Neil Diamond - Shot Down Lyrics

Shot Down,
Was a proud young bird
Flying high in the sky
I was shot down
Uh uh huh

I got 'round
Any sweet piece of pie I could take
I would buy
Now I'm shot down
She turned me out slammed the door.
Why I keep coming back I don't know.
I don't know.

I want her,
She's a four cornered girl
In a three cornered world
And I want her.
Uh huh I love her,
And I almost believe
I get down on my knees.
'Cause I love her.

Well can't you see my epitaph.
Shot down
By the one girl he couldn't have
Not have

Shot down
Baby I was shot down, come on
Shot down
Baby I was shot down
Shot down,
Baby I was shot down, come on
Shot down, I say, shot down
Whooo, shot down
Baby I was shot down
Shot down
Baby I was shot down.....

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Neil Diamond Shot Down Comments
  1. kathleenburns

    You will never be shot down

  2. Howard Blasingame


  3. Catherine Esquivel

    First Time I Have Heard This Song By Neil Diamond. Thank You So Much For Posting!

  4. Patrick Koreman

    It is a complete mystery to me, why this absolutely gifted singer-songwriter never received the acknowledgement he truely deserves.

    There's not (have not been) that many performers around that changed the development of pop music for many years to come. And to me, that's what Neil Diamond did, by combining country-music-related guitarwork, brilliant poetry and chanson-like orchestrations in easy tot listen to expressionistic songs.
    A perfect blend of celtic folk song, french chanson, northern american country music, rythm ‘n’ blues and rock ‘n’roll.

    But hey, that's just my thoughts, you all might think differently .....
    I reckon Neil among the great icons of pop music history, anyway.

    Suzanne Stroop

    Amen!!! He is an icon and the music is the best in the world - but that is only my view!!

    Filming In Portland

    Patrick Koreman never considered those styles and his overall influence, but he is my fav! But the critics never did impress much over him. The people did though!

    Teresa Olivares

    I agree with you Patrick

  5. Johan Volkers

    Good song, rough and without violins. Those were the good days....

  6. Brian Matson

    This one AND Crooked Street, thanks again for posting! Have looked all over for this, why they are not on CD I can't imagine. Should have been on Bang Years!


    The reason Diamond probably left them off that CD is because those two songs were recorded while signed to Bang, but only as demos and not intended to be issued commercially by him. Crooked Street you will notice is only Diamond singing while playing his guitar. But I agree they are both fine songs.

  7. Michael Boyce

    I'd got this on his "Double Gold" collection,but it's in Reprocessed (FAKE!) Stereo,so,this track in Mono is way better than that weaker version!

  8. johncuschieri

    i love the beat and vibrant rythym to this song you just feel like getting up and dancing to it
    ta for the posting