Neil Diamond - Songs Of Life Lyrics

Songs of life, they ring
From quiet steeples to distant valleys
Along the hillsides of lovers' hearts
Of lovers' hearts

Come sing you songs of life
And they will keep you
From ever wanting, from ever needing
For ever more, for ever more

Oh, and when the moment's true
It sings so softly to me and you
You know it's true

So I sing my songs of life
That I will hold you inside forever
And you will know me
And I'll be yours and you'll be mine

Oh, and when the moments true
They sing so softly to me and you
You know they do, you know they do

And I'll sing my songs life
That I may hold you, inside forever
And you will know me,
And I'll be yours and you'll be mine

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Neil Diamond Songs Of Life Comments
  1. caras2004

    October 2019

  2. Leila Cozzi

    Dolce melodia e Neil bellissimo

  3. yahir hernandez

    What a beautiful voice. I love it

  4. Joseph Ruggiero

    A good way to start the eighties the Jazz Singer 1980 movie. And Ronald Reagan was also elected that year after he was re-elected in 1984 he made the eighties a good time in history

  5. Maria O Callaghan

    Just love dis song but vol so low. Fab fab brill

  6. Robert cracknell junior

    awsome :)

  7. Jacques M

    I saw the movie when it came out tops for me

  8. PhantomPlayin

    I remember writing the lyrics down on a william hill betting slip years ago to impress my step father lol he was an amazing man he died two years ago and he was 10 times the father my real dad was and I miss him so much and I promised myself that I would stick around and be a better dad than my real dad.. Respect to all the step
    Dad's out there.

  9. Bety Almaraz

    Sus canciones llegan al corazón ! Un grande Neil !!!! <3

  10. Victor M

    Just beautiful
    That’s my life’s story

  11. Sheryl Smith

    Just have to get away sometimes

    Raymond Solis Jr.

    Yes. I can so relate to this song

  12. Paul Wheeler

    Do you reckon he's 40? Cause I'm just 40, and this is so where I'm at at the moment

    Raymond Solis Jr.

    Me too, sometimes I just want to get on a bus and go nowhere and disappear.

  13. jeff heyne

    One of the best scenes of this movie & still powerful emotions!

    Diane R

    It is Jeff...a mournful reflection of what we all think of....very emotional listening to it. Agree!

  14. Neil Cartwright

    Bye Neil Cartwright smidnightcaller x

  15. Sweet Memories

    There are songs that are so evocative and this one is special to me because of my dearest mother who was so full of life. Thanks for all the beautiful memories.

  16. Mandy Hutchison

    I would sing this to my late husband jay who left this world after 30 years together. sometimes I swear I can hear him singing to me in the wind. Jay I loved you then and I still love you now forever and always you're wee savi xxxx Edinburgh Scotland

  17. Neil Cartwright

    Cya take care

  18. Duc Jai

    can't listen to this extraordinary song without breaking down

    Neil Cartwright

    Duke J sorry i hit the heart

  19. Christopher Woods

    a song of use brother a song

  20. two boot's a tour

    thank's a brother of a war ! family

  21. Shelley Dugan

    Great song, reminds me of my last years with my mum, the volume is awful.

  22. two boot's a tour


  23. sarah jayne lee

    Lost my Grandpa to Parkinsons xxxx

  24. Chris Montignani

    An absolutely superb song from Neil. . just listening to the lyrics provokes personal memories of mine. This was a decent movie and soundtrack as well and he is still my father in laws music idol.

  25. Sheryl Smith

    I luv this song..wld like to see Neil in concert

    Neil Cartwright

    Sheryl Smith me or Neil diamond I sing this

  26. Rachel lewis

    Love this Song ❤️✌🏼️

  27. Wagner PD

    Was there sound w/ this video?? Please Boost the Audio Input. Thanks.

  28. jackiescanlon

    This one's for you dad.

  29. Gary Benedict

    "Songs Of Life" has to be my all-time favorite from The Jazz Singer. A close second is "Hello Again", mostly because he's singing it to the beautiful and mega-talented Lucie Arnaz. My name is GARY BENEDICT and I approved this message! ([email protected])

  30. Neil Cartwright

    your next is ready to play thank you for your passion

  31. Robert Polimeni

    I found myself appreciating the love shown to before,during and after experiencing the love given to me...I am eternally grateful in memory of my dad.

