster ride
That my emotions have to take me on
I heard a newborn baby cry
Through the night.

I heard a perfect echo die
Into an anonymous wall
of digital sound
Somewhere deep inside
Of my soul.

A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature
Don't judge yourself too harsh,
my love
Or someday you might find
your soul endangered
A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature.

You had so much
and now so much is gone
What are you gonna do
With your life?

What a lucky man.
To see the earth
before it touched his hand
What an angry fool
To condemn.

One more night to go
One more sleep
upon your burning banks
A greedy man never knows
What he's done.

A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature
Don't start yourself too short,
my love
Or someday you might find
your soul endangered
A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature.

Went to the rodeo today
I saw the cowgirls
lined up on the fence
A brand new Chevrolet
A brand new pair of seamless pants.

We watched the moment of defeat
Played back over on the video screen
Somewhere deep inside
Of my soul.

A natural beauty should be preserved
like a monument to nature.

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Neil Young Natural Beauty Comments
  1. Derrick La Saga

    Greatest acoustic/harmonica song ever recorded. Neil Young is a legend that will never be surpassed.

  2. Lux Fer

    Ive been a neil young fan for decades. And yet this song brings me to tears every single time

  3. David Overmire

    A Damn fine album....12 November, Happy birthday Neil! D.

  4. Myles O'Keeffe

    there are no words

  5. Filipe Botelho

    I first heard this song last year. Now I'm tryin' really hard to compensate all the time lost I've lost.

  6. Col Neyland

    So prophetic considering the state of the Amazon now.

  7. samantha jones

    Anyone else run to this song when you heard about the Amazon fires?

    Hötti Vöntiäinen

    Yes indeed! "Amazon, You had so much and now so much is gone". Even though people have been destroying Amazon for decades, still this song feels like a prophecy, a sad vision of the future to come. Neil Young has so much to say, such deep and profound messages. There is always an amazing Neil Young song for each occasion.

  8. Shiah

    Amazing song! Neil is amazing!!!

  9. bodeswell35

    'Climate Change', at least as far as it being something man-made or controllable, is a hoax and a fraud. It is simply another tool concocted by global elites to take over yet more control over our individual lives and economic fates. Time to wake up.

    K Todd

    But it is happening no need to blame but just to capitalize from the shift when sh't gets real

  10. Peter Williams

    What A Lucky Man To See The Earth Before It Touched His Hand , What An Angry Fool...To Condemn ...Best Song Writer EVER .

  11. ron leonard

    And Nature should be reserved like a monument . Well said Neil young.


    I seem to remember 'enlightened liberals' recently tearing down some monuments in the Southeastern United States. Oh, those were just fascistic Confederate Generals you say? Really? How much longer before images of Washington, Jefferson or even Lincoln are met with the same fate?

    ron leonard

    @bodeswell35 im not an american politician watcher, but the point i get from this kind of song is about human negligence of our planet. Its easy to blame politics for everything and there might even be some truth in that. But at the end of the day we elect them we consume as much as we can and we dont replenish what we take. I am as much to blame as you and you are as much to blame as the next man.
    Thanks for your reply .


    @ron leonard The U.S. and the E.U., like the dumbasses they are take the blame for a blanket of climate issues. And yet they have the cleanest air. The biggest polluters are CHINA, India, and Russia (correct me if there are others as big). 1991's Mount Pinatubo had a volcanic eruption that equaled all the pollution since the Industrial Revolution. The world healed so rapidly, no one took notice. Global warming, climate change: whatever the nomenclature, it is NOT man made.

    ron leonard

    @1qwasz12 thanks for your comment, I have heard the same reasoning from people that the world climate has fluctuated for millions of years and this is an on going cycle we are witnessing now. I'm not a scientist but the difference is the planets history has always been a force of nature, like you say volcanic eruptions or melting glacial regions or natural forest fires... even meteors striking the earth is the nature of the universe. But us burning fossil fuel and then cutting down the largest and oldest trees in the bigest forests cant be right surely. Its like lighting up a cigarette every hour of your life and then having one of your lungs surgically removed... somethings got to give. I liked your comment dont get me wrong but its not a blame game its all of us. We just need to be more mindful of what is going on..
    Anyway thanks again for your comment 🙏

  12. Holly Bischoff

    Neil will ALWAYS be the BEST. I've Loved him and his music since I was little and I'm almost 61.

  13. Emily Kane

    I like to listen to this song in the morning when I'm doing my makeup

    Too Much Spare Time Productions

    Emily Kane ironic

    carlos esteban lopez maldonado

    @Too Much Spare Time Productions Sad song Emily , at least for me .

  14. Silvio.R

    Scientists say global warming is now irreversible..

    Rick Lewis

    Yea!! We are all doomed!! Just a matter of time!! GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!!! HEAVEN WILL BE GRAND!!! FOR EVER AND EVER!!!

  15. Gianna Marciano

    my childhood

  16. rebecca Mcdonald

    such a sad song, even after this we till continue to destroy mother nature

    Rick Lewis

    What is wrong with humans?????? WE WILL NEVER LEARN!!!!!!!


    Right...for example in the 20th century, governments across the world killed apprx 200 million of its own citizens (not counting WARS); yet, the trend seems to be to vote in more and more government control over our lives. Of course, Socialism/Communism represents the most extreme examples of these type of controls. Yet, many people are considering such neo-Communists as Sanders, Warren and Harris for President ...GO FIGURE!!!

  17. Tim Rowlands

    Absolute classic

  18. Fallen World

    So awesome that this track was recorded live here in Portland, Oregon. The capstone to one of the greatest albums ever made.

  19. Desirae Alexander

    Reminder of who i lost! Love never dies for you!

    carlos esteban lopez maldonado

    Sorry friend.

  20. Mart Mpv

    This is real music folks! "What are you going to do with your lives" ....Neil Young forever, great Canadian artist. Bless you Neil, long live on

  21. James White

    Heard the new year 2019 in to this - couldn't get better.

  22. whiteraven

    Ohh Neil if only our generation was blessed with such talent! what a treat to live in times of Neil Young , Lou Read, Bob Dylan, Patty Smith, Mama Cass and the likes so privileged were the 60s and early 70s

    Paul Halicki

    It's there. Neil appears with The Promise of the Real from time to time. That's the band of Lukas Nelson (Willie's boy).

    Kelly Williams

    @Paul Halicki you mean Lukas. Neil plays often with POTR.

  23. Yvette W

    This song is so beautiful. That haunting Harmonica. Always rings in my mind and I think of you. <3 Long live Neil Young! Legend!

    Janet strothman

    Love you Neil ❤️ part of my past part of my life

  24. LO am I *666**999*

    Falalala word man!

  25. Mark Trehy

    Listened to this album in my fathers car special

  26. darren roach

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    Brian Beaudoin

    darren roach i

    Gespacho yo

    me too dude

  27. darren roach

    boom boom boom boom boom

  28. Mind Spiders

    Wonderful ten minutes. And great end to an album.

  29. Ariel

    Always grateful that road trip PC and Wolf Creek, Hawk and this album.

  30. Cool Cool

    Such a beautiful performance and a perfect ending to a great album