Neil Young - Lotta Love Lyrics

It's gonna take a lotta love
To change the way things are.
It's gonna take a lotta love
Or we won't get too far.

So if you look in my direction
And we don't see eye to eye,
My heart needs protection
And so do I.

It's gonna take a lotta love
To get us thru the night.
It's gonna take a lotta love
To make things work out right.

So if you are out there waitin'
I hope you show up soon,
'Cause my heart needs relatin'
Not solitude.

Gotta lotta love
Gotta lotta love.

It's gonna take a lotta love
To change the way things are.
It's gonna take a lotta love
Or we won't get too far.

It's gonna take a lotta love
To change the way things are.
It's gonna take a lotta love
Or we won't get too far.

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Neil Young Lotta Love Comments
  1. Seth Gold

    Belissima musica! Genio e um genio esse compositor !!!!!!!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  2. Seth Gold

    No comments!!!!! Absolutely the best!!!!!!!

  3. Seth Gold


    Seth Gold


  4. Mike Cernick

    Neil can play a paper clip and make you clap along . Thanks for keeping it real Neil now hit rewind.

  5. Miss Cortez

    Rip Nicolette Larson 💖timeless song💖

  6. Achou que eu estava brincando?

    Esse é fodão !!!!!!!°°wonderfull

  7. quogir1

    The Rock. Dont go gdainst him

  8. itsmovinfast

    Anyone know the year of this concert? What a great freakin song, simple yet beautiful.

  9. Robert Macias

    There are 62 assbites in this world.

  10. Mercedes Claveria

    🌟 ⭐⭐⭐⭐👍👍👍🙂❤️

  11. Marguerite O Riordan

    I love the way he dances across the stage, magic💕💕

  12. Jeffrey Nokes

    I'm sorry. I can't help thinking of Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un.

  13. Zum Zaide

    Neil Young's voice and style is one of a kind

  14. Bike Maurice

    Wow! I never knew Neil Young wrote this beautiful song which brought Nicolette Larson to the limelight o_o *_*

  15. Sofia Pavia

    What year was this

  16. Mama Jacqueroo

    I never knew this was a Neil Young song.

  17. mankkaa43

    I like when Nicolette Larson sing this Neil song. Great !

  18. Dios Sea Contigo

    Why are so many videos blocked? Young, a Socialists, doesn’t want to pass on the royalties. It’s okay for everyone else’s pockets to be picked, but not his. People, learn that these people preaching Socialism/Communism are HYPOCRITES. Judge their actions. Young is one - he bitches about America, and he is from Canada, but when he needed surgery he didn’t use the Socialized Canadian Health system, he went to NYC.

  19. Steve Zurier

    Gonna take a lotta love to change the way things are.

    Observer Enlightened

    Damn straight

  20. Gloria Bermudez

    Neil Young is one of reasons that keep me going. He is a creative genius. Makes me believe in the beauty and pure truth of humanity, because that’s what he brings to his songs and performances. Love

  21. Anand Baal

    Great Talent

  22. Mario RESCIGNO

    how much time has passed since my teenage youth!

  23. Azure Horizon

    I think a great lesson that can be learned from Neil's life's work is that whatever your talent may be, stay true to your inner self. It's not about the "surface of the canvas", rather it's about the depth of the artist, whatever form of art it may be. It's from those depths that the artist authentically evokes a connection with other human beings.

  24. David Schantz

    He wrote this for Nicolette Larson. RIP

  25. robert poe

    A wonderful singer, Love ya Bro!

  26. holy eagle

    Words were by Adolf Hitler and Neil took em gave them Nicki Larson a long story behind these words long story

  27. Manuela Guarnieri

    Magia pura

  28. milkshakebabies2010

    I saw this movie for the third time - alone - at the Alexandria Theater in San Francisco. It was the last night it would be played before something new would replace it. It was a weeknight. Did it come out in '79? There were about six of us in attendance, maybe seven. Anyway, it was all so great and then (drum roll please), whoever operated the volume of the movie really turned it up. Wow! Must have been a fan. I was 18 if it came out in '79. What a great memory, movie, artist, album, song...moment.

  29. TheOnlyKateslate

    A fan since my teen years decades ago....

  30. Jerry D'Arezzo

    It's so good!

  31. Raindeer Projekt

    Wisdom brought me here wow!!!

  32. Silvânio Takamine Cova

    Definitely up there with Lennon, McCartney and Noel Gallagher in my book.

  33. Michael Bzdyra

    neil - one of the all time greats

  34. Robert Stjernehov

    The magic,the music and the words. For me: A force of nature. A brilliant songwriter and a great performer. I just picked it up on my guitar. Love it!

  35. Alexandre Albertoni

    _We're all used to Larson's version as if it was of her own; however, Young's rendition - actually, his "brain child" - is pretty heartfelt as well. Both versions are equally to be extolled._ 😉😉😉

  36. Edwin Rohrer

    Lotta love for this song ! Nicolette Larson did an excellent version too ! Neil Is a brilliant musician and songwriter !

