Neil Young - Mansion On The Hill Lyrics

Well, I saw an old man
walking in my place
And he looked at me,
it could have been my face
His words were kind
but his eyes were wild
He said: I got load to love,
but I want one more child.

There's a mansion on the hill
Psychedelic music fills the air
Peace and love live there still
In that mansion on the hill.

Around the next bend,
take the highway to the sun
Or the rocky road,
it really don't matter
which one
I was in hurry
but that don't matter now
'Cause I have to get off
that road of tears somehow.

There's a mansion on the hill
Psychedelic music fills the air
Peace and love live there still
In that mansion on the hill.

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Neil Young Mansion On The Hill Comments
  1. Rene Kwan

    I wouldn't mine, I''ll be the sacristan?... I can rock too!....just kidding!

  2. Damien Faure

    I would like to have a priest like Neil singing during my funerals! :o)

  3. Shannan Teegarden

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  4. Shannan Teegarden

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  5. Shannan Teegarden

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  6. Shannan Teegarden

    Well I hope the you tube are not the hiding place for the money it's gonna be street laws for the internet and taxes and rules should fix the wagon and the Jim's are tired and give my mom and I our money and who was working when Darrell Ward passed away oh been Kimmel did you mom like do toring in Pawnee just wondered friend

  7. Isismusicnow

    and now... Over and Over again

  8. Isismusicnow

    For how many years did he wear that Elvis T-shirt? Must have been more than ten years

  9. laserluver1

    Neil Young is the Clint Eastwood of rock and roll. Tall, rangy a man alone against the system.

  10. jeff hampson

    has there been a better axe-man than neil from country to rock to beautiful ballads no sweat...

  11. tecredos

    The best rock'n'roll song ever

  12. Isismusicnow

    E minor C and D (and G), all the chords you need for a great song

  13. James Greene

    Would gladly go to Church every day if Neil Young was the Priest Great song great Video love Neil Young all my life

    Damien Faure

    Me too! It would be great! :o)

  14. Cynthia Madrid


  15. Matt Mosca

    Whaaat!!!!....2018????? Where did the time go??? Put me back into the time machine!......
    PLEASE!!!.......May God Bless this generation of music for some hope and individuality!!!......

    Matt Mosca

    Thank You Neil!.......

  16. Gary Hilliard

    Everything Neil touches is gold will he ever stop hope not

    James Greene

    With you there brother seen Neil live in 93 was the best concert I have ever been at Neil Young is the main man

  17. Deep Fried Vibes

    Check out our cover of this song

  18. Maxine Corrington

    Very surprise beginning - “I will tell them myself”. Haha.

  19. Maxine Corrington

    Love that priest get up on Neil.


    Great Song!

  21. Jim Hamrick

    For most of his career Neil Young made great music. This is NOT an example of it, this is 100% pure garbage!

  22. Keung Kau

    I had the Ragged Glory VHS of this

  23. Joyce Jeffries

    How can anyone give a thumbs down to a great song like this? Deranged! I love the way Neil dances his guitar around, gets inside the song so well.

  24. Janet Marshall

    This thing called love can be so cold, sometimes it's amazing ,sometimes it's crazy...........we believed that anything worth doing was worth over - doing Marshall May 17/17 xox

  25. Rodrigo Tarpinian

    fuckin legend ....brazilians love you !!!!!

  26. When_your_gone

    He wasn't 70 went he wrote U dumb fuck

  27. When_your_gone

    Neil Rules

  28. Carolyn Tobin

    My favourite song of Neil's. I am going through the loss of now my father. (Mom passed away a couple of years ago) I have lived through many years of loss and hardship. That can make one bitter. I am grateful to be alive. Make the most of every day, and let those you love hear it often

  29. Suwit Rattanasamniang

    neils youg is rocker

  30. iron maiden

    neils best song right here ..
    boys and girls


    starting to think you're right

    iron maiden

    LetThePoorStarve im glad someone agrees with me...just the way he rip's on his guitar how can u not like that ..if u dnt ppl need to go get there head examined


    I started with Harvest/Everybody Knows and assumed like most "classic rock" guys his best stuff was in the 70s and there was no need to listen to his newer stuff. Damn if I wasn't wrong as hell!

    Joyce Jeffries

    He keeps evolving and improving as time goes on, like a rare french wine. :)

    Jimmie Johnson

    Neil rulz.

