Neil Young - Love And Only Love Lyrics

Long ago in the book of old,
Before the chapter
where dreams unfold
A battle raged
on the open page,
Love was a winner there
overcoming hate
Like a little girl
who couldn't wait.

Love and only love
will endure
Hate is everything
you think it is
Love and only love
will break it down
Love and only love,
will break it down
Break it down, break it down.

Tomorrow is a long long time
if you're a memory
Trying to find peace of mind
Spirit come back to me,
Give me strength and set me free
Let me hear the magic in my heart.

Love and only love
will endure
Hate is everything
you think it is
Love and only love
will break it down
Love and only love,
will break it down
Break it down, break it down.

Long ago in the book of old,
Before the chapter
where dreams unfold
A battle raged
on the open page,
Love was a winner there
overcoming hate
Like a little girl
who couldn't wait.

Love and only love
will endure
Hate is everything
you think it is
Love and only love
will break it down
Love and only love.

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Neil Young Love And Only Love Comments
  1. Valley of (K.)(Y?)U. S.S.:in my head

  2. jabber mcfleg

    That's what u call a real band.

  3. Ron Rapp

    Young is one of a kind, keep on rocking old man.

  4. Christopher Witteman

    Fucking vintage Neil and the Horse.... I could listen to this all day and night, wow!

  5. Paul Kimber

    I love you brother.

  6. Mark Alan

    Neil may have been a the top of his game in this era.....doing 'Grunge' at a level way beyond the guys trying to 'invent' it at the time.

  7. jack steam

    Music? Shamanism!

  8. Anne Flint

    its the epelepsey iknow pete

  9. Donny Donnybrook

    Neil's finest days

  10. trbogt

    Ah Neil ....I saw him in 1992..…he was my musiç influence..... Thanks so much.*john

  11. tonton inbas

    Giant !

  12. Nigel Fortune

    Todays terrible shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand made me come here :'-(

    tom blake

    Shoot em all....

    Nigel Fortune

    You're a shit [email protected] blake


    I will still be listening to this in the afterlife.

  14. David Jenkins

    back in 87...i saw the ragged glory tour at the rosemont horizion in chicago...what a show that was......neil had those 6 ft by 10 ft speakers...kind of like the ones that ted nugent had back when i saw the amboy dukes....''' tooth fang and claw'''' show at north comunity colledge in mundelien a small colledge first concert was teddy nugent.....this neil young show is right up there in second place!!!! rock on!!!!

  15. Questing Ant

    Master of the warpath guitar.

  16. Eric Hitchmough 1

    The greatest rock guitar sou d of all time. Seriously. The usual Greats apply.. Acdc, zepplin ect.. This tour tops it all. The ultimate rock guitar tone.

  17. Isismusicnow

    Neils guitar is giving me orgasms

  18. Emre Doğan


  19. Michael Matlosz

    The grearest garage band ever. Neil and the Horse makes beautiful majestic noise together. I believe Neil is writing about the Bible when he says " Long ago in the book of old before Chapters where dreams unfold a battle raged on the open page. Love was the winner when overcoming hate...." Not sure " like a little girl who couldn't wait" is about though.

    One of the best things about Neil is that he paints a lucid picture. He let's it take you where ever you want it to go.

  20. John Lujan

    Love this album!

  21. Peter Gonzalez

    Neil young
    Un caballo loco del rock
    Pero del bueno
    Larga vida al rock and roll
    Desde Chile te amo niel young

  22. Americo Magalhaes

    Vi este senhor ao vivo em portugal fenomenal....

  23. Nancy Stanley

    love and only can endure 50 years and counting!

  24. Vicky Sviski

    Magic neil young.💓

  25. Bill Stough

    I watch this every day.

  26. Michael Matlosz

    The Bible and Old Black....a magical combination.

  27. BangTaoBeach

    I miss The Horse.


    They just did some shows in Fresno with Nils Lofgren filling in on guitar.

  28. Vino Veritas

    Putain ce que ça groove ce morceau ...

  29. Pablito

    The sound is just amazing you can also hear the base so clear in this song...yeaaah awesome

  30. Barbara Butler

    💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 SO MUCH FUN to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Americo Magalhaes

    Vio ao vivo fenomenal...

  32. BangTaoBeach

    Smell the Horse.

    C S

    BangTaoBeach 😂horse glove 🧤 🐴

  33. Isismusicnow

    That hair cut could be the ugliest ever :)

  34. vilma villaluz

    what happened neil??

