Neil Diamond - Someday Baby Lyrics

Someday, baby
It's gonna be alright
Someday, maybe, but baby, not tonight
There's a gleam in your eyes
That's for some other guy not for me now
He'll be kissing the lips
That I just get to kiss in my dreams now

But someday baby, yeah (uh huh)
Someday love
Someday, baby
It's gonna be just me
One day baby, well, you just wait and see
Girl, you'll open your eyes
And then you'll realize what I'm sayin'
I've got lovin' to give for as long as I live
He's just playin'

But someday baby, yeah (mmmmm)
Someday love
Someday baby, someday love
Someday baby
Someday love

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Neil Diamond Someday Baby Comments
  1. Taczylo Taczylo

    Thank you for sharing. I love him so much.

  2. sapphire snape

    i guess i do lol i also cannot find my log-in to my original youtube place lolol--yeah it has been awhile .

  3. 4evermore12

    I spent many happy hours listening to that cassette in my car. What a nice gift that was. I am thinking that was about 5 or 6 years ago now. I started this channel in 2008 but I had another channel before that and at the time it was about the only Neil around. I lost it when I posted Johnny Rivers singing 'Into the Mystic'. I am no longer a Van Morrison fan. It would seem that now it is okay to post that song. Things keep changing. I see you have the new YouTube One Channel. I can't do it 'yet'.

  4. Michael Daniels

    oh did u take this from the bang years? sorry --that will teach me to not read carefully before posting lolol

  5. Michael Daniels

    i bought the lp years ago so in any case--it's mine lmaololol

  6. Michael Daniels

    as to where this version came from--being the 1 who sent forever the original album via a casssette copy---i would assume it comes from that source---the lp was purchased at a collectable record store in pittsburgh pa.----i will have to pull it out in the coming days to see if perhaps it is a second issuance--it was represented as "THE" original----great song in any case lol thanks for putting it up my friend.

  7. johncuschieri

    Forgot about that song. Very raw but fantastic . Thank you

  8. trfesok

    Isn't everything in mono on that CD?

  9. 4evermore12

    This is from Neils debut album 'The Feel of Neil" 1966 Bang Records producers: Jeff Barry and Elie Greenwich. It was released on CD in 2011 on the album 'The Bang Years'.

  10. trfesok

    Sounds like a HQ stereo mix --where'd you get it? Thanks for uploading!

  11. Suzanne Stroop

    Fantastic - one of my fav oldies!!!! That yearning, all his own, is here.

  12. Alyce V Henley

    I love this one Janett - you're a master at this --- Alyce V

  13. lostintheNET1

    Great upload, thanks for sharing.
    Both sound qualiy and pics, are great.
    Greetings from Athens Greece.

  14. rslitman

    "The Bang Years" is already out! I have ordered it from Neil's own web site, as part of a package that also includes a t-shirt. I can't wait to get it and listen to it, too!

  15. 4evermore12

    @borncountryful You are so nice to always come by and check out my new videos.

  16. 4evermore12

    @drmagricola Thanks I really like this song. So bluesy.