  31. Terrence Payne

    LOVE NEIL YOUNG like this song ok but the vid?? lol more like ALICE COOPER lol

  32. paul mender

    ho sempre come un identificazione subitanea colle sue liriche  che mi sento che sta parlando lui di me addirittura..è bellissimo grazie trovato anni fa un cd in uno store di pisa dove c'era "when you dance you can really love"..bellissimi  quei pezzi di quegl'anni li'..mi sembrava di vivere un sogno ovattato. .oh cripple creek ferries!!comq son sicuro che neil è dello scorpione, non si spiegherebbe questo rapporto strettissimo colla natura che lui ama..lo si direbbe un bel po' "intimista"country electric folk  artist!

  33. paul mender

    "transformer man....transformer man"

    Jimmie Johnson

    i have also lost my father last year god bless you.

  34. paul mender

    a volte certi toni della voce di Neil ricordano David Byrne, specialmente quando fa note alte(ma non è sempre cosi,  dico a volte) non penso d'aver sbagliato, c'ho fatto proprio caso.non so se ci so state influenze dall'una o dall'altra parte.come te nonb ce n'è neil, la tua voce non è una bomba soul o un super-rock, ma è semplicemente stupenda e mi fara' sempre sognare ogni volta.go neil go!sei tutti i nostri semplici sogni rock!

  35. greenmanwl

    Such a great vid

  36. John Hutchins

    One of their best songs. VIVA Neil & Pancho!


    Poncho! (not Pancho) sorry

    David Thieda

    God is still building Neil's mansion in the sky and I'm glad that he still alive down here with me

  37. TheRmgy


  38. David Blackmore

    Beg borrow or steal. Go see Neil shred it live . Priceless! !!!

  39. Lefty Bass

    This, kids, is rock and roll.

  40. Rubino Pride

    the masion on the hill is the Church


    +Jonathan Rubino My church has no roof or steeple.

    Rubino Pride

    +swampyD1000 so does mine

    Real Talk

    Rubino Pride The mansion on the hill is where industry elites meet up and party. Before you become famous you must party there and lose your soul.

    Luke Twyford

    Neil Young is a Christian

  41. Al Huggins

    can you hear any difference in Neil's voice from when he was in his early twenties and now from his late sixties?? hahaha didn't think so!! the world could identify that voice through at least a couple generations, and guess what???? he's still here..... Thank God for that!!!!!


    +Al Huggins saw him play last week and his voice still sounds great. maybe lost a little off the top end, but its amazing how great he sounds


    For a man who's 70, he's incredible.


    yeah, and he just jumped around like crazy. Played for about 3 hours no intermission. the guy has incredible energy. He wore me out.

    A Hillmer

    Al Huggins n

    Joyce Jeffries

    Especially considering his brain tumor surgery!
    So glad it was successful!!

  42. Susan Colson Morson

    Say FACE 1 more time.

  43. John Hampton

    Warner/Reprise really got a great artist when they signed Neil - who'd've thunk he'd still be rockin' in 2014! #LongMayYouRun!

    Joe Bunting

    He's still rocking in 2018.

  44. George Fletcher

    who is the woman at 2:40?

  45. persevere4

    Hey kids - I was in a hurry but that don't matter now, I had to get off of that road of tears somehow, love her still but it don't matter now; I'm headed for that mansion on the hill: *Amen !!!!*

  46. John Canning

    FUCKEN WICKED - Right on Neil!!!!

  47. Itty0420

    Reminds me of what was said about Teddy Roosevelt: if he goes to a wedding he wants to be the bride, if he goes to a funeral he wants to be the corpse.  Maybe in another video....

  48. Chuck M

    Whoever said this song is about Charles Manson is a dumb a**

  49. Chuck M

    Mansion on the Hill
    Mansion on the Hill may refer to:

    A Fred Rose/Hank Williams song, recorded by Williams in 1948 as "A Mansion on the Hill" (a #12 Country hit); it has been covered frequently (Charley Pride, Ernest Tubb, Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings, The Onset, etc.)
    A Bruce Springsteen song on the album Nebraska
    A Neil Young song on the album Ragged Glory
    An Alabama 3 song issued as a single in 2001, and on a bonus CD with the album Power in the Blood
    This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.
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  50. joseph davi

    great song. play it in my car. all ages love it.

  51. Desi Corcoran

    The label said Mansion on the hill, it sure wasn't the one I know

  52. Brand Nuvo

    Look, no hating replies here, I love Neil, but at 0:29 did anyone else think.



