Neil Diamond - Summerlove Lyrics

Summer love
They call it summer love
But oh, how it feels
And I don't believe make believe
But I was a lonely boy
And you were a lonely girl
And we're together tonight
Summer love made it right

Summer love
They called it summer love
But some how it's real
Could see by that look in your eyes
That you were a lonely girl
And I was a lonely boy
And when the evening was done
Summer love made us one

I don't believe make believe
But I was a lonely boy
And you were a lonely girl
And when the evening was done
Summer love made us one.

I was a lonely boy
And you were a lonely girl
But we're together tonight
We're together tonight
Summer love
Summer love made us one.....

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Neil Diamond Summerlove Comments
  1. Víctor Delgado

    💎 no recuerdo la última vez que oí a este hombre, estupenda canción 💔

  2. nara reis da silva


  3. lucky35812

    Who arranged this song?

    Dave Carter

    Me neil smidnightcaller YouTube

  4. Neil Cartwright

    Greetings hope you are all well regards caller youtube

  5. Josephine Stabel


  6. Neil Cartwright

    Hiya regards smidnightcaller xx

  7. Ana Asensio

    Q puedo decir ..pues un excelente compositor .lo admiro mucho toda una vida admirandolo es .genial ...grandioso

  8. victor ramirez

    Recuerdas a alguien en especial,,?? Se vale llorar.......

  9. Jenny Collins

    Oh my god I Have always loved this song and the Jazz Singer❤❤

  10. Laurie Swanson

    Have loved this song for years!!!

  11. Gerardo Acosta Cejas

    Final triste ?? sabes lo bonito q es q se lo lleve el mar....


    Pues también tienes razón, Gerardo Acosta. Saludos.

  12. ruth carter

    absolutely fantastic

  13. Chantal Pourtois

    le meilure

  14. Igbo Man From Africa

    Good Music You Jus Cyan Refuse It!!!!
    Touch My Hand.
    Xterminate Hate

  15. Rafael R N

    Estupenda canción, grán película, la he visto muchas veces. Tienes razón, una de las más bonitas de la banda sonora.Saludos.


    Gracias por dejar tu comentario. Saludos !

  16. Sonny van der Heijden

    My favoriet

  17. Lauren Perkins

    lovely song, very much a masterpiece of his voice and good choices of instruments.

  18. Georgia Bowring1

    Jess Robin mmmmmm

  19. Jo Thompson

    Neil please don't hurt me oh my goodness such a good song

    Neil Cartwright

    Jo Thompson I won't regards smidnightcaller x

    Dave Carter

    I wont regards DJ smidnightcaller YouTube xx

  20. She

    Watched the Jazz Singer the other day for the gazillionith time!  My all time fav Movie without a shadow of a doubt!  Going to see Neil live in a couple of months, all is well in my world!

    Reepacheirp firewalker

    Cool, I was raised with this Neil was as listened to, I was going to say as much Elvis but I don't remember hearing any Elvis music growing up but this album especially was playing. I know that Neil's show's sell out and I am very glad for him. Just as men who know would want to go with their ladies during all these love songs, I don't understand people who make fun of him. Come on.


    Mr Diamond is a 'Superstar', I doubt that he is losing sleep over such dumb ass's :)

    Reepacheirp firewalker

    With his talent is so very legendary. I'm very glad that I was raised with him. Such amazing songs.

  21. bwayne872

    i love this song myself and the movie was great it didn`t do very well at the box office but i loved it damn it`s hard to believe i was 13cyears old when this and the movie came out

    Reepacheirp firewalker

    I was 10 or 11 myself couldn't go to the movies then without parents. Wish I could have gone. Maybe parents thought it was going to have a lot of sex or nudity, don't know.

  22. hottestbabe1000

    This movie was Brilliant and this song is so touching !!!

  23. Danny Tuvi

    Amor de verano
    Ellos lo llaman amor de verano
    Pero, oh, cómo se siente

    Y no creo que sea una fantasia
    Pero, yo era un chico solitario,
    Y tu era una niña solitaria
    Y estamos juntos esta noche                                                                                    el amor de verano ha hecho las cosas bien.

    amor de verano
    Ellos lo llaman amor de verano
    Pero, de alguna manera es real
     podía ver esa mirada en tus ojos
    Que eras una niña solitaria,
    Y yo era un chico solitario
    Y cuando la noche se llevó a cabo
    el amor de verano hizo de nosotros uno.