  32. Rachel lewis

    I adore this song ❤️

  33. lee south

    mint song . was made to watch the jazz singer as a kid , back in the days of just 4 tv stations . but loved it . especially this song . class film and brill song with every ones own meaning . many thanks

  34. two boot's a tour

    two boot's a dance !

  35. Tony From Syracuse of the few very effective segments in this movie.

  36. Neil Cartwright

    I've gone for good xxx

  37. Neil Cartwright

    you all take care I'll be back on later love you all louds 😎caller hope I've help you feel good in yourself 💖god bless 👍💕Neil

  38. Neil Cartwright

    on you team 😎caller

  39. Neil Cartwright

    Neil you came me here 😎caller

  40. Neil Cartwright

    God bless 😎💕💕💕💕💖💖 ((hugs))

  41. Neil Cartwright

    I no I'm famous just leave ok

  42. Neil Cartwright

    wake up 😎

  43. Neil Cartwright

    p.o. ws9 9ln

  44. Neil Cartwright

    I'm in the west Midlands Walsall wood ok

  45. Neil Cartwright

    this for HMS not so well 😕😎😎god bless you 💕💕💕the caller

  46. Carmen rodriguez

    I love this song from the jazz singer

  47. Niranjana Moolenaar


  48. MrSilky1969

    Just fantastic

  49. David Townsend

    For Susie, and our beautiful summer,

  50. ruth carter

    Neil is an 18 carat Diamond ....he's the best

    Neil Cartwright

    ruth carter wow 😎

    Neil Cartwright

    ruth carter yes

  51. Crissy Amendolare

    I could listen to him all day I love his voice

  52. Lynn Sheldon

    this song tells it all.  I love Neil Diamond, he is the best!!!

  53. Philip James

    Thank you so much for posting this. I haven't seen this since the film was out in the early 80s. Wonderful.

  54. Thomas Sickelmore

    Just a fab song .perfect way to relax

  55. airdriver

    Funny story about this movie in general and this song in particular.
    I was a senior in high school and had a crappy job as a busboy at a restaurant where the co-workers and managers were assholes at best. There was also a lot of family tension at home that week and high school sucked that semester. All of this came to a head one week and I needed to get out of the house late on a Friday night. The problem was the POS car I was driving had a dead battery. We had a spare in the garage so I switched batteries, hopped in the car to go see a midnight show. But at the local theater, this was the only movie showing and I wasn't a big Neil Diamond fan. Any port in a storm, I reasoned, so I bought a ticket and went inside. I was surprised by how much I liked the movie and the music. This scene along with the song fit in with how I felt that night. Things sucked in my life and I wished I would have had the guts to just take off and leave my suck assed life behind like Neil did in the movie(Gimme a break, I was a teenager). By the time the movie had ended at 2AM, I was felling better about things. I just needed a night to unwind.
    After the movie, though, I went to start my car and discovered that I had left the headlights on. When I turned the key, all I heard was CLICK! Now, 2AM was NOT the time to call home and holler for help about a dead battery. Not with my dad and the BS going on in my family back then. Especially since I was wayyy out past curfew with a car I took without permission. I popped the hood to see if there was anything I could do to get it started. It was then that i discovered that there was a God after all and he REALLY cared about a four eyed social outcast. You see the battery I put in the car was one of those side post batteries that screwed into place. In my rush to get out of the house, I didn't tighten the nut all the way and it had popped out when I shut the car off earlier once I got to the theater. That prevented the battery from being drained. All I had to do was reconnect the cable(Which I did) and start the car(Which it did). I got home safe and the parents were non the wiser(Songs Of Life, indeed. My dad didn't kill me because I had to get him out of bed that night).
    After that, things gradually improved in my life for awhile. I did sacrifice a graduation party in order to keep the peace in the family(Small price to pay for domestic tranquility). But the family stayed together and that night I finally believed in miracles because I know of no other instance where two mistakes on my part actually combined to keep me from a very unpleasant experience. Its was like adding two negative numbers and getting a positive resul.
    And let me say that my father(RIP) was a very good father. A lot of the family issues were the result of his quitting smoking.

    jeff heyne

    Great story! I took the time to read it thru...& YES you better believe there's A GOD! He'll show up when you need it most & expect it least. The pure emotional "power" of music on the heart & mind didn't hurt either, good luck & GOD BLESS!