    Tim C

    you are one funny dude or dudette ! ...1.21 gigawatts

  53. picolodaemao3

    Maybe that´s when those guys took the humbuckers to fix and disapeared afterwards. He gots pist and wrote about in his rage glory book.

  54. picolodaemao3

    where is the old black???

  55. sahn deeahgo

    hah! reverend neil...i like it. can i get an amen?

  56. Ceylani Köz

    have nice saturday...

  57. Denise Southard

    I seriously love this man!

  58. karmalevel

    It is heavily rumored to be. Revolutionary road is most def ABOUT Manson family


    where did you learn that? do u have any reference? (i'm just curious)

  60. karmalevel

    this is about charles manson

  61. Jacob Anstey

    I want to go to THAT church.

  62. Penny Kroh

    Ragged Glory is the BEST. Neil young is still rockin'.

  63. jose diaz

    nobody can tell it it like uncle neil rock it

  64. bruthaphil

    hahaha. he's the greatest. just saw the vid for "this note's for you" before this one. also hilarious.

  65. Julia Jetson

    I've been trying to find out the meaning of this song so thanks for posting this. I still love it in spite of it being about Charley

    Real Talk

    Purple Planet It's about joining the industry. Mansion on the hill is where the elites party before you are granted in.

    Todd Keno

    His song Revolution Blues is about the Manson clan.

  66. Peter Kostwinder

    Awesome. I love his young years with folk music and I like his hardrock years too.

  67. Anthony Fazio

    @JHutch54 Mine too. What a great album. From the start to finish.

  68. Li Lightfoot

    Note the Elvis t-shirt!

  69. Jimmy Newark

    What a great tune .Neil Youngs Ragged Glory album is so good .Really

  70. Bernard DS

    After LedZeppelin on youtube it feels good to come down to Neil's grunge garage!

  71. Fernando Merazo


  72. Franck Wattier

    @1LoWu All the neil's albums are my favorites ! :D

  73. Frederik Høpfner

    Could we keep tween phenomenons out of the Young loop?

  74. Jimmy Newark

    What a great tune .Ragged Glory is a great album along with Mirrorball its an undiscovered vein of treasure

  75. Bernard DS

    Not at all the way I woke up from my chirugical intervention, but that's over and done with now.

  76. Alan Elam

    The old lady sitting in the car in the gas station scene appears to be Neil's own mother, Rassy.

  77. James Macwilliam

    i want music not some bull sheet hair add that takes like minute of my fucking time

  78. Vik Gursahani

    Im gettin Oreary

  79. mrbpis

    Neil is #1

  80. Mark Allen Church

    I'm the white guy in the gospel choir! LMAO!! This was a very fun day!!

  81. sean cairns

    haha that video is cheesy as hell but its brilliant

  82. oldsoul247

    Neil would give killer sermons.

  83. snowe48

    Nobody does it better, or for longer, than this greatCanadian musician. Been a huge fan forever. Some of the greatest rock music of all time has been created by this highly talented man. From The Squires, to Buffalo Springfield CSN&Y and everything in between, he has been the greatest.

  84. snowe48

    Nobody does it better, or for longer, than this greatCanadian musician. Been a huge fan forever. Some of the greatest rock music of all time has been created by this highly talented man.

  85. snowe48

    Nobody does it better, or for longer, than this greatCanadian musician. Been a huge fan forever.

  86. Beugueulz3D

    Been listening to Ragged Glory over and over again for 2 days. It's addiction ^^

  87. crazystam007

    ragged glory and harvest are the best ever

  88. Records Ad Nauseam

    This song is about Charles Manson

  89. joseph davi

    i love it too. but its the short version.

  90. Javier Cabedo

    That´s very good
    i like it sound =)

  91. Sunday a

    ''Ragged Glory'' is 1 of my favorite Neil's albums.

  92. DeborahYIP

    (November is People Inexplicably Turning Into Neil Young Month).

    I couldn't agree more with TonyBranston's great comment ... and may NOVEMBER 12 be that very day
    to sing out loud : LONG MAY NEIL RUN !!! LONG MAY NEIL RUN !!!

  93. toklas69

    That HAIR! in the opening scene...

  94. Noreen Pitts

    Woooo! Neil! God, I can't wait to see this guy again!

  95. MELHUS40

    ragged glory is a GREAT record

  96. Cubbys69

    this must be new, I've never seen this tune on here as a music vid.

  97. Eddie Mullett

    good 'ol 1990...was it that long ago??

  98. NoMoreDepression

    This is funny! I have enjoyed this song for years, but I had never seen this video until today.