Neil Young - Farmer John Lyrics

Farmer John, I'm in love with your daughter
Yeah the one, with the champagne eyes
I love the way she walks, I love the way she talks
I love the way she wiggles, she wiggles she walks
Farmer John, I'm in love with your daughter
Yeah the one, with the champagne eyes

Farmer John, I'm in love with your daughter
Yeah the one, with the champagne eyes
I love the way she walks, I love the way she talks
I love the way she moves, she moves, she moves me
Farmer John, I'm in love with your daughter
Yeah the one, with the champagne eyes

Farmer John, I'm in love with your daughter

Yeah the one, with the champagne eyes

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Neil Young Farmer John Comments
  1. Landon McCalmon

    After watching that recruitment video, is this where I sign up for the me-too movement..?

  2. G Bennett

    Omg duz this suck.. how did this guy ever make it... horrible cheesy 1st grader lyrics, awful

  3. Darcy McEwen

    Farmer John was lucky..

  4. Gina McBride

    As a bleeding heart liberal feminist, I should hate this song, but there is just something so compelling about it!

  5. Guy Peckitt

    I like the Premiers version better...

  6. 666

    Who else believes dad had a clone made by the Warner side corporate contract he signed wayyyy back when folks( especially from Canada) ) had imaginations that could not reach anywhere near the reality of what humankind is capable of taking an image,such as Neil's. I have a feeling that Thurston Moore blurted out at Sonic Youth's big hey punk rolk we've sold out Geffen headquarters party that "well man if you haven't been hoping to Neil them you don't get the shut up and fill the barn with amps and jam until we got some songs n shit...Neil Young is the Godfather of grunge" boom some ads hole heard that quoted the fuck out of it and they end up on tour together. When T.Moore was just blanbin boutusic which is like his eternal love. Yo, was 'Freedom' released on Grffem / Warner? Doesn't matter now they had a viable petson to tie in with the hop kids. That is the ONLY and I mean this you should already be thinking it,....reason Mr.Kobain'$ murdervkde note had that "better to burn out than to fade away" b s. Pilfered. To grive the grungy lot some music to go buy .Tose times when Neil is doin something that brings on the cringe you can telax, it's his clone. He know not doth protest.

  7. Morten Fjeldsaunet

    Neil young & Crazy Horse with a wonderful playful interaction! Smile and power in the guitars! Keep on rocking in the free world!

  8. Morten Fjeldsaunet

    My grandchildren at 9 & 12 love Ragged Glory! So that is, after all, hope for our future! Possible grandfather has influenced them, but it is in a positive direction anyway!

  9. The Bondage Queen

    Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers!

  10. Sullyboy 1974

    I always thought Ragged Glory was an underrated album, and this video is amazing.

  11. Steve Ulman

    Fuckin' Neil🤙

  12. Anton Ferreira

    Farmer John done grown a mighty fine daughter!

  13. Henry Xp


  14. blackmore4

    Well, you can definitely see the appeal of being a rock star on this one. Making all that noise with women more than half your age wiggling around you.

  15. Bruce Smith

    the girl with the white boots super hot/where can you get those boots

  16. Jörgen Sjöbom

    Was there ever any real Farmer John having a daughter with champagned eyes, or is it just fiction??

  17. Raymond Dobos

    Champagne Eyes! and Wiggles..wowee

  18. John Gustafson

    Get the shotgun lol Jimmy said, "Think we better wait till tomorrow."

  19. Steve Hunt

    Mit bong

  20. R Wearing

    This is absolute proof that Neil loved the Tidalwaves version of Farmer John . It's all about the Who oh....

  21. Teo Melis

    Oh... those champagne eyes! Outrageous - the Horse looking so Young and virile... Rock on brothers (and sisters) - you don't see him playing this one on the ol' foot organ... do ya?

    Gary Brinker

    Ted Melis No but Im shure he could ... and it might be interesting.

  22. tayjay00

    Definitely no godfather of grunge.

  23. WroughtIronMGTOW

    Mr Luna I wanna strangle your daughter whoa oh oh

  24. ignatiusdemonseed

    Heh. I bet Pegi loved that one back then.

  25. mary1raymond

    I like it!

  26. Oliver Lake

    3.40 to 3.52 😂😂😂😂

  27. riversidepete 61

    i'll take the oriental!

  28. Cathy Crago

    I love this version of this song so fucking much.

  29. hebneh

    At first I thought - why do those girls have vegetables? Then I realized that they represent Farmer John's daughter.

  30. Andrew Francis

    Is this with Crazy Horse or a new band???

  31. boatvox

    I'm seeing The Premieres tonight at a bowling alley in Burbank. Can't wait!

    Valerie Pineda

    This Friday Lawrence told me he'll be in West Covina this Friday. May 3rd. 2019


    definitely rocking aren't we

  33. TheStrangerOnes

    this is greatness


    Excellent Farmer's Daughter song...heard all the dirty jokes about them...This song nails it...!!

  35. Scott Mobley

    I love this song.

  36. Mark M

    Teri Weigel for President!

  37. James Menzies

    Another great song from the Godfather of Grunge.


    He was grunge before there was grunge...way before.

    JDub McDook

    Fuck grunge, he's Neil

    James Menzies

    @jrock2264 I know but the sound he created was a great influence on grunge bands.

  38. C. K.M

    the "jack nocholson" jajaja


    jajajaja ;)

  39. cc anderson

    I fucking rock.