  35. Anonymous Anonymous

    Pure magic :)

    I love the way he gets that scream as he slides down the string after a particularly love chord.

  36. punkfilms

    el más grande, el mejor solo de la historia

  37. Isismusicnow

    "LOve will break you down" pretty sad


    No, break IT down, not you

    Maxine Corrington

    Break hate down

  38. solejen

    This is a good song, but the instrumental part lasts a little TOO long.


    Don't think so. Too many notes?

  39. Jan Forss

    Can not be better!

  40. Jan Forss

    One of R & R´s greatest moments, along with Dylan´s original "Like a Rolling Stone"

  41. Jan Forss

    What a hell? nothing (almost) can compete whit this. Not even "Like a Rolling Stone" or Dean Martin´s "Since I met You Baby"

  42. Mart Mpv

    I have witnessed the magic that flows elegantly through out Neil's incredibly talented soul. Just blows me away every time.

  43. Shaun Kelly

    God, how I love this - magnificent.

  44. Dobroslav Bobo Krešić

    💗♫🔱Neil is king🔱♫💗

  45. Shaun Kelly

    That last solo is pure Neil - discordant, mistakes all over the place, feedback, and just awesome.


    True Story!

  46. Dave Stencel

    true rock

  47. Lance Smith

    If you're going to take a horse ride...Take the "CRAZY HORSE" ! best rendition of a great song n' probably Neil's worst haircut :)

    Robert Mckinnon

    When I was travelling in U.S. in 1979 a female hairdresser gave me a haircut just like Neil's. I was 22 at the time. Only with photos of me taken from a friend I knew it was the same. Useless trivia. Sorry.

    carlos esteban lopez maldonado

    about the haircut , im sure he did it himself , he didnt care about it.


    The haircut was inflicted on him by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth who were the support band on that tour.

  48. London Calling

    Feliz cumple Neil.

  49. Steve Bushong

    one word! !!!!! INSANE!!!!!


    I was there. My one word is louderthanfuck!

  50. Charlie Roberson

    oh hell yeah! Neil at his solid best

  51. Pedro Álvarez

    neil young and Crazy Horse- love and only love....................9:16 minutos


    neil young and Promise of the Real- love and only love....................28:16 minutos... or so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for the heads up amigo!

  52. Ricks Americana

    So, Neil is stealing from himself, again. This is basically "Drive Back" stretched out to 9 mins.


    The lyrics are completely opposite though.....Neil has said "it's all one song"......

  53. Pierre de la Comète

    Qu'est-ce que le bassiste doit s'emmerder, le guitariste à la rythimique aussi d'ailleurs. Pas la meilleure de N Y

  54. Toni Francis

    Always thought this song would be great with a Native American Flute playing lead.

  55. Danny Matthijs

    what concert was this?


    WELD !!!

    World Citizen Surf -- Stefan

    Danny Matthijs This was the Ragged Glory Tour when he was touring in Germany. The town is Mönchen Gladbach.


    Smell the Horse tour 1991. See Sugar Mountain set list for every tour, every live song Neil ever played.

  56. Hannu Takalo

    Taas kerran uskomaton esitys Grazy Horselta. Silloin kun nämä jätkät ovat mukana, Neil syttyy liekkeihin tjms. Ihan oikeasti.

  57. Matthew Karns

    I love seeing Neil in that zone, that place he goes when is playing Old Black like this. It's truly a spiritual, metaphysical thing.

  58. Luke Padgett

    That's legendary rock-n-roll.

  59. ポーリンナタ

    great song

  60. briansutube7

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr the unmistakable sound of mr young and crazy horse. MAGNIFICENT

  61. xaimepacheco

    best sound

  62. toomuchrose

    The noises he gets from Old Black are simply staggering. The sound he hits in the solo at 5.53 onwards is jaw-droppingly magnificent in its savage power. The 6V6 tubes in the old 15 watt Fender Deluxe sound like an enormous jet engine on full power about to explode. There is no one else who can do this but Neil Young.

    tom blake

    toomuchrose book of tearing old black

    tom blake

    toomuchrose ...thank you. I always enjoy reading stuff like what the heck. How is he doing this. Its uncle Neal... .. Old black. You gotta friend here. Great comment

    tom blake

    toomuchrose I love old black

    Matt Kerwin - Music For All

    Very "Outdoorsy" tone ~ Love it!!!!

    tom blake

    toomuchrose right on bro

  63. Jonny.B. Gone

    I love the way he's so totally absorbed by the music, just free rockin' out. 