  24. Gusdocs1

    shame rubbish music advert before song wasted my anticipation

  25. YourRoyalStylist

    Always loved this song...

  26. Lavenderrose73

    Yes, 40 years young in less than 3 weeks! Just had to listen to it again, and I enjoyed it just as much! : )

  27. Sonny van der Heijden

    I would prefer this myself singing

    philip cooper

    You prick !!!!

    Dave Carter

    Ok sing this one its melts your heart regards DJ smidnightcaller/Neil YouTube

  28. Sonny van der Heijden

    Ik zou liever dit zelf zingen

  29. Alex Arredondo

    Estoy muy de acuerdo!

  30. mboreliz

    AHHH !!! Summer Love the time when we all experienced Love. Many memories of my youth. One girl, One boy, love and a warm summer day and night . What more can we ask for. Another great song by Neil
    ..............Love to all

  31. janetatp

    One of Neils' best....

  32. loukirkjoe


  33. manchesterbullion

    Pure Class...

  34. milaraven

    @777teressa ...and thanks to you for watch and comment my video. Best wishes to you from Spain.

  35. Lavenderrose73

    @lolainaus Yes, I wish the radio would play this kind of stuff much more often!

  36. Lavenderrose73

    Oh, this intoxicating song brings back my younger days! (sigh) I absolutely ADORE this song!!

  37. milaraven

    @benitoygigi2 Muchas gracias a ti por dejar tu apreciado comentario. Mis mejores saludos.

  38. ives100

    Thanks for posting this song, it is very beautiful and catchy. one of the best songs of The Jazz Singer.

  39. jadeloveselliott

    ... they call it Summerlove.. but OH how it feels... SO AMAZINGGGGGGGGG...

    you were a lonely girl... and I was a lonely boy...........

  40. milaraven

    Thanks to you for your comment.

  41. milaraven

    Beautiful comment. Thanks !

  42. milaraven

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    Thanks for your complete information and for watch my video.
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  43. milaraven

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  44. jason hook

    beautiful song well done milaraven. you have great taste.

  45. milaraven

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    Thanks for your comment. This song is amazing. Best wishes from Spain !

  51. milaraven

    Yes, these songs take us to our adolescence. Good and agreeable moments. (sorry, my english languaje it´s not very well, but I think that you understand me ...yes ?)
    Thanks for your beautiful comment !

  52. milaraven

    I adore this movie and his soundtrack, though always it makes me sad .
    Why ? ...I don´t know.
    I think I`m a too sensitive woman .
    Thanks for your nice comment !

  53. milaraven

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  54. milaraven

    WoW ! It must be wonderful to be there to enjoy his voice.
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  55. milaraven

    I like Neil Diamond to!
    And... I would like to have also 17 years!
    Thanks for add my video to your favorites and for your comment ;-)
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  56. milaraven

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  57. nigel dillon

    hey what a singer i went to see in may god he was good

  58. ives100

    Neil in a different style, great

  59. Carl Halling

    Yes, I am, hi milaraven. Did you listen to our songs at the site?

  60. milaraven´re Carl Halling from the Jim Hughes, Carl Halling and the London Swingtette ?

  61. Carl Halling

    Wonderful romantic collaboration between Neil Diamond and Gilbert Becaud. What a great voice Neil has got.

  62. milaraven

    Coincido contigo. Es una pena que no la promocionaran como debieran. Esa película junto con todas las canciones ,me llegaron al corazón, y aun años después me parece un albúm fantástico.
    Creo que la música que se escuchaba antes, no tiene comparación con la de ahora, excepto poquitas excepciones (y que no se me enfade nadie) Pero creo que llevo pelín de razón...o no?
    Saludos amigo-

  63. ma1llor2ca

    la mas bonita y sentida una reciente juventud....gracias Neil....por hacermela recordar de nuevo..y de nuevo sentir los pelos de punta.... eres unico..y siempre lo seras...

  64. milaraven

    Thanks for your comment.
    Regards !

  65. fullpfts

    I've always loved this takes me back to a wonderful times in my life. Thanks for posting.