  40. Frank Quezada

    Awesome version.

  41. FROST

    If you want to destroy my sweater

  42. comaradella

    Rock´nroll animal

  43. Drauzio Gama

    Great video. Very good, Neil!

  44. sefton1972


  45. Max Brazzini

    sexiest song ever! and the director of the clip knew it!

  46. billenplum

    I love that ! :D

  47. Mandycat1969

    I still love the Premiers' version but this is very interesting. I had forgotten all about this cover, but I'm reading Nick Hornby's Juliet, Naked, and he mentions it. Can't keep a good song down.

    tin pan alley 1619 Broadway

    Mandycat1969 Neil's so skinny here sounds like crazy horse is the band

  48. jimmy newark

    Great cover .NY said in his book that in his early days first bands etc. they played this regularly in high school gigs etc. .Magic tune still don't know who penned it though


    @jimmy newark Original single released in 1959 by Don & Dewey on Speciality Records.

  49. sebastian6736

    everything is so sloppy on this song yet I absolutely love it


    That's our Neil ;)

    David Nellis

    If Crazy Horse were actually good, Neil wouldn't play with them.


    Sloppy only as Neil can slop . . .

  50. Rocky Ridge

    NY gear geeks:  Interesting backline.  While this is obviously mimed, Neil's got his Baldwin amp behind him, and a tweed.  But it's not the Deluxe and Whizzer.  It's a larger tweed, that looks like it's got an Altair attenuator on top of it. 

  51. Martin Møller

    The one with the Champagne-Eyes.



  52. DrHogfan

    damn this sux

    csea peru


  53. fossie32


  54. heARTh

    Love this HONEST song

  55. blindriv3r

    listen to that Nigel would be proud

  56. World Coming Down 5779

    I was 10th row center. He looked left, then he looked right. Nodded. Then began playing my request. Powderfinger. Pretty cool experience. Thanks Neil.

  57. Paula Poole

    Very much better live! Raunchier last time I saw it!

  58. Gustavo Correa

    Very Funny. My band played this song at a rock concert in the 90's. Beware of farmer John.

  59. Daniel Capurro

    Ragged Glory is a 90s album

  60. Boog Powell

    I like Neil Young as well as the next guy but this song sucks!

    Simon Willcox


  61. tony milano

    Thumbs up if the love for Neil Young brought you here
    EFF yeah, this song rocks!

  62. TheBhannah

    Neil still rocks, just fab

  63. CobaltNight

    Alexis Texas would have been great in this video.

  64. Milewskige

    The Roomfull of Blues version is actually based on the ORIGINAL Don & Dewey recording (1959). Neil's version is based off of The Premieres recording (1964) which uses a different chord progression altogether.

    R Wearing

    Actually they all copied the Tidalwaves version. It's just come to the surface after all these years.

  65. john kennedy

    sweet tune ..!!!!!!

  66. Timair Zaldundo

    its not the 60s

  67. Andrew Estes

    @kidcharlemagne76 Exactly. and since when does everyone think Neil's videos are super serious. The videos for Wonderin', This Notes For You, and even Mansion on a Hill have comical aspects. I think this is a joke.

  68. Warren Allen

    @SuperNickAnthony I wonder if your claim might be correct. I'm not sure that NY would have known about John Griggs, especially in 2007. Why do you believe that the song is about Griggs? I don't see anything in the lyrics to suggest that.

  69. Nick Anthony

    @kidcharlemagne76 This song is actually about LSD. Google Farmer John Griggs and the LSD family.

  70. mariekan76

    My favorite Neil Young!!

  71. Jordan Taylor


  72. Jimmy Newark

    What a great tune .A great cover.The girl with the champayne eyes

  73. StrongEnough78

    I take that back, the Premiers didn't write this, they did cover it also, but their version is the most notorious.

  74. StrongEnough78

    Actually check out the original version of this song, it was written by a group called The Premiers. Much better :)

  75. kevolution2

    love this song

  76. pckpat

    Neil has played this song since the early days in Winnipeg.The guy who is "Farmer John",is Larry Cragg,NY's guitar tech,who also plays onstage in the "Prairie Wind" TV special for one song.

  77. pckpat

    Neil has played this song since the early days in Winnipeg.

  78. kidcharlemagne76

    There's not a thing wrong with this video. It's a cover of an old rock and roll song about lust-- and since when do videos have to be cinematic gems. Young and Crazy Horse rock the mother.

    Morten Fjeldsaunet


  79. Billy Slusser

    @Karmalize YES. YES. YES. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. Thank you for being kind enough to point that out.

  80. Breakn28

    wtf was that? Good things he's famous so he can get away with Sh*t like this. That's about as fn creepy as it comes. I love you Neil but stop hanging out with Robert Pickton!

  81. Elon Musk

    You will not be disappointed with my band's cover of this from back in high school:
    Type in Winston Rock Group Farmer John

  82. therockkkkher

    good god man !!! lol, thats all im sayin !!! wholly shit

  83. Karmalize

    i love this song so much and i love how horrible this video is

  84. misko1961

    lyp synching.......what a shame

  85. blindriv3r

    just listen to that could go grab a bite during that one lol
    Neil is one of the many who has made reference to Spinal Tap and Nigel Tufnel

  86. DreamerM

    Great song, but damned if the video isn't really stupid.

    He's Neil Young, not David Lee Roth!