Neil Diamond - Shabbat Shalom Lyrics

Shabbat shalom
Shabbat shalom
Shabbat, Shabbat shalom

Shabbat shalom
Shabbat shalom
Shabbat, Shabbat shalom

Shabbat shalom
Shabbat shalom
Shabbat, Shabbat shalom

Shabbat shalom
Shabbat shalom
Shabbat, Shabbat shalom

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Neil Diamond Shabbat Shalom Comments
  1. pony girl

    I'm drawn to this story

  2. Music man That likes old and new music

    That was a recording of of him back in 80s he was lipsynking

  3. zeeva rezi

    ty barb

  4. zeeva rezi

    i loved it neal diamond songs

  5. Angelika Busch

    Der Song ist wunderschön.

  6. rontzi cat

    Yeah, may Hitler rot in the deepest hole of hell and may all neo nazis and jew haters end up there. For trying to destroy this amazing race of people that are the Jews who gave this Planet Earth most of the brains and talent. Jesus was a Jew and I am a Christian. I sure hope Jews don't hate us Christians because I love them with all of my heart since early childhood despite all the history. I love them effortlessly before even knowing the respective scientist, writer, professor or singer is Jewish and then say to myself, well of course... instant chemistry.

    Bleed The Machines

    you aren't a christian. you are a liar.

  7. snowyconfession

    I was playing this movie on my laptop when my mother passing by behind me, then took a step back while saying: holly sh*t that Neil diamond!! FYI, that's the only time I ever heart my mother swear 😁

  8. mae12561

    I don't know about anyone else, but when my 50% denied lineage hears this song, I want to get up and dance in any part of the big bold world I've been in.

  9. Yvonne Buckley

    I am English but love this xxxx

  10. Foxy Grandpa

    Imagine having your fucking bar mitzvah and Neil Fucking Diamond shows up and sings you a song

  11. alainmcin

    Hava nagila,
    Hava nagila,
    Hava nagila,
    Venis mecha.

    Hava nagila,
    Hava nagila,
    Hava nagila,
    Venis mecha.

    Hava neranena,
    Hava neranena,
    Hava neranena,
    Venis mecha.

    Hava neranena,
    Hava neranena,
    Hava neranena,
    Venis mecha.

    Uru, Uru achim,
    Uru achim belev sameach,
    Uru achim belev sameach,
    Uru achim belev sameach,
    Uru achim
    Uru achim
    Belev sameach.


  12. Terry Browne

    For all those "goy" like me who, ashamedly, don't know the word, in English, let alone Hebrew or Yiddish, see Wikipedia article for the Lyrics. Like many, always loved this folk song, which is at the heart of celebration. Shalom

  13. Knight of the King

    I'm not Jewish, but I've always wanted to be lifted up on one of those chairs 😊 Shabbat Shalom ✡️🇮🇱🕎

  14. MR 38920

    God love Israel

  15. Margaret Rameshwar

    Not Jewish but always loved this song,Neil does a great job of singing it with his strong and melodious voice,yes he is a Jew and so is our Christian Jesus so we do love him regardless ,I am a fan and will always love him Tks Neil for giving ur fans many happy years,

  16. Margaret Rameshwar

    Not Jewish but always loved this song,Neil does a great job singing with his strong and melodies voice,he is Jewish and so is our Christian Jesus

    Bleed The Machines

    funny, all the "not jewish" comments are claiming jesus was a jew, which he was not.

  17. Alpha Team Outdoors

    אלוהים יברך את ישראל

  18. Margit Krogh

    LOVE IT!!!

  19. Effy Gotshlak HAVA !!!

  20. ParkerPlaza

    What a mench.......

  21. Deep Thinker and Hogwarts Pupil

    Love Neil Diamond and this film, good laughs.

  22. Norton Kale

    I am very thankful that a good friend sent me this wonderful site. And thanks Neil Diamond For his wonderful voice, and Jewish heritage.

  23. Angela Yael keter


  24. Israïfa Israïfa

    J'adore Niel Diamond ! J'ai aussi encore chez moi la cassette vidéo du film The Jazz Singer de 1980....magnifique !
    Et je craque toujours sur la musique de September Morn, quelle voix !

  25. Dave Glo

    I'm a fan of Neil, love the old song Hava Nagila, but I didn't like this movie. Too much stereotype. However, Doris Robert's line, 'say schpilchas,' cracked me up! Schpilchas means sick to my stomach, which is very funny to say when you're smiling at the camera!

  26. museack

    I wouldn't necessarily say he is proud to be Jewish as in a prideful way, but he doesn't deny his Jewishness like many celebrities do, plus he embraces it naturally which is very admirable, IMO.

  27. Mike Lyndsey

    Neil Diamond sings with love in his heart.

  28. Danee Jetvibes Accos


  29. yehoudi1948

    am israel chai!

  30. cristian manolescu

    white, black, yellow or red all have a god,only one.the same one.