  37. Didí Dylan - Peña

    Amo amo amo😍

  38. Nino Purgar

    my taste of music brought me here

  39. Kenneth Besselman

    Let's do some rock n' roll!

  40. D C

    The original title was supposed to be, "Lotta Drugs"...."It's gonna take a lot of drugs to get Neil Young thru the night...."

    Didí Dylan - Peña

    CD say what😂

  41. Lucia Clemente

    Best version

  42. warrior v

    neil young wrote this song

  43. M S

    Pure talent.

  44. Martha Todd Stephens

    This is timeless . I'll never tire of it.

  45. oliver harmon

    this isnt a competition between neil and nicolette both renditions are different and great, this is all beautiful music and different in a good way !

    Jose Huizar

    I hate comparisons between two great. What counts is that it is sung from the heart.

  46. Julian Duran

    We need this ...bring it Niel..

  47. Frances Martinez

    went to this concert, one of loudest

  48. Missouri Worman

    love it!!!!

  49. Captain Nice

    Wow, I know Neil wrote this song back in the mid 1970's however I hear his version for the very first time in the year 2016. I'm so used to Nicolette Larson's version. This will take getting use to.

  50. Pier Gaastra

    To pay for discovery,Patrik Davidson American Express and a Lotta Love to give.

  51. Peter Modrowski

    People should heed the words of this song during the times that we live in. Remember when you say you love someone, there has to be action behind the words or they are just that, WORDS!!!!

  52. P. Alex

    The Master!

  53. dreamyblue44

    Beauty and truth in simplicity! :)

  54. Sam Musumeci

    I wonder if he was thinking of Nicolette Larson when he was singing this song?

    Rob Lucas

    Sam Musumeci well he did write it

  55. Barstool Blues

    Perfect example of what a genius neil is...this song was turned into a disco hit. lol

  56. muma

    One of the best gifts by this great artist.........

  57. Jane Potter

    I don't think there is a better writer than Neil


    Maybe Townes Van Zandt. Check out 'Rake'. It doesn't get any better. Although Neil's 'Will to love' is a close second.

    Didí Dylan - Peña

    His canadian pal, Joni Mitchell.

  58. sparle222

    I love this man

  59. Jane Potter

    Neil young is the best ever!!!!

  60. Anselmo R. Medeiros


    Daniel Mendes

    Anselmo R. Medeiros infinitamente melhor

    stunt flowers

    Eu gosto também da versão do Red hot chili Peppers.

  61. 井上貴司


    Jonathan Ryals

    sou desu ne... ii desu yo!

  62. jo smo

    I'm so sick and tired of these bloody youtube commercials,,,,,,frick...


    +jo smo Adblock is your friend ;)

  63. John Barrett

    Nicolette Larson version was much better.

    Paul B

    +John Barrett - "It has a nice beat and you can dance to it."


    Well, her version wouldn't exist if she hadn't found this one on an 8 track on the floor of Neil's pickup and he gave it to her to do...

    Ivan Shipy

    Ha your full of shit

    Jerry D'Arezzo


  64. Bruce Griffin

    Neil Young' music transcends the ages.

  65. merlinjimmy8

    Saw this concert, fuckin' brilliant


    merlinjimmy8 that's awesome I bet it's one of the best ever

    william mcdonough

    when and where was it Jimmy?

  66. Melissa Handzerberg

    Happy birthday Mr Young. " May god bless and keep you always. May your wishes all come true. May you always do for others and let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung. May you stay forever young ".

  67. ELDorado03

    He sounds off key.

    Rob Lucas

    ELDorado03 probably because you’re use to hearing Nicolette Larson’s version and he kinda talk sings it

  68. dec1990100

    Have loved Neil Young forever and I am 67. His voice is iconic.

    Jon Johnson

    62 and still lovin

    Matthijs Korver

    19 and love his music

  69. error

    very well could be  the best musician of my lifetime

    Goldie Kiwi

    Along with James Taylor? Lol !

    Elijah Luna

    Dalkeith Jumper don’t get me wrong james is good. but neil is great.

  70. itsmovinfast

    Be it the Larson version or the Young version, steak is steak, no matter how its prepared, for me, I will take Neil's version, hold the steak sauce and fluff.

    acg smith

    I give him full credit for creating the song but I like it better with the female voice, but thats just me.

  71. chickenwretch

    Young cracks me up, he was doing his thing in spite of the avalanche of Punk and Disco at this time. He looks comfortable as hell and did it the way he thought best. One of Canadas best exports.

    Gregg Chandler

    just as Paul McCarthy did...Neil Young excellent. Had Nic Larson on as backup singer even after her Lotta Love..Class Act.

    Gregg Chandler

    just as Paul McCarthy did...Neil Young excellent. Had Nic Larson on as backup singer even after her Lotta Love..Class Act.


    It's a testament to Neil Young's original and pioneering talent that the punks even covered some of his songs. Not to mention that the whole Grunge aesthetic was started by him... One of the greatest of all time.

    Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    Nyuk nyunk young

    Elijah Luna

    he loved punk rockers. he’s was close friends with many of them.

  72. Fiorina Giampietro


  73. 井上貴司


  74. 井上貴司


  75. Tony K.

    With all due respect to Mr Young, this song's version by Nicolette Larson is far better to my ears. This is one of those very rare occasions in music where the re-make is actually better than the original. Mr Young was and is very much an acoustic-oriented specialist on guitar but "Lotta Love" cosmically seems to call for a faster-moving groove, Rhodes piano and of course, the saxophone. From the perspective of a composer, at the end of the day the song is always king and will call for the accompanying instrumental voices it seeks...


    @Tony K. What you were saying with the carlos santana thing is the worst example or analogy i have ever heard. They both had very different styles, that is true. That's the only thing that's true with that comparison. Not only were they both huge unlike neil and his backup singer but carles and that guy have nothing similar. Neil and her were both a part of the same records and styles. After she was given the rights to record the song she completely changed the style just so that it would appeal to the mainstream disco/pop audiences. Mean while neil young wrote a song that only featured him and his guitar in versions that was actually emotional and was much simpler because the emotion was mean to carry the song not the pop/dicso backround and beat. so fuck that mainstream  piece of shit 

    Tony K.

    @Griffen Oakes No, but it appears that a classroom is where you belong...kindergarten level, from the looks of it. Either that, or an insane asylum. Bye bye!

    Olfa Meocorde

    @Tony K. such a jerk. lovely. you fucking idiot.

    Tony K.

    @Olfa Meocorde
    If you are unable to engage in an intelligent, civilized debate with detailed facts and informed opinion, you have no business insulting anyone or even commenting in this forum. 
    Seems like you are the real "idiot" here (along with Griffen Oakes).
    Please go get lost...bye!


    I disagree completely. Listen to the cover by She and Him. :)

  76. Renata Leite Etiela

    Ai... Amei...

  77. RKoen2006

    Neal young rocks but some times when another artist sings your song it become the song of that artist Elvis did it all the time!

  78. Ronaldo Spaulo

    i heard neil young by the first when i were 14 and i've spent a lot time to know his lyrics and songs, but he is really amazing... a very tallented guy and look like to be a very simple person.... this song is a gift after the work and before to sleep...

  79. Ronaldo Spaulo

    i heard neil young by the first when i were 14 and i've spent a lot time to know his lyrics and songs, but he is really amazing... a very tallented guy.... this song is a gift after the work and before to sleep...

  80. wavygr

    Neil doesn't look right with short hair. He needs to let his "freak flag fly"

  81. Beth Rodgers

    This man's talent stands alone for me. Best songwriter ever!

    Martha Todd Stephens

    Beth Rodgers my heart needs protection and so do I

    peter peeters

    What can I say, next Wednesday a concert in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam. 🙃

    1bikeman OnDaMoV

    GR8 SONG!
    I still think of Nicollete Larson, Neil write but Nicollete owned it!

    Hunter Allen

    Great songwriter but I believe JD Souther is better.

  82. RKoen2006

    She is one of the artist to make the song a hit Neal wrote the song but she made it hers song after she sing it! Nothing against Neal he's a rock legend!

  83. Randy R

    Nicolette Larson rocked this song. I know he wrote it, but she just owned it!!

    Goldie Kiwi

    She certainly was amazing. It's such a shame her and Eva Cassidy went before their favourite female singers.

    Julian Leone

    Yes she did Randy she took it and made it great .Her version much better.What a shame for her too.

  84. Gabriel Caetano

    This song touches every human being!

  85. robert christensen

    Magic , pure magic .

  86. RKoen2006

    This is good but it doesn't touch my hart as munch as Nicolette Larson did! He wrote the song but it became her song after she sang it!

    dani guzman

    it will never be her song ever


    I'm a big Neil Young fan, but I agree. Nicolette Larson put the magic into this song.


    We can thank Neil Young for writing the song. And we can thank Nicolette Larson for touching our hearts with it. I like both versions, but she really made the song come alive. It's not a competition! Some of you act like it is. Different artists bring different things to the table. Be glad Nicolette did her thing with it. Otherwise the world beyond Neil Young fans never would have been exposed to this beautiful song.

  87. Fernanda Queiroz

    I love that song!

  88. Bill Groff

    he still got it so fuck off

  89. Kiwanis Hinton

    Steely i agree

  90. Majestic Flexx Entertainment

    Beautiful song! Sing it Neil,,

  91. easyskankingdude

    Atmosphere of this song reminds me George Harrison's style.

  92. itsmovinfast

    A genius with the expression of song and feelings. I try to write music and songs, and could not carry this man's guitar pick. A great singer, guitar player and most of all song writer. 

    Mike Schneider

    itsmovinfast .. "there is no try, do or not" .. when it comes to art, i believe a true artist is someone so driven, he can not do without art. But try not to get intimidated by geniouses too much! :-D