Neil Young - Love Is A Rose Lyrics

Love is a rose
but you better not pick it
It only grows when it's on the vine.
A handful of thorns and
you'll know you've missed it
You lose your love
when you say the word "mine".

I wanna see what's never been seen,
I wanna live that age old dream.
Come on, lads, we can go together
Let's take the best right now,
Take the best right now.

I wanna go to an old hoe-down
Long ago in a western town.
Pick me up cause my feet are draggin'
Give me a lift and I'll hay your wagon.

Love is a rose
but you better not pick it
It only grows when it's on the vine.
A handful of thorns and
you'll know you've missed it
You lose your love
when you say the word "mine".
Mine, mine.

Love is a rose, love is a rose.
Love is a rose, love is a rose.

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Neil Young Love Is A Rose Comments
  1. susan hess

    47 people can't sorry for them. CAUSE THIS IS A FING CLASSIC< LIsten up you people...............................I hear clear and soft. and I LOVE IT>>>>>>>>>>: )

  2. Roy Howard Neil Young

  3. john smith


  4. wellalfie

    Going to see Neil Young play later this evening in Kilkenny , Ireland - Cannae wait !!

    Ideal Dan

    green with envy :)

  5. Peggy Lynn

    Love this

  6. Barstool Blues

    Neil was just pissing genius in the early to mid 70s. This was just a throw a way for him, but is much better than most songwriters ever write.

  7. Good Boy

    I fought the law and the law won~ wrong lyric 🤣

  8. TheVetMusician Dr. Ng'umbi

    How comes I am hearing just today??

  9. Aaron Clark

    This is the song my beautiful wife and my dog walked down the isle 2 .cry every time I hear it and picture them coming down to marry me

  10. Scout Finch

    Neil had mucho love for Linda Ronstadt in his memoir. She brought me to him a long time ago. When she sang "I'll hay your wagon" just divine.

    Ideal Dan

    yes -- enjoyed her version many times over b/4 ever getting here

  11. patricia S


  12. Lance Smith

    Lovers are O's

  13. John Glennie

    The photo has Neil playing a Martin D45... I own a D41.

  14. Tara Bird

    Rip Dirk

  15. Gastly 忍

    I’m here from Danny Duncan.

  16. Joe Flip

    Lourdes Approved

  17. David Brown

    Neil young is the best

  18. Ethan Hammond

    that string buzz at 0.48 though. even the best mess up but it's a beautiful mess up

  19. mackb909

    Exact same melodic line and chord progression as The Bobby Fuller Four's "I Fought the Law."

    Kevin Wingler

    lolol take another hit dude

    Wolfgang Frank Frank-Fotografie

    mackb909 it's the Crickets I fought the law... who stole from whom? :-)

  20. Jackie Busby

    Wouldn't it be cool to know who the old woman was on the cover  of  "After the gold rush" was.

    Jackie Busby

    It would be great to know she was your grandmother or great aunt.

  21. Thaleva Evalia

    My class did this song for valentines in 5th grade

  22. uski59

    Did Neil & Linda ever do this in duet?

  23. Susanne Roders

    Love is a his voice. Linda did a very nice job, growing up thought she wrote, didn't know about Neil 30 yrs ago.....❤️ = 🌹

    jim ogrady

    saw neil in snowy buffalo,ny can't believe people look down on buffalo cause of our weather, i understand we get 12-14 feet every year, snow was fun as a kid, we get so much it's hard to get to work, there are other reasons folks don't like us, taxes 1 pack of cigarettes is $10.00 were known as a drinking town bars are open till 4am @ sports teams suck. yes bills lost 4 superbowls. it started with blizzard of 1977 we were called snow capital of the country. that storm was crazy, kids had 3 weeks no school it snowed 28 days before the storm, winds were 60mph good thing lake erie froze early. i remember sitcoms making jokes about our city. google blizzard of 1977 to see how bad it was

  24. Adam Riley

    something to be learned from this one.

    Ronald Nanni

    Most peeps have no clue.