  31. Asoldier4Christ

    America will always support Israel even when our president does'nt..



  32. BENCTR

    love them

  33. Graham O'Shaughnessy

    A wonderful symbol of the struggle of my people, from slaves of Pharaoh and to the city of Brooklyn my people have left a legacy from Biblical times to Modern Day I could not be more proud of my lineage and the deep connection I still have to my family in the Holy Lands Mazel Tov to all of my brothers and sisters of Israel where ever you may be and to Neil Diamond all of the other Jewish Americans who have left a hand print on the heart of America.

  34. The Kimmy Channel

    "These phonies eat it all up...oh not you you're very sincere". Haha! Funny line! I've seen this movie so many times and I still laugh every time!

  35. oksboston tsf

    I never liked Neil Diamond (don't ask me why), but this might change my mind. I loved it!

  36. Conservative Newschannel 810

    Hug the Jews...they truy ARE the chosen people of GDD!

    Bleed The Machines

    if israel is the bride of god, jesus cannot be the savior.

  37. J Minnesota

    This rocks!

  38. haitipi



  39. aurumdrakone

    love this song

  40. Rachel Krieger


  41. 22tango

    @RageInEden the boom mic is from a camera crew that is documenting the boy's bar mitzvah throughout the film.

  42. Rage In Eden

    Nice appearance by the boom mic at 2:30. lol

  43. billiefan2000

    the pointy haired boss from the dilbert cartoons aka Larry Miller

    you can tell is jealous of Jeremy piven 's family in this video

  44. billiefan2000

    I am not jewish but this is a great movie

    got it for 2 dollars at hollywood video yesterday

    it was the only movie really I had heard of they had left.

    larry miller and neil diamond and jeremy piven and doris roberts in THE same movie

    equals AWESOME!!!

  45. Rebecca Roy

    Love this, he sings it well and you can tell he is very proud to be Jewish! Rock on Neil!

  46. jvbiddington

    I learnt this song at school - I am not Jewish and grew up in rural Australia and it was part of the syllabus - I have never been to a Bar/BatBai Mitzvah - 42 years later I remember all the words - some music is worth remembering a lifetime.

    Peace all

  47. chivone21

    Yerushalayim - ירושלים
    yud, resh, vav, shin, lamed, yud, mem sofi

    Aadov, why so angry? THAT IS how you spell Jerusalem. Why so angry? Why lash out at me like that? The joke is on me? What joke? You hear anyone laughing here? Why not just be nice?

    That kind of mentality is exactly what triggers angry outbursts from people. Oh, by the way, if they hate you already, for whatever reason, I'll never understand, that's what fosters ill will toward people.

    Now, God bless.

  48. chivone21

    Aadov, I'm a catholic christian, and I saw this movie, and guess what? It brought tears to my eyes. Why tears? Tears of pride in seeing an ethnic people gathered together celebrating. Being happy. Being proud of their accomplishments. So, what's the deal?
    Why rain on the parade? Be glad!

    And that's from a Catholic Christian!

  49. stewart day

    Diamond is great. As a conservative Jew, I DO NOT LIKE THE HOLLYWOOD PORTRAYAL OF US LIKE THIS. It causes anit-Semitism. They hurt ALL of the Jewry. It may be funny to some, but they will face Gehennom. Shame on them. They have caused all of us so much harm!!!

    Bleed The Machines

    why do jews believe Gentiles are cattle? maybe that has something to do with why people hate you.

  50. Narmin Hasanova

    for guys these r called bar mitzvahs
    for girls its bat mitzvah
    and for 2 people its a bai mitzvah
    ohh and the services r long and boring

  51. jeans113078

    isn't it usually sung at like, twice this tempo? it's SO much faster and sounds more festive at all my family's parties :)

  52. Ckrazy J

    Neil is the main man, the jazz singer rocks, and everybody racist can go say that tho the IDF's face, if you have some balls.

  53. stephen mcgregor

    this is great

  54. chengloki

    I am not Jewish. But I respect the Jewish people. Especially, my military mates. (In the Navy). We are brothers. =Stefan=

  55. Signedpeach

    Fabulous :)))

  56. wildlifeguardian

    "Hava Nagila began its life as a Hasidic melody in Eastern Europe in the early 20th century and became a favorite at weddings and bar mitzvahs.
    The words are (echoing the biblical verse "This is the day that God has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it" - Psalms 118:24):
    Let us rejoice and be glad...
    Let us sing and be glad...
    Awake brothers with a joyful heart..."

    This Info was taken from 'myjewishlearning(dot)com'

  57. Luna Chic

    Crazy thing about this song... every body loves it, no matter.. savy or not... love it

  58. rslitman

    He did this song in some concerts around 1992-1993, and it is on his album "Live in America", released in 1994.

  59. profnc

    Tov Meod! I loved the film... Carter Jenkins is in it too.