Neil Young - Homegrown Lyrics

all right with me.
is the way it should be.
is a good thing.
Plant that bell
and let it ring.

The sun comes up
in the morning,
Shines that light around.
One day, without no warning,
Things start jumping up
from the ground.

Well, homegrown's
all right with me.
is the way it should be.
is a good thing.
Plant that bell
and let it ring.

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Neil Young Homegrown Comments
  1. Thayne Tuason

    I was ready to kiss the earth (when I could find some that was unpaved and unpeed upon) but then didn't even make it out of the baggage claim area before they took my 5 kinds of Peruvian Giant Corn, striped beans and chenopodium (quinoa) seeds away from me because I didn't have a paper from the Peruvian government stating they were disease free seeds. I explained to them it took me three months to find those seeds and the old ladies in the farmers markets in the mountains I talked to to get them, but they didn't give a shit and put the whole bag that into a metal bucket to be incinerated. I couldn't even get them back no matter who I talked to without that phytosanitary certificate from the Peruvian government already in hand.

    Then I got all mad and cried and talked to myself while the black guy at the last gate called me crazy for "rappin". I fucking hate America. Some of those seeds are old heirloom varieties that are tough to find now days in Peru, and I tried to explain I would never go back there, but they going to kill all my seeds before they are born, didn't even have a chance to plant them. All dead. All gone. Carried them around for months- and for what? A bunch of city slickers to tell me what I can plant in my own backyard. Stupidly I pulled them all out of my bag and should have only pulled some out and kept something at least, but no. Motherfuckers took them all. I still have some smaller seeds like passion fruit which really could be an invasive species and aji chiles, but at this latitude with sand for soil they won't do me much good to even try. I was so hoping to save those beans and corn but no, no, no, no, no. I hate Amerikkka.

    Now I hear crazy people cursing in the parking lot outside my window of Days Inn while someone was just crying at the door across the hall- and don't feel safe at all. Fuck you people, fuck you all. Get the fuck away from me. Tell me what to fucking grow in my own fucking yard. Protect Montesanto you do! Big business rules while old ladies seeds are burned without thought nor reason!!!

  2. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    For some reason I don’t think he’s talking about vegetables...

  3. Lillie Belle

    I love stomping around to this gem.

  4. chrisradano

    A song so simple and wholesome, it could've been a schoolchildren's sing-a-long.

  5. chrisradano

    Things were different back then. In the 1980s, there were more helicopters. Now, satellites. Hard to hide stuff. Glad I'm through, 30 years clean and sober. No more worries and a-holes to deal with.




    It's definitely not cool anymore, now that it's legal!

    Jason wallace wallace

    Funny guy.

    Toban Radymski

    I'll put my hand up to Hippy!

    Kevin Miller

    How do you TAKE pot?

  7. bodeswell35

    He's right...homegrown carrots are much sweeter than the store variety.

  8. Thomas Evans

    It may have been “remastered,” but it’s damn sure still two out-of-tune guitars, and a couple of guys who can NOT sing - geeeeez...............

    Dan Stinson

    If being out of tune is wrong I dont want to be right.

    - XxJimmyPagexX -

    You are a stupid asshole u spanner

    art vallejos

    I haven't heard any of your songs


    @Thomas Evans weird flex but ok

    Karen Vanderbeck

    Yes...and perfect!

  9. Jean Lassalle

    All right with me
    Is the way it should be
    Is a good thing
    Plant that bell
    And let it ring

    The sun comes up
    In the morning
    Shines that light around
    One day, without no warning
    Things start jumping up
    From the ground


  10. art vallejos

    Think I'll pack it in and buy a pickup take it down to LA

  11. braf zachland

    6 ppl like that schwag

  12. Peter Nicholson

    now we're talking.

  13. Tony M

    the harvest is in 10/28/18 .time to blast out this tune.

  14. Noneovyer Business

    After 40 years I finally got to hear the studio version again! Gracias!

  15. Jamie Martinez

    just plant that bell and let it ring.....

  16. rocketman0515

    Simple song, powerful message. Uncle Neil!

  17. Peter Nicholson

    Significant to my life.

  18. Gustavo Herrera


  19. Cassidy Stellar

    Fuck yeah!

    Gustavo Herrera

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! hahaahahahA!!! PS i love you. hahahaha