    Robert Quigley

    My friend lost his 41 year old daughter November 2018. Rachael Stewart was a rose and a very loving person. Just sent this song to him for Rachael. Parent's are not supposed to bury their children.



    ro da

    ARRIETA MAP con Polo

    lou apicella

    you made me laugh out loud   gracia   berry berry goo

    Lance Smith

    Lovers are O's

  26. 030Joerg

    very good song, greatings from Berlin, Germany

  27. Kim Colclough

    Thank you.
    this song set my sails
    when I was 8 years old
    I heard it at the next door neighbors house, where we could play records an sing I always thought it was Linda Ronstadt that wrote it.
    I have a HEart of gold here in CA 49 young forever the truth
    keep on... Peace&Love Kimmie

    Bob Martin

    Kim Colclough Neil young wrote it, but Linda made it famous.

    Gator Jordan

    Bob Martin +, Bob you are right, nobody could,can or ever will sing this song the way Linda Ronstadt could sing this.
    I know this is Neil's comment area,but I think Neil would approve, I would like to give my voice to Linda Ronstadt, it is so sad to hear that she will never sing again, Parkinson's disease has it's grips on another victim.

  28. Starship Trooper

    My man Neil...

  29. Ramona Whitaker

    an awesome voice, full of character and passion.

  30. Eric Ingram


  31. Jacqueliene D

    This is the best version. We sang this song in music class in grade 2.

  32. Christopher Jones

    This is the first time I've heard Neils original version of this song. Of course, it's great. I've been listening to Linda's version for 40 years though, so I am partial to that one.

    Hannes Minkema

    While I didn't know Linda's version and have been enjoying Neil's original on 'Decade' for 40 years - back here in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  33. sixstringsplay

    Master of acoustic guitar effects, raw talent in his own unique way. Not to mention all the other instruments he plays. Hundreds of songs we can enjoy for ever.

    Barstool Blues

    He is a master at muting chords.

    Hannes Minkema

    No 'acoustic guitar effects'. Just an acoustic guitar.

    No 'raw talent in a unique way'. Just singing and playing into some microphone, like any other dude.

    No loads of 'instruments he plays'. Just guitar and harmonica.

    Yes, we can enjoy his songs forever.


    @Hannes Minkema he plays several instruments, and is notorious for pushing the way his music can be made.

    Look at trans and reactor.

    The man goes ALL over the place.

    Sixstring isnt referring to only this song

    Hannes Minkema

    @Greatlubu Neil plays guitar, piano and harmonica. Wow multitalent. Wow pushing.

    On 'Trans', Neil 'plays' vocoder. Something he was wise enough to never repeat.

    On 'Re-ac-tor', Neil is said to play guitar. Wow. It is hard to tell, for the noise on this, Neil's most dreaded album. At least it got him rid of Reprise Records.

  34. Ethan Murphy

    I like Neil because he makes paradys of his music

  35. Apple Li

    Love is a rose but you better not pick it
    Only grows when it's on the vine
    Handful of thorns and you'll know you've missed it
    Lose your love when you say the word mine

    I wanna see what's never been seen
    I wanna live that age-old dream
    Come on boy let's go together
    Let's take the best right now

    Love is a rose but you better not pick it
    Only grows when it's on the vine
    Handful of thorns and you'll know you've missed it
    Lose your love when you say the word mine

    I wanna go to an old hoedown
    Long ago in a western town
    Pick me up 'cause my feet are dragging
    Give me a lift and I'll hay your wagon

    Love is a rose but you better not pick it
    Only grows when it's on the vine
    Handful of thorns and you'll know you've missed it
    Lose your love when you say the word mine

    Love is a rose but you better not pick it
    Only grows when it's on the vine
    Handful of thorns and you'll know you've missed it
    Lose your love when you say the word mine


    Love is a rose
    Love is a rose
    Love is a rose
    Love is a rose .........

    rosita xarquis

    Me and diego

  36. Alexandra Wiley

    nice job i liked it a lot :)

  37. Aaron Althouse

    Thank God this made it on Decade. Just sayin.'

  38. Joey Smith

    aarruda7...Thank-you for your comments and its nice to know at least one
    other artist was motivated/inspired by Neil Young!  Have a great Life! 

    Warmest regards....