  64. Jon Braun

    To have seen this live woulda been orgasmic!


    Honestly, it was.  20th row center Rosemont Stadium near Chicago. By far, the loudest show I've ever attended. Still trying to decide which Crazy Horse show was best. Right now it's a tie between Rust, Garage, and Weld but one of the coolest was the show with Gin Blossoms and Dave Matthews opening. As with every Neil show, I blew off the warm up acts and went dancing to my seat as they opened with Hey Hey My My. Stood dancing for the whole song and when it ended I turned around to see the crowd reaction. It was obvious who came to see Dave Matthews, they were the ones sitting in the seats, mouths wide open with a look of amazement on their faces. There were quite a few of them and to their credit most stayed for the whole show. What was cool was seeing an entirely new generation of fans being turned on to Crazy Horse. 

    Jonny.B. Gone

    Say Dinosaur Jr a couple of decades back & it was unbearably loud people were flocking out the venue, proper ear bleeding stuff. 


    @Jonny.B. Gone Dino Jr at club Metro coming up. I'd go but i hate that place

    d mcglory

    saw 2 1991 shows (back to back) - montreal forum and albany/try ny RPI - Opening with Sonic YOuth . Hippies hated that but it was unbelievable - also at RPI Social Distortion opened (great job) with Youth filling the middle. Epic in that Kim Gordon couldnt get bass amp to work for 30 minutes so rest of the band played feedback for 30 minutes straight. Unhappy hippies. Neil and band was the best I've every seen - Montreal was exceptional and the sound was unreal. I total get how he lost some hearing on this tour.


    I was at the Chicago show smoking a joint in the stairwell during Sonic Youth's set. I'd consider myself a hippy (Grateful Dead was my favorite band for most of the Seventies) but I didn't hate Sonic Youth or Social Distortion. The thing is, whenever I went to see Neil and the Horse I just didn't give a fuck about the warm up bands. As a matter of fact, the openers I blew off for The Horse would make a great list of headliners on anybody's list of concerts seen. I did end up seeing SD in a club a few years later on Halloween. Honestly, the NY&CH fans who were going to these shows are open minded music fans. I doubt many of them "hated" SY. So I'm going to have to call bullshit on your comment that betrays a bit of antipathy towards us hippies. I also blew off a Dave Matthews set at one show so, there.

  65. Julie Tennyson

    I never thought  I Would pay money to see a guy drink  and lay over his piano saying he did not feel like working tonight.  Last time I paid money for him in Chicago

  66. unacat09

    Man.....I saw a few of these shows, definitely life changing. Madison Square Garden was fucking awesome! Bless you, Neil.


    Rust Never Sleeps was my life changer. Thank God my little brother literally dragged me out of my apartment that night to go see boring old la la la la Neil Young. When the show was over I found myself sitting in an empty stadium, awe struck. That was 40 years ago this year and he is still awe inspiring to this day.

    Maye McDonald

    jahnsahn76 After The Gold Rush is my favourite album.

  67. Cyrus Budd

    this is the light that never goes out......

    Bluehopi Waltz

    By the Walkabouts .....

  68. garthrmuni sweatlive

    Neil young is the greatest  ( SIC). tHESE ARE KILLER LICKS i LOVE HIM,THEMM eT AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Max Bruno

    YESSSS.....!!!!   My all time favourite..NEIL YOUNG....and Crazy Horse...!!!

  70. Leah Hughes

    Vastly Underrated Guitarist. Awesome tone!!!

    Tony Sharples

    Underrated by who? Who gives a shit about those m.....s

    tom blake

    Leah Hughes lol

  71. Jeff Stanton

    its all that can b said 

  72. Ramesh Dura

    music at its best!!

  73. charming

    es uno de los mejores discos adjunto a esta cancion, exelente estadio en la ejecucion de este gran disco.

  74. Dalmiro Gerardo Garro

    They are a part of God

  75. duncan yourmate

    thank you ,so fukin much ,made a million people happy

  76. tonyno111

    seen them just yesterday in rome, and this was the first song they played... there is no difference between this video and what i saw there in rome... neil is just awesome!

  77. Charlie Jacks

    The sound on this recording is just superb, the tone of the guitar, the whole thing.


    la musica que me gusta a veces me pregunto porque me gusta tanto

  79. Keelan Filtness

    Nobody rocks as hard as Neil!

  80. teresarabal


    gregory crasto

    teresarabal Neil Young A Real Hard Rocker