    Layla Adair

    This was like reading a book......Super great ending mostly.


    airdriver ni

  56. Gunnar Linde

    u nbeleavable.good.awesome.
    i was 23....
    like.a dream.thanks.neil.
    Best regards.gunni.

  57. Muttley

    Such a great song, really beautiful.

  58. Nenina Ferreira

    Fantastico es el mejor Neil Diamond

  59. Dave Moore

    I cry xxxxxxx 6ft 6 stocky guy..,......I cry xxx

    Wagner PD

    Dave Moore: not you only!

  60. Brett Koeshall

    I had lost my Grandpa back in 2010 of cancer, and this reminds of me of him.


    +Brett Koeshall I lost my mom in 2013, and loved Neil Diamond. This song reminds me of her. I miss her so much, and may she rest in piece.

  61. Patty O'Reilly

    So sad.......will have a toast to your dad.

  62. GazzaFJ27

    one for Debs

  63. Butch Padula

    This is my ultimate favorite from him 

  64. Dave Moore

    We all sing a song of our lives xxxxx

  65. TheGooners11

    My fav Neil Diamond song

    Bruhhh it's Jilly Beanz

    mine too!!

  66. Sameoldfitup

    very nice

  67. snookerloopy1971

    Just played this at my Dads funeral 2 days ago. Massive Neil Diamond fan. Leaves my Mum after 57 years of happiness. Song was so fitting for the both of them. I had to play it .....

    Sharon Ernst

    Awww, that's beautiful. What a fantastic song to play. Neil always reminds me of my Dad, spitting image. x

    Judy Socket

    One of the most beautiful songs


    It's perfect.….

    tony rooke

    Excellent choice. I hope it went well as these things can go ;)

  68. Romaena Kahmal

    Always a catch, no?

  69. Tita Evans-Santini

    Beautiful song. He should have been at least nominated for an Oscar for best soundtrack. Wonderful music throughout the movie, which was ans is awesome. Thank you Neil for ur beautiful talent and voice.

  70. Linda Cap

    It's sad when we just can't be.Were a;ll born with authentic gifts and personalities.BUT someone in our family or outside our relations tries to tell us that the know what's best for us.

    ONLY we can know what's best and I'll tell you a true story.My brother was in Laurentian University in the late 70's.He got to know a brilliant scientific student called Gary.Now Garys father was dead and his mother always wanted Gary to be a scientist.She would brag to the ladies at the auxillary that Gary would soon have his degree.

    But Gary's life was changed by a short school trip on a Grey Coach Bus.The smell of the diesel and the uniform made him lay in bed dreaming about doing that.His mom would not listen to his stupid dream so when he graduated University at the top of his class and then......he.....gave his Degree to his mom and he signed up as a scientist that drives the open roads with a smile and the smell of diesel going down the road.

  71. Sudip Bose

    Too good.

  72. Stephen Curry

    One of the greatest songs Neil ever did!!!!

  73. Rachael McGurk

    I grew up with my mum and dad listening to Neil diamond now I listen to him all the time and when it was my mums time to past her song at her passing was hello again.xx

  74. Mike Lacey

    Thank you for this wonderful post. This is a beautiful song and Neil Diamond is without doubt one the finest singer/songwriters ever.

  75. MyNeilDiamond

    Just love this song and, of course I love him, he is so gorgeous and I will continue to love and adore him for now and forever. Thanks for showing this video, Love him as The Sexy Cowboy Look, it suits him.

  76. petotis1

    Awesome ... I love that song! Thanks dude...

    Neil Cartwright

    petotis1 I do 😎

    Neil Cartwright

    petotis1 your welcome