  39. Joey Smith

    I Love Neil Young's music...I always will.  Can't even describe how much I love
    Neil.  I hope he lives forever....

    john voight

    @Joey Smith in the same way that things like Mickey Mouse, who is a fictitious character will live on far past my life or your life, or Walt Disney's. In some ways that makes things in our imagination more real, than what we consider to be real. While the physical form of Neil Young will surely die, Hey Hey, My My rock and roll CAN NEVER DIE.

    john voight

    @Joey Smith and in the mean time, he is alive and well. Shit, I even just went and saw him live in Michigan earlier this month. I also love that guy, and his work. There really isn't words that accurately describe how much I have enjoyed his music in my short life.


    Joey Smith ... long may Neil run!


    Nah fam

    Andrew j wheeler jr

    Me too love him so much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  40. TheObservationlounge

    Actually, this version also appears on his 1977 album, "Comes A Time", released on Reprise Records.

    Scott Ziegler

    It does not.

    Barstool Blues

    lol no it doesn't. It only appears on decade.

  41. Bagheera 1

    You know, the beginning sounds a hell of a lot like Cherry O Baby, check it out.  

  42. geebeeman1

    I always thought of the phrase "booger in your nose, but you better not pick it!"

  43. I Fly High Last

    Neil's the best all he needs is a guitar and a harmonica

  44. Marcelo NKOMY VARGAS

    This song remember me my dad (who passed away 10 years ago).
    Fantastic melody!

  45. Joey Smith

    I do not have the words to express how much I love Neil Young's music, his Art. 

    Always have, always will...Joey


    @Joey Smith He is why I play guitar

  46. moulinaie

    Can someone help me understanding the lyrics (Google transation wasn't able to do it).
    What means  "an old hoe-down" ?
    What means "I'll hay your wagon" ?
    Thanks to all.

    William Squire

    a "hoe-down" is a rural dance party. He's saying an "old fashioned rural dance party" basically.

    "Hay your wagon" is probably a sexual or romantic thing like he's saying to a girl "I'll hay your wagon, mama"


    @William Squire not quite

    Brett Billings

    Hay your wagon probably just means take care of you... in an old fashioned sense. Or make your bed

    William Squire

    yeah or that

  47. Tilly Dautzemberg

    Geweldigge muziek ben er dol op

  48. ZoneFighter1

    Better by Linda Rondstadt

  49. ultrajn25

    Wise man indeed.

  50. Jim Morris

    Great song from a great artist, not much more needs to be said.

  51. kenneth Rutowicz

    Love this song

  52. Ryan Silver

    The one and only...

  53. Ryan Silver

    The one and only...

  54. Mar Thivierge

    I absolutely love Ronstadt's cover of the song, but there's something so raw and beautiful about Neil's recording. It knocks me over every time I listen to it. 

    Keith Fitzsimons

    Ya it has an edge,Ronstadt cover sounds a bit typical to me

  55. misterzeerow


    Jackson Gatlin

    Sent here 3 years later by powerful Duncan Tressel

    Dalton Tanner


  56. Barbie Sioux Cherokee Sparrow Hawk

    @Dave Martin Martin
    The appreciation for Neil Young has been with me since the 70s
    Hes is a legend !
    Theres much truth in this song, as is all he sings
    Guitar Man
    I thank you!
    Thank you for bein you ,with me!
    Beautiful Spirit

  57. steelyman08

    "Mine" . . . . oops!

    Thanks for the upload ☼

  58. Jeannie Auer

    my little Gretchen, 1984,  mama sang to you this year

  59. Eric Barnett

    I had no idea that Neil wrote this.

  60. yooper4lyf

    love the message

  61. AlwaysPrisms

    neil young your the greatest

  62. 460farelane

    Linda usually gives Neil credit for this before she sings it. Class
    She did use to do some back up for Neil, like Nicolette Larson did.

  63. Scott Graham

    So down to Earth, so real, so..... the way it is.

  64. Edi W.

    Neil! <3

  65. Timothy Askey

    b for best

  66. Billy Watson

    As much as I love the Linda Ronstadt version, I would have to agree with you.

  67. Collin MacDonald

    covered but never equalled

  68. OhNoObie

    Some of Neil's best right here...

  69. nworbrelytthefirst

    love it.

  70. nworbrelytthefirst

    love it.