Neil Young - Forever Lyrics

Earth is like a church without a preacher
The people have to pray for themselves
Animals and birds cannot help them
Trees and plants have nothing new to say

Planets are just bumbles, floating carelessly
Streets lined up with boxes, so it seems
Lined up there forever by their buildings
Standing in the way of children's dreams

So I made my way down this highway
Stopping now to rest and then to eat
Trying not to damage that that's in my way
Lookin' for a way to be complete

That's how it ends in the beginning
That's how I plan to say goodbye
Leavin' bells just as they were ringing
I'm not trying to make something die

My friend Al got the message
Sent it down that street with the boxes on
Lined up there forever, filled with thinkers
Working on solutions here and gone

I really want to make a difference
Trying now to help him with the work
Originating in the heart of something
Worth keeping in the soul when it gets hurt

As we keep on building roads of boxes
To think inside of what we will
With increasing distance from the foxes
From the wolves and whip-poor-wills
And from the crows
And all the sea creatures
Mermaids and the galleons of war
Crossing over onto waves of fortunes
To finally crash upon the shore
Upon the shore
Upon the shore

On the shore
On the shore
On the shore

Rescued there by primitive tribesman
Living in round triangles forevermore
Never ever in a straight line
And always on the road to Heaven's door

Will the clouds and the rains come in torrents
And will the winds blow forever
On the shore
Over the dry land between the castles
Or the herds of horses grazing on the clover

Earth is like a church without a preacher
Without a preacher
Earth is like a church without a preacher
Without a preacher
Earth is like a church
Earth is like a church
Earth is like a church

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Neil Young Forever Comments
  1. Alex Connolly

    Who is "Al " as he refers to in the song?

  2. Gabriel Beech

    Bought this cd ages ago

  3. Gabriel Beech

    And sloths are the spirits of the [email protected]

  4. Gabriel Beech

    Actually pidgeons are gods [email protected]

  5. Robert Jahnke

    Neil just keeps getting better and better. Amazing song writer he knocks the hell out of anyone today

  6. klaus ochs

    hope jesus save you Neil :-) love is the answer my friend .

  7. janie Loper

    Love this cd. Love your music.

  8. TheRottman1

    neil young will never be old....circular triangles n never in a straight line...brilliant

  9. saskia316

    What an arrangement!

  10. saskia316

    What a beautiful voice.