Neil Diamond - Solitary Man Lyrics

Melinda was mine
'Til the time that I found her
Holding Jim, loving him
Then Sue came along, loved me strong
That's what I thought
Me and Sue, but that died too

Don't know that I will
But until I can find me
The girl who'll stay
And won't play games behind me
I'll be what I am
A solitary man, solitary man

I've had it to here
Bein' where love's a small word
Part-time thing, paper ring
I know it's been done
Havin' one girl who'll love me
Right or wrong, weak or strong

Don't know that I will
But until I can find me
The girl who'll stay
And won't play games behind me
I'll be what I am
A solitary man, solitary man
Don't know that I will
But until I can find me
The girl who'll stay
And won't play games behind me
I'll be what I am
A solitary man
Solitary man

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Neil Diamond Solitary Man Comments
  1. Rocknium1

    Thanks to "HIM" I discovered this legend back in 2004

  2. Todd H

    Oh the old days, me, my bike, my am transistor radio Neil Diamond and young love

  3. Derek Thomas

    The band ...Liliac needs to Do An Update to this ONE !

  4. Stevenowski

    I found my gal in 2004. In the coffee shop at church. I miss her when she walks out of the room I'm in.

  5. Brian S

    Great song- where did 50 years go?

  6. Eighth Man

    The, I always pick the wrong girl,song. Gotta wake up sometime. I still love the song though.

  7. elizabeth hestevold

    Hope so 🇺🇸🇩🇰🦅

  8. Chip Salsburg

    Over 300 completely tasteless mindless fools. What is it about this song that somebody doesn't like?? I think some people are so miserable and full of poisonous negativity they can't help themselves from trying to spread it. Misery loves company!! They need to find another miserable person to insult and be miserable with!!! Neil's music is awesome and has been since this songs release in 1966!! Let's hear it for the Yiddish Elvis!!!

  9. januainferni

    Italian version 1967

  10. Tarcísio Pinto

    Recordar Solitary Man eh voltar ao saudoso da minha consciencia jovem e, como no passado, valorizar no meu "Solitary Man" cada momento do percurso que Deus me concedeu.

  11. Mar Blox

    Another incredible recording from the 60s.!!!

  12. Bay Huang

    Better than Johnny Cash's cover?

  13. Kelly Kerr

    The horns are the best

  14. Cotzy Oliver


  15. charlotte quillen

    soon to be the National Anthem for the MGTOW movement..............

  16. Phineas J Whoopie

    I never realized how great this song was, until after I got worked over by my own Melinda's and Sues. I'll bet Neil never dreamed that this song would become a theme for today's young men, who have been forced to be solitary just to avoid having their lives destroyed.

  17. R. PENN

    Best Diamond song ever !!!

  18. midnight rider71

    Hanau , Germany pioneer kaserne bldg# 3✌

  19. saʀaɦ ʝɛssɨċa

    Só vim pq essa música toco na rádio avakin

  20. Lorna Strachan

    what a lovely song,,,,,,, My dad used to and still does play it on his guitar ...

  21. Carla Austin

    Love it. Talk about being taken back in time.

  22. Michael Butler

    1972, the story of my life!

  23. jack bobrick

    Don;t know that I will,,,but until I can find me, a solitary gal, who needs only one pal,,,,,,,,,,,Neil was a poet , story teller,, and singer of the finest making.

  24. jopageri1964

    My favorite Neil Diamond tune. Pertinent lyrics. Great '60's arrangement. Nice horn break.

  25. charlotte quillen

    man alive could neil write-em...........

  26. Sonja F.

    rockt auch 2019 noch ....♥️ 🎸 🎶

  27. Gary Bruno

    his BESTsong

  28. Remo Bandini

    Neil your adverts are fucking driving me crazy.... please call me and help me get you out of my hair...
    shot boet
    Bless you.
    082 310 9940

  29. Parker Allen

    This is one of those songs that would be a great example if you were teaching a class on songwriting - it really is beautifully constructed.

  30. mary110970


  31. 박진우


  32. M T

    The perfect pop tune: short, nice hook and horns backing him up. Sounds like the Wrecking Crew guys and gals.

  33. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 Rules forever I'm Neil diamond and all the singers they play on Kbek forever promise to god. Steve Fikes Paul Stanley of kiss and all the singers they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god. Go Vikings lose Steve Fikes team Chicago 🐻 bears. Packers as well.bye now.👍.

  34. Geoffrey Owen sings

    Great song

  35. luis alberto apolinario muñoz

    Solitary man for the moment

  36. Anja

    Der hier ist besser und hat eine viel männlichere Stimme:

  37. Jason McDonald

    Man, those 🎺 's on this song are prefect !

  38. Danny Meyer

    Great song I will always will love you.❤️☺️

  39. Roddy McApe

    When I was younger, I used to think Neil Diamond was a square, mostly because he was one of my mom's favorite singers. But now as a 50 year old man, I want to go back in time and kick the old me square in the ballsack.

  40. Liz McGushin

    Beautiful song and a wonderful voice, love it.

  41. Stephen Stone

    Nevermind who it is, just a great song.

  42. Radha Sen

    Neil Diamond...
    The everlasting love of my life from age 14 till 60...!
    Adore his Stones, Play Me, Canta libre , Brooklyn roads, husbands and wives, solitary man... Morningside...
    My eternal hero...💖💖
    I wish I had been married to him in this life!😂
    I adore him and always will till my last breath

  43. Radha Sen

    Neil Diamond...
    The love of my life from age 14 till 60...!
    Adore his Stones, Play Me, Canta libre , Brooklyn roads, solitary man... Morningside...
    My eternal hero...💖💖

  44. 7Cia77

    I played this song 3 times in a row. God I love this man. I love you Neil Diamond! This beautiful man..I felt his pain.

  45. Bob Williams

    When you find a girl who wont play games behind you.let me know.

    tim long

    Good luck with finding that
    Lived with her 7 years, got married for another 10,
    That was six years ago we got divorced. 2 years ago my best friend told me he slept with her after we've been living together for 6 years! He let me marry her knowing that she cheated on me and that he cheated on our friendship! When I think of all the years I was married to her that maybe I should have been out there meeting somebody else, it makes me crazy. Now I've lost my wife and my best friend both! Unbelievable cuz I would never do that to anyone else much less a friend

  46. George Davis

    My favorite neil diamond song and I'm black ok ok call me Carlton banks on fresh Prince

    Uncle Eddie

    Only if you do the dance 😉

  47. Jackie Mcmeekin

    Just love this song composed and sung by Neil. His songs tell a story, have a message, are introspective. 🥰👍

  48. Bill Paparelli

    LOVE Neil Diamond's "Solitary Man".  That's what I still am at 64.  But, don't feel sorry for me.  I'm okay with it.

    No Malarkey

    Bill Paparelli brother, i strive to be that at 64

  49. nessuno

    Morandi sei un cane !

  50. Blue Bird2

    I’m a solitary woman, that darn “Jim” gets around!

  51. Tony Hayes

    Never been much of a diamond fan, but always loved and related to this, going deaf so cant make it out anymore, it is the Best song he ever did, sadly i always say if my love life, ( or complete lack of) had a theme song, it would be this, -as a stereotypical nice guy whos been ignored, taking advantage of, used, cheated on and dumped, repeatedly . now disabled, so totally gave up. Much less gray hair inducing, but sucks sometimes. Seems theres many people here in the comments that have been treated like absolute crap and can relate like i have.

  52. Lizzy S.

    Hope springs eternal....♥️

  53. farber2

    Fuckin jews, love love love love, Finland

  54. Mike Loghry

    It was with Linda Bell. When that Love was left to Die. When I Lost Her. Later I realized. It Was Better To Have Loved and Lost. Than To Never Have Loved At All. But it doesn't change the Fact Linda. That I'm Still In Love With You. Since 1970. To this very day. Until I Die...

  55. Mike Loghry

    I Always Have Been. Since That Died To.......

  56. Robert Cole

    The lyricist of my youth...

  57. cherell love


  58. joel rains

    This is my story and I'm sticking to it😂

  59. mike stang

    "Holding Jim, loving him" is this a bi-sexual homage?

    Chad Galloway

    No, Melinda was fucking Jim..🦇

    mike stang

    @X Then it's for you, as well...

    tim long

    He caught Jim with his girl which is why he no longer trusts

  60. Amin Ababneh

    How lucky one guy can be,from a small village in a small county in the middle east to find this song...

  61. mabacigalupo bacigalupo

    Neil is magic !!!!

  62. Miguel Angel Flores


  63. 2 liter

    The voice with it's inflections coming from this entity is magnificent.

  64. Harley Nutter

    I love the horns....
    Loved the way guitars back then sounded like the harpsichords of the Vietnam era.
    " A part time thing, paper ring "


    Always loved his music , and his concerts!

  65. xmemx ?

    Hehe a Solitary Woman until I find me ❤😇

  66. turkey101100

    Neil diamond is awesome
    I found a girl that won't play behind my back... Her name is Caroline.
    this is my song.. Im not a solitary man but a solitary woman...

  67. Jonatha Sampaio

    My favorite Neil Diamond song Hate to hear about his sickness I WISH HIM THE BEST
    this voice is crystal a mountain stream, like a perfect diamond ...

  68. Diana Beurman


  69. Brian Burgess

    I have found over my many years, that in EVERY relationship, one loves more than the other...
    May God bless this handsome man with Great voice !

  70. Juan Herrera

    The fuking mother i love this song

  71. Juan Herrera

    La puta madre que buen tema locoooo desde argentina amo este tema viva neild diamond solitario man

  72. Maria Martin


  73. Joyce Scanlan


  74. Norlene Hopkins

    I love this song. I remember the first time I heard it. Just beautiful.

  75. The Vengeful One

    Being solitary is really not the baddest thing in life... Think abaut this sentence...

  76. Chester Richerson

    That's ME.

  77. Noemy Moses

    I love this song !
    My favorite Neil Diamond song Hate to hear about his sickness I WISH HIM THE BEST

  78. Victor Melendez

    HIM brought me here. Not disappointed at all

  79. Shan Timothy

    I love the sparse lyrics, the stoic acceptance of his isolation and loneliness. Been there, haven’t we?

  80. Stephanie Oneal

    The instrumentals awesome

  81. Eliel Poderoso

    É uma boa música pra ouvir viajando em uma estrada deserta...🇧🇷🇺🇸

  82. Richard Kochan

    I like all " Jewish Elvis " Songs👍🏼👍🏼
    Screw me Once shame on YOU
    Screw me Twice Shame on ME
    I Remain a Solitary Man ☮️

  83. ricky bellairs

    awesome song it actually my Theme song ( me and sue oh yeah Bitch)

  84. James Baxter

    I've been single for eight yrs & then heard this beautiful song" the find is near.🌹

  85. Anthony Maggi




  87. Diane Fiddler

    This Solitary Woman does not play games to my Solitary Man that I love & Respect & Admire your absence of sex with others to fill your lonely heart. We found each other and it’s so real Babe’ ❤️💋❤️

  88. Linda Paz

    Still listening in 2019, boy l love this guy

  89. 4640jds

    First 45 I ever bought! 69 cents I remember.

  90. Christopher Roberts

    Its far too subjective of a topic. Second only to what, the stars and the universe? To even graze the surface in a sentence or two. People discover some of their most valuable growth while on their own. And just when you might of thought there wasn't a whole lot left to learn about life or people, some love can come a long and prove it wrong. When you lose inspiration to grow, you might do better off with a change.

  91. blackandgold978

    His message rings true; especially in today's "MeToo" age. Men, stay MGTOW, stay Solitary. You're far better off on your own.

  92. Christopher Roberts

    fred fred fred, if they lasted where would the best songs come from?

  93. Lucho Hijar

    Una de las canciones que dejaron huella en mi por todo lo vivido en los 60s y 70s,inolvidables años.

    Juan Jose Perez

    La escuche x primera vez alla x wl 1983. Aun ahora me sigue emocionando como entonces

  94. Ivan Conrad

    I'm a fan of Neil and love all his songs, but this has to be one of my favs!!

  95. John `

    Neil was the BEST singer/songwriter of